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  1. To be clear, I think any young, inexperienced girl, cheerleader or not, is well-advised to steer clear of pro athletes. But if the rule is in place because the assumption is that the girls are too wide-eyed or immature to make good decisions, and that they need to be protected from the men (who are explicitly not subject to the same rules), then I think that’s exactly why people call the rule archaic and old fashioned, even though it may be well intentioned.
  2. Why does anyone need to be punished? These are adults, and they’re not even in each other’s chain of command, nor do they work together on a daily basis. At the high school and college level, athletes and cheerleaders often date each other, so I don’t even think the public would be surprised or think anything was amiss if a cheerleader was dating a player. I agree with @dreamcatcher that pimping cheerleaders out to players and other male associates (which is gross and sexual harassment, IMO) is a totally different thing than prohibiting them from dating players if they choose to.
  3. Basically my thoughts. I think the odds of her going far are pretty much zero, but hey, it may be a good and valuable experience nonetheless. It’s very possible that she still has the same entitled attitude bad thinks that she’ll waltz right in, but if she’s approaching it with clear eyes, knowing full well that failure is a very real possibility, but is still willing to put herself out there, I respect that.
  4. Didn’t Gina, herself, make some sort of comment about being from California and how that would help her? Am I just imagining that?
  5. Yeah, no doubt she was bitter, but the lawsuit wasn't about cheerleaders generally being undervalued, which I do see as a "if it's so bad, why did you stay for so long" sort of issue. However (legitimate or not, I'll never know since it was dismissed quickly), the lawsuit was primarily about wage and hour violations. The law is the law. She could be there for 25 years, but if they're not paying her correctly, there's nothing frivolous about the claim. Also, lots of people are not going to realize that they may have a legit FLSA claim unless they have a reason to look into it- ie. a co-worker or other employee files a suit/raises the issue or the employee gets pissed off about something and actually starts looking into potential legal claims. Many people are just going to assume that the law and regulations are being followed when it comes to their paycheck, and I would think that would be especially true with the DCCs, since they seem to have such an unusual set-up (paid a flat rate for some events and hourly for others).
  6. Beyond injuries, I can only imagine the toll that it takes to stay "uniform ready," especially for the girls who are not naturally stick thin. Add to that the long practices that, at least in training camp, go into the wee hours of the morning, and I'm surprised that everyone (and primarily those who have a job outside of DCC) ins't exhausted.
  7. While some people speculated that she wouldn’t want patients in her care to view the calendar, I don’t remember it being said that it was specifically about her job, but just a personal preference. I absolutely agree with the second point though. I have no insider info as to whether they were truly ok with her sitting out or not, but if they were annoyed about it, I imagine that they would do what they did (bring her along and put on a happy face), but then also quietly drop hints that she may want to move on at the end of the year. Kelli isn’t stupid. She knows that in the current climate, it would be ill advised to try and force a girl to do the swimsuit shoot. However, I could see how they wouldn’t want that to become a pattern - girls opting out of things (especially non-cheer related activities that are already somewhat questionable) - for fear of impacting their image.
  8. Yeah, if I was trying to make a quick exit from Dallas, and California was home, I know where I would be headed lol.
  9. Perhaps that's how it started, but moving to Shreveport (not exactly South Beach lol) long after you're done cheering would be some sort of dedication to keeping up a front that you're not fraternizing - something that no one other than K&J and Charlotte cares about in the first place. Whatever happened, must've been dramatic to delete everything like that. Of course, some people are fine with everyone knowing the status of their relationships. I can't count how many times I've found out about break-up and even divorces because all social media references and pictures suddenly disappeared (and the people involved were fine with people finding out that way), but I prefer to be a bit more discreet.
  10. Yeah, I think it’s just pro sports where “cheerleaders” are basically dancers. I would imagine that many, if not most, college cheerleaders would have a hard time making a team like the DCCs. They just don’t dance that much. In my experience, stunting, tumbling, and jumps really determined if you made those teams (and for the co-ed college teams - size - all of the girls were short and skinny). Dance was a small factor. I would be curious if many college dance teams have male dancers. I don’t remember ever seeing that, but it’s possible that it may have become more prevalent recently.
  11. I’m not disputing that at all. I’m saying that I (personally) did not know that because I don’t follow Jenn on social media. Hence, I wasn’t ok or not ok with Jenn posting stuff last year because I don’t recall seeing it in the first place.
  12. I don't recall seeing posts of Jenn K at Pro Bowl last year. I don't follow her on social media, so unless the posts were posted here or on the DCC pages, I wouldn't have seen it - but to answer the question, I'm not a fan of Jenn K at all, and I find her to be about 100X more annoying than Kashara (who I don't have a problem with), so yes, I probably would have found it annoying had I seen it lol. With that said, if she was at Pro Bowl with a large group of the previous year's PBC, then I think that is fine as well. It seems like a tradition, so I expect Lacey to travel there next year too.
  13. I initially had a "dang Kashara, can you let Lacey have the limelight" impression when I saw DCC retweeting all her posts (I don't follow Kashara on social media, so that's how I saw it), but in actually looking at her page and stories, it seems like a big group event with many 2018 PBCs. Therefore, I think it's fine. Had she went down there on her own to relive the glory days of last year, I would think that was kind of pathetic, but it seems like a reunion-type thing.
  14. Interesting, per that excerpt from the article, a fourth year girl gets paid $150 more to stand around at Wal-Mart and speak to people for a few hours than she does to actually perform with the Show Group...
  15. Hell, if the rate of pay is that high for a one hour appearance, that's put her at a higher hourly average than any young lawyer and most experienced ones (there are certainly many attorneys in big cities and certain practice areas who can charge rates over $1k/per hour, but I doubt there are hardly any who are below 30 who do so). If I were an upper vet, I would be begging Shelly to send me to every appearance if the pay rate is that high lol. Jenna and Sydney staying for 6 and 7 years make more sense now if they were truly making that sort of money on these little appearances at Albertson's, etc.