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  1. RealitytvLover

    S13.E19: Reunion Part 1

    Please no. It's the final piece that completes her Saw puppet look. See:
  2. RealitytvLover

    Floribama Shore

    They literally lied to Candace when explaining what happened - Kort and Aimee. They didn't mishear him, as both of them have lied before to get people on their side. Codi is another who does that. Candace is the only girl on this cast that I can stomach. The rest could get replaced next season and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. Aimee needs to get her ass kicked by another woman one good time. I cannot deal with that idiot. Same with Kortni's dirty unhygenic ass.
  3. RealitytvLover

    S05.E02: Pay For Their Presumptions

    I was dead at that comment. Love me some Lucious!
  4. RealitytvLover

    S07.E19: Welcome to the Family

    Okay, I just read from @CalicoskiesNC that Bristol and Dakota have already divorced. I'm sure it was for the best. Hopefully they can co-parent in a healthy way for the kids, and I wish him all the best.
  5. RealitytvLover

    S07.E19: Welcome to the Family

    Okay the new editions are better than I expected. Firstly Cheyenne has always been very boring and low energy. When I heard she was going to be on this season, I hoped Cory would be featured cause he's definitely the fun/more animated half of them. Good to see MTV has recognized that. He and his antics will keep her segments interesting. Cheyenne herself? Yawwwnnnn. And then Bristol and Dakota. Hot damn the tension is strong! I find her to be very cold, and insensitive to his history and diagnosis. Not everyone can or wants to be in a relationship with someone who has PTSD, however, she made that decision going into the relationship, so she should improve her level of empathy for her husband. She seems so fake and trying to put on a false pretense about her life, just like her mom. Lastly, when the producer was talking to Andrew about his relationship 'status' with Amber, it was like pulling teeth for him to try to say something nice! Wow, the look on his face, the body language, struggling with words to express their supposed happiness, was all I needed to know. This man is very unhappy with Amber and his current situation. It's sad but he brought it on his own!
  6. RealitytvLover

    Jersey Shore

    Tell her this 34 year old who has been a fan since the first season, is super jealous! What a great way to start a flight!
  7. RealitytvLover

    Jersey Shore

    Can you post the pic and black out her face? Did she say he was as personable as he seems on JS?
  8. Shannon is the only cast member who I feel is a good person, inside. The rest - Tamra, Kelly, Vicki - are all horribly flawed and seem to get off on causing other people pain. I honestly don't know why I watch this show anymore besides for nostalgia.
  9. RealitytvLover

    BiP Season 5: Speculation & Spoilers

    Yeah, hence, the only reason she wanted him back. Lol
  10. RealitytvLover

    BiP Season 5: Speculation & Spoilers

    Absolutely. The fact that they made up means nothing to me. She only wants him now cause America loves him. That much is obvious.
  11. RealitytvLover

    BiP Season 5: Speculation & Spoilers

    And not even 2 weeks! This season was filmed in only 10 days! There's no way you'll get me to believe their affection or engagement was legitimate. 1 or 2 couples this season showed genuine feelings for each other. J&J talked like they were characters from a Young Adult novel. There was never any emotion from their faces or voices; only over-the-top, obvious acting. This drama should've been with Kendall and Joe. Now THAT would've made me actual care and feel sympathy for one half of the couple.
  12. RealitytvLover

    BiP Season 5: Speculation & Spoilers

    This. I'm actually surprised so many people feel bad for Jordan. Nothing about their relationship/courtship seemed geniune. I don't watch The Bachelor so this was my first time observing him, but nothing seemed real about his time on BIP. All for entertainment and camera time and he obviously was not trying to hide it. Anyway, I doubt he's sobbing himself to sleep right now. Probably thanking his lucky stars it did come out so his 15 minutes can be extended + sympathy from BN. He better send Jenna a thank you card for taking the heat for their fake relationship.
  13. RealitytvLover

    S05.E11: After Paradise

    I've always thought that he does. The only time he doesn't is when he's telling Annaliese that he's not interested in her.
  14. RealitytvLover

    S05.E10: Week 6: Season Finale

    Btw, fuck you Kendall for almost ruining the scene with your horrible acting! Damn, Joe was a good one. She lost out big time.
  15. RealitytvLover

    S05.E10: Week 6: Season Finale

    I caannn't with Joe and Kendell's conversation!? It was like a soap opera but reality! I was so heartbroken for Joe but the scene was beautiful at the same time (nice soundtrack abc). I found myself rewinding that scene over and over again (okay, blame that part on my slight OCD). If they don't make Joe the next bachelor after the upcoming season, they will be losing A LOT of money.