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  1. judyri

    S01.E16: Estimated Time of Departure

    So if the Major is posing as a therapist, then the 'kind' doctor must be in on it? Or she found out about the appointment and sent the real therapist packing?
  2. judyri

    S04.E14: Can't Unring That Bell

    So stupid I don't even know where to start. Natalie was obviously just comforting a parent, Nick was as usual ridiculous. No chemistry, just walk away already
  3. judyri

    S10.E11: Episode 11

    I would have liked to have seen a video of the cats interacting with the cubes, in my mind that was a big miss in the presentation.
  4. judyri

    S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    I found the bad special effects around their joint 'calling' to be distracting.
  5. judyri

    Lethal Weapon

    I don't get something, they seem to be rewriting history here: Again, though, the writers deserve praise here, too. Take Cole's love interests, for example. I was rooting for him and Natalie 100%, and their chemistry was palpable, as was their warm, deep affection for each other, since they do share a child and they've known each other for so long. Yes, they did say that, but what I don't get is why she didn't have a thought for Andrew, the stepdad who has been there for her for years and whom she seems to love. Pushing Cole to fight for Natalie means breaking his heart and the only family unit she ever seemed to have. She should have at least mentioned him, it didn't negate that she wanted Cole to stay. No matter what, he is not her Dad. Cole is. That's all she was focusing on. When we saw the Cole and Natalie flashback, Natalie was pregnant when she met Cole, and when they were supposed to go off together to start a life together, he joined the CIA. And they were never 'together', she kept waiting for him and they never lived together as a family, so he never raised Maya. I'm not pointing out that only biology matters (we adopted our son and there's no question I'm his Mom) but the timeline never made sense to me that he seems himself as Maya's Dad. But maybe I'm wrong, and the episode where they explained the timeline was just confusing to me.
  6. judyri

    S7: E10 - Inside These Walls

    I thought Stella was kinda rude to Tyler. I mean they've been flirting and hugging for years and she's just 'get out of my apartment' when he told her how he was feeling. He didn't do anything inappropriate, they could have talked it out.
  7. judyri

    S20.E11: Plastic

    'look around' does not mean ripping up her wall without her permission. sloppy police work
  8. judyri

    S01.E10: Six or Seven Minutes

    It made it sound like she opened the fedex package clearly addressed to him. That in my book is a deal breaker. I don't mind that she isn't a great beauty (we need more realism in television) but she's a bad actress. And with that haircut and her demeanor she comes across like a scared and fragile housewife, not a world traveled ballerina.
  9. judyri


    I wonder if they will ever mention Bosch's half-brother, he was a pretty interesting character in the books.
  10. judyri

    S05.E22: Homecoming

    His daughter died in a fire, it was a crossover with Chicago Fire. His wife should have been at the hospital, she wasn't even mentioned in the episode. Very poor writing.
  11. judyri

    S01.E18: Patrol

    I liked the shout-out to dyslexia and how, undiagnosed, can lead to anger and frustration issues for the one having to deal with it. As the mother of a dyslexic diagnosed in elementary school, it's unbelievable how misunderstood and under-diagnosed this is. Once he was diagnosed (NOT by the school) and we did our own research, he was like the 'poster boy' had all the signs & symptoms since pre-school but none of the 'educators' had a clue.
  12. judyri

    S09.E12: Episode 12

    The oatmeal idea was ridiculous. If you put oatmeal, stevia and raisins (my preference) in a cup-size thermos the night before, then add hot water from the water cooler when you get to work, wait 5 minutes, you have a delicious healthy breakfast for like $0.50 with no added sugar.