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  1. IDreamofJoaquin

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    I am over the motorcycle and sidecar thing. I want to just FF the scene when it comes on next week just in case of the .00001% chance I ever meet Fl and he asks if I saw him go to his restaurant opening I can say "I didn't, but I saw Lala talking about playing with her man's asshole". Lala needs to be doing something else with her grief, abusing people is not okay. I do think it is okay if she yelled at Billie only because when Billie was on WWHL she was preaching about being a feminist and didn't even recognize a picture of Gloria Steinem. Why is Kristen still given top billing on the show when Lisa hates her so much? Does Lisa have any power over the show? Also, Lisa folded very quickly by making up the fact that if Kristen is on the boys list she can come. Adam is Scheana's best friend?
  2. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    I really laughed when Briana told Nova not to talk about farting when her mom was the one who jumped up on a table screaming. Nova does not want his last name. Also I am surprised Roxanne is so willing to have the baby girls have their fathers name when she has raised man haters. Karl is getting treated how she treats people - by ignoring them. I don't see how any person in the world would find her attractive by looks or her awkward, standoffish, bitch attitude. She can't see how messy and complicated SHE makes it for everyone. Okay, I really did not understand Andrew and Barb's communication. Why can't he go to North Carolina but can go to Florida? And he doesn't even tell her. I would have been like "this was your one chance and you blew it" but of course MTV is probably setting this up and paid for her to go to New York because I would have been PISSED about spending all that money. Instead she starts casually chatting with him. And then asking the family their genetic history when it's her family that Jace would get all of this from (or both...but we know it's from her side for sure). It's getting to the point where Watson is crying in every scene and I don't like it. My daughter is 2 1/2 and cries and whines a lot. I don't need more of it.
  3. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E09: Momster Mash

    BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! This is the ONE time I will believe Janelle. When she was saying "he says and does weird stuff". I totally believe this is true. He seemed really strange in his clip. Nonsensical talking and acting like he has been trying to be in Jace's life when he was gone when he was an infant. Both him and his friend were very unnerving to watch. Where is the friend that was telling Karl last week that she needs to talk to Javi and be mature? Is she ousted now? She is just making her boys lives difficult. I don't want to hear her cry about her communication issues with not knowing if she and Chris are a couple. She clearly does not know how to communicate with anyone. Wasn't that her major in college?? Just full on ignoring people for no damn reason. Of course Devoid shows 6 months of paying attention to Nova (because the show has been filming) and now Briana considers that Nova should have his last name. So dumb. Stella looks like Luis.
  4. IDreamofJoaquin

    S33.E04: It's Complicated

    Sad CT is gone but glad Wes, Leroy and Zach are still there. It takes me a few season to warm up to rookies.
  5. IDreamofJoaquin

    S33.E03: Casualties of War

    I honestly was putting my hand to my forehead and panting saying "oh wow, oh wow" when Johnny left. I've been dying for a season free of him. I usually love Wes but since he has been so shitty at Challenges lately it's just embarrassing for him to brag. I'm starting to have a new appreciation for Da'Vonne
  6. IDreamofJoaquin

    S01.E13: The Blues

    First of all I have to say I stopped coming on to the forums because I find the new format an absolute mess. Secondly, I came on just to laugh at the selection of school they had Bloom go to. Being from Washington I was really confused about what school she would have attended in the middle of no man's land Walla Walla. Whitman is a liberal arts college and though it does offer enough courses to complete the needed bachelor's degree for Bloom to move on to a medical school it just seems like a far fetched pick of a school so I guess it fits in with the rest of the show. I mean they could have picked University of Washington. That's even farther away.
  7. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E04: Don't Wanna Go Home

    I thought that was the point of my whole post was that Leah could do these things because she does not work outside the home and had all the extra concerns.
  8. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E04: Don't Wanna Go Home

    I know!!! And she totally just laughed it off. Telling a producer she was going to make her crap her pants. SO FUNNY. The producers need to grow a pair and just tell Jenelle that is a shitty thing to do and say and they don't appreciate his crude humor. I agree about Leah. Why isn't she taking the girls all the way to school? And why does she not help in the class? This will ensure Ali get the proper care she needs. Schools fuck up all the time. I have to fight tooth and nail for my son and make sure his 504 is being followed and am relentless in contacting people district wide, I know a lot of parents who have children that need extra help and they are there. Leah just can't count on them and complain - she needs to be present. I work full-time and have a toddler, do a lot of other community volunteer time and currently a debilitating medical condition and still am the President of the Booster Club at school. I have always volunteered in class. Maybe this is going too far but if you know Ali's time may be limited then why aren't you gobbling up every minute with her? I feel like a lot of the time I post I'm saying how much I do compared to these girls and it makes me sound braggy. Sorry!!
  9. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E04: Don't Wanna Go Home

    Jenelle is so hard to watch now. Before it was a "hate watch" and now it's just sad and frustrating to watch DV be portrayed on a tv show and no one do anything about it. I never got to post last week but it made me laugh when she was bragging about their prepping and then talked about her house leaking and sinking. So one of the main things you need to do fore serious preparedness is make sure you have a secure shelter. Dummy.
  10. IDreamofJoaquin

    Watch What Happens Live

    I just watched Christina tonight and I found her to be completely annoying. She continuously had to be talking or making some sort of noise and the amount of times she laughed led me to think of her as "jovial" because she was constantly giggling and making hand motions. I found Fergie to be a similar guest who kept fidgeting and mugging for the camera and it was so obnoxious.
  11. IDreamofJoaquin

    Watch What Happens Live

    I also wondered if Andy was in LA for so long because of the baby and was curious why he did not choose a surrogate from NY. I'm sure there are options.
  12. IDreamofJoaquin

    S07.E08: A Housewarming Divided

    I don't understand how this cast has sex with each other constantly and then just hang out like it's normal (including hetero relationships). I have zero friends that I randomly go down on and if I did I would constantly be thinking about it and feel awkward in front of other people. I know there have probably been men on men hook-ups and they don't talk about those and it seems unbalanced to be able to talk about how the women have been intimate together. It's like on Southern Charm how no one cares if all the men sleep around but Kathryn is a whore. Also, was FI sober when he was driving? I don't know why anyone thinking clearly who was clearly so possessive of their significant other would just be like "okay go do that". I wonder if Herman watched this episode and is embarrassed. There seems to be more to the story regarding this night.
  13. IDreamofJoaquin

    The Passage

    I don't think Lacy is dead. I'm surprised they didn't include her having some sort of hiding spot on the farm though.
  14. IDreamofJoaquin

    S01.E12: Anima Sola

    I'm really starting to get addicted to it.
  15. IDreamofJoaquin

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Has Scheana never masturbated? I get some women can't achieve orgasm it just seems like having friends like Ariana and Lala Scheana would be open to women talking about pleasuring themselves and using sex toys. Billie reminded me of one of those people who has to turn it into something it is not and just makes others annoyed or not want to listen. She did not handle herself well the entire episode in conversation and body language. She is ruining it for others - not standing up for what is right.