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  1. taragel

    When Calls The Heart

    Bird's statement says they are "retooling the remaining S6 episodes" so that definitely sounds like they'll either cut the episodes around her somehow or recast/refilm. I imagine either way it will take them a while to regroup and there'll be no new episodes shown for a bit. The transcript of the court documents is a hell of a read. They very clearly got both Loughlin and her husband confirming via recorded FBI phone call that they lied and bribed to the tune of $500K ($400K to the shady org facillitating this and $100K to a USC athletic director) to get their kids in as crew recruits though they never participated in crew. They even had a showdown with a counselor at her high school who thought it was suspicious, but I guess came around after the husband talked to him/her. Lori inquires via email what they should do to make sure "our little friend" at the high school not expose the scam. Wow.
  2. Oops sorry! That's right. I was misremembering the title. I do remember there being one triad, with a husband and wife who'd been married for a while (though still young) and they brought in a new girl--they could've been the ones that were Snowden like? There was also a husband and wife who both had multiple partners but the wife seemed a lot more into it than the husband and she was kind of hippie-like. Ah, the wife was named Kamala in that second group (which had 4 or more entangled partners I believe). And yes, they were all very open and bisexual I believe. The young triad were Anthony and Lindsey and Vanessa (lol, another Vanessa) and they were a lot more like the TLC couples (I don't think the women were intimate when the husband wasn't around, but am not totally sure).
  3. taragel

    When Calls The Heart

    Just saw this recent update on Variety about what they're doing: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/hallmark-channel-cuts-ties-with-lori-loughlin-1203163751/ “We are no longer airing the episode on March 17, but we are not cancelling the show,” a representative for Crown Media, Hallmark’s parent company, told Variety. “The show is one of our best performers in the Sunday night slot, and were are exploring all sorts of creative options moving forward.” So they'll either recast the character of Abigail or perhaps they'll take a short hiatus and kill her offscreen, then bring in a new older female lead to serve the same general maternal figure function.
  4. The problem for me with polygamy is that it is not about equality. The wife never seems to have equal rights, respect, dignity to her husband. She's sharing him; he is not sharing her. Even with Kody "I'm so progressive" Brown, we've seen him say he's disgusted by the idea that his wives might sleep with someone else (or each other), that he is the definitive leader and he will make the final decisions (like the current move), that he must be the center of all attention. I want a marriage and not a monarchy, and I imagine most other women do too, or should at least. Furthermore, I've seen the four women he's married to all have to bite their tongue and hold back their feelings of loneliness, jealousy, insecurity, anger and frustration time and time again--and that's just the sanitized "polygamy is great" version for the cameras. Every interaction or action requires and entails a ton more emotional labor and work than a relationship between just two people does. The rewards of living that way (for the women) seem very scant. So unless you're VERY religious, which I wouldn't assume any of these TV polyg families are, and really truly believe in the afterlife...this is a lot of misery you're CHOOSING to endure here and now. That's baffling to me. I do keep watching this shows in horrified fashion, wondering if we'll see anyone who seems to be truly happy and that it truly is working for. But haven't yet (even the Alldredges who seem the happiest on camera have a forgotten first wife they don't talk about). I did also watch Showtime's series Polygamy and those generally had open marriage type families where both spouses had multiple relationships. No one seemed all that happy there either and it was even MORE work to juggle all those people and their wants and needs and fears.
  5. taragel

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    I'm very surprised Robyn will be giving up her live-in babysitter/nanny so easily. And if they really gave a damn about Meri's feelings, they would do exactly what she suggested and just find rental places (which they have to do anyway) and look for a place later that they all love. This whole "we need to buy the plague-ridden dustbowl parcel right now so we can feel like we have something to look forward to" is so damn silly.
  6. taragel

    S02.E06: The Waiting Game

    Is Vanessa a twin? Her sister Adrienne really looks like her. She's gonna be headed for the nearest McD's by day 3, I'm betting. But also--like this is the detox for 21 days but then what does she get to eat afterward? Does she have to eat this way all the time? Ugh. And Brandy's gonna get the boot from Mrs. McGee if those previews are any indication. (I still feel so bad for John, the older son. You can tell he thinks this is all beyond bizarre but is trying to be a good sport about it all.) Tami and John need to form a support group. And Sophie is just so weird. I don't get why she's so excited about the third wife unless it's to score brownie points with the husband and stick it to Tami a bit. I agree she def. hasn't thought this through as there are really no advantages to her for him taking another wife. The Aldredges are so dull--and I can't see how Jennifer ever fits in with them. I assume those "interesting developments" via text is her saying see ya.
  7. taragel

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    Ah, well that makes a bit more sense then. But I still don't really remember much other interaction between Sophie and Rome this year? Eh, IDK, it just seems like they make up whatever's convenient for the characters to think/feel at the time.
  8. taragel

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    I kept thinking I would've liked to have seen the show this episode culminated in....but that it wasn't the one I have been watching? Everyone just seemed totally off. Eddie telling Katherine he's regretted not being with her every time he's seen her or picked up Theo? Uh...since when? Last week maybe? Poooossssibly the week before? Surely not before that when he was firmly in love with Delilah and hating Katherine at every turn and allowing if not encouraging his friends to hate her. GARY (!) saying "I just want you to be happy and if that's with Katherine, well great." WHAAAAAT?? He was the MOST hostile to Katherine. Hunter out of nowhere trying to sexually harass/retaliate against Katherine breaking up with him? (That actually seemed to smack of a scene or two having been cut along the way.) The biggest problem this show has is Katherine being more awesome than she was supposed to be, I think. Because they're now maybe trying to pivot from how they characterized her at the very beginning and nothing makes any sense. Rome suddenly wanting kids (thank God for Regina, but I know she's gonna cave to adopting some teen or something) again also felt too fast and out of nowhere. Yeah, sure he was happy in episode 3 or whatever when he found the pregnancy test but....just meeting PJ shouldn't have provoked such a response. Oh and Sophie inexplicably talking about "all the things" he'd done for her this year. Which...were...what exactly? He couldn't even do the dance with her in Jon's place, making Eddie conveniently step in. The 9/11 guilt was unexpected but I agree that the "it's a million little things" like survivor's guilt from 17 years ago and total financial bankruptcy right damn now is a justification that we haven't really seen play out in the right balance. The PJ being Patrick twist was pretty good, but I too didn't get the sheer panic of Mitch. I mean I guess lying to your somewhat mentally fragile/depressive kid for 17 years is NOT GREAT, BOB. But...I mean the guy died while he was a fetus, so...Mitch was his dad for all intents and purposes. It wouldn't really have changed that much... Sigh. This show. It's my new Nashville (in terms of hatewatching and not making a lot of sense.)
  9. taragel

    The McGees

    The best thing about this whole show (and this episode) was the McGees' adorable dog sleeping on the bed while they video chatted. Sigh.
  10. taragel

    S10:05 Mariah's Big Announcement

    Actually they did say that after this year, it'll be 4 years in a row where they'll have seniors (Graduating 2021 Gabe/Gwen/Aurora; 2022 Ysabel; 2023 Savannah; 2024 Breanna). They didn't want any of the kids to have to start senior year somewhere new, but they can't stay for 5 years (probably because of balloon payments/the show not lasting that long/them not being able to afford these houses) until they have another lull. When they said that, it was at least a little thoughtful of them, I guess, though I do feel bad for Gabe, who's obviously very unhappy about it. (Who knows, maybe Gwen is too and Christine's just smoothing it over to say she's not.) Flagstaff just makes no sense, especially after Kody "finally figured out" that THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT. Well, then pick somewhere else that has trees! Good Lord. Because "less house for more money" didn't derail them, I'm thinking the theory that Dayton's college being in Flagstaff is the real reason they're set on that place. It did not look cute, just dusty and empty to me. The amount of them excited about trees and cold weather was ludicrous. I think Meri already has a mental calendar going till she can move to Parowan, despite her protests otherwise.
  11. taragel

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    So if we're keeping score: Meri hasn't been getting along with Kody for at least the past what? 12 years? Janelle said there was a long stretch when things were bad with Kody and the first FIVE TO TWENTY years won't be great. We saw how up until last season things were terrible with Christine and Kody since pretty much their dating/marriage time. Robyn's seemed over it for the past 3 or 4 seasons though she's still ruling the roost. And one of the best things is the cameraderie between the wives .... yet Janelle hates going to lunch with the other wives monthly, Meri says Christine doesn't feel comfortable around her (per the previews), Janelle and Meri famously haven't gotten along in the past, Christine was jealous of Robyn for a long time, Janelle and Robyn don't seem to have hardly any connection.... Plus the entire episode was about Kody "leading this family" even as his wives cry and protest and one son threatens to run away from home, and Aspyn considering not buying her beloved wedding dress because her father and her fiance might think she's showing too much. Yeah, you're really selling us on the plyg life. (Also, I think it's hilarious that they just keep stealing storylines from Big Love (Kody running for office!).
  12. taragel

    S01.E13: Twelve Seconds

    So...the whole big secret with Jon really is just a boring real estate deal? I mean...what can the significance of a woman he used to know and a building he used to live in really amount to in terms of actual surprise? He's not a bigamist with two families (presumably) so.... eh. I just can't imagine this plotline really going anywhere all that interesting or satisfying. And why was Ashley such a drama queen about keeping it a secret? Eh. And Jon must have been a hell of an actor because hiding so much pain for years and years....I dunno. I get that in real life it happens, but in a narrative story, that kind of reveal with zero actual hints or clues pointing to it is really kind of...contrived and cheap.
  13. taragel

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    And yet.... Meri's mom greeted Janelle very warmly with a hug and some kind words when they moved stuff down to the B&B. I suppose it could be for the cameras but I'm not sure why Meri's mom would feel the need to fake that for them. So maybe there's no bad blood with those two.
  14. I felt really bad for teenage John. He was so clearly angry and uncomfortable about Dad McGee taking on more wives and didn't feel he could express that really. My heart broke for him when Dad mentioned splitting his time and John wanted to know what that meant, and Dad started talking about sharing a bed on alternating nights when I think the kid really wanted to know if it meant he'd get less time seeing his Dad. :( The newest young couple with the two wives used their child's birthday party as a way to out themselves...to nobody. That was so sad. That poor little girl didn't get to see "the rest of their immediate family" and get presents and have fun with other kids because they were trying to make a statement. Plus, that first "introverted" wife seems like she might be plotting ways to kill the second one in her sleep. She had daggers for eyes several times. The Snowdens are just a hot mess. I'm looking forward to that whole thing breaking down because the new gal wants to eat some meat, damn it. And not in the way Dimitri is hoping. The Aldredges certainly seem the happiest (at the moment) with the whole arrangement but how long before that dissolves into a charade too? I noticed that Drew held both wives hands as they strolled through Niagara. So at least they have that before this bartender drops em like a hot rock. I find the Briney drama interesting and keep checking facebook for April updates. I think it's so weird that TLC didn't want to film that. Are the producers really trying to push a "polygamy is great" agenda? I always thought they framed it rather negatively. But that seems to be the only reason not to introduce this other side of things that actually has tension and drama to it.
  15. taragel

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    I think this episode showed the clearest depiction ever of why Meri will never be happy. In one shot everyone's telling her "WE'RE SO HAPPY YOU FOUND THE MONEY" and she's all mopey downbeat "pensive" about it, and in the very next confessional she's complaining that they can't be happy for her like her own family is. Later in the hour, Robyn says "I'm trying to pull you in" and in the next confessional scene she says "I don't need to be pulled in. I'm here" when previously all she complained about was never getting included in things. I mean, JESUS TAKE THE FREAKING WHEEL.