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  1. Bridget

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    Maybe it's the English teacher in me, but was I the only one who was horrified to read MM's tweet due to the glaring grammatical error? She used "Saturday's" instead of "Saturdays." I just can't with her to begin with, and then her dumb ass Columbia educated self (ahem, ahem) can't even figure out when to lose an apostrophe in a Tweet that's meant to be a mic drop moment? Where the hell was Ben and why didn't he spell check her post?
  2. Bridget

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Thank you, Druzy, for making my day! This is THE best example of how to identify Tyler’s actual writing versus the other stuff he posts and tries to pass off as his own (grammatically correct) “writing.” It’s so painful to read, especially as it’s one giant run-on sentence, that it makes me laugh. Also, Nova is now wearing monogrammed shirts? Okayyyyy..... The second I saw that, I thought two things: 1. C & T must’ve seen a recent photo of Carly and she was wearing a monogrammed t-shirt. They are copying B & T in some sort of really weird, screwed up “parent competition” game they’ve created in their empty heads. 2. There is no way that anything in the octagon house is monogrammed nor have they ever been into monograms/initials before. They’re such wannabes that it’s sad. See thought #1.
  3. Bridget

    Season 16 Discussion

    Am I the only one who finds John’s deep chuckle/laugh absolutely charming? I am loving him as a coach! How hilarious was it when the singer took zero time to choose John as their coach last night? No false adulations or empty compliments to Adam for turning around (rightfully so!), but it was amazing to watch! It pains me to type this, but as much as I love Kelly, she’s getting to be quite grating with each season that passes. (I’ve previously mentioned that my BFF has worked with her. In fact, her exact words were: “I’ve never met a more charming and down to earth person while working in my entire life other than Dolly Parton!” My BFF doesn’t impress easily as she works with celebs nearly every day of the week, so to hear this about KC was a huge deal.) I think Kelly is intimidated by John even more than Adam & Blake. For the last two seasons, she was the grade A coach with the golden team. She brought a level of success and professionalism with her that was hard to beat...until John arrived! During last season, the whole “singing along/talking during the auditions” crap started to drive me up the wall. Now she’s added “the guys won’t pick me” layer to her schtick and I find it a wee bit obnoxious. We need to put out an ABP for the Kelly from season 14!
  4. Bridget

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I really want someone to remind Amber what happened the last time someone bitched about not winning an Emmy in the Reality TV category! Let’s be thankful that she doesn’t have the energy to participate in a political campaign. 😉
  5. Bridget

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    The production designer is David Korins. He and his team are the same people who designed the set/stage for a little Broadway show called Hamilton. My BFF from 6th grade, who works with David Korins, was one of the art directors this year.
  6. Bridget

    "The View": Week Of 2/18/2019

    I think we might be related! I wasn’t even allowed to send out high school graduation announcements because my mom thought that was tacky. She thought sending them out was like asking for gifts and/or money from people who I haven’t seen since I was a toddler! (My immediate family moved to CA from MI when I was almost two years old.) Now that I’m a teacher myself, I totally agree with her on that, but for other reasons as well. Graduating 20 years ago was so much different than graduating even 2 years ago. (As much as I love teaching grade 8, don’t get me started on the hoopla that is 8th grade promotion! 🤯) The current generation of snowflakes shouldn’t be rewarded for finishing high school since it’s something that everyone should be expected to do. For the last five to eight years, way too many “high school graduates” have placed into remedial math & reading courses after taking college placement exams. #Facts I’ve seen the seniors and the pressure that 12th grade teachers are up against from Admin. No matter how many times the student screwed up from Aug-June, or how many “please contact the teacher” boxes are checked on progress reports or the numerous requests for parent-teacher meetings have gone unanswered, everyone suddenly cares in June! It’s so wrong on so many levels. Celebrating an actual academic achievement is something I am on board with. I am all about celebrating a student if they are a valedictorian, salutatorian, in the top 10% of their class, were on the honor roll for the majority of HS, had perfect attendance or they’re an AP student who are headed to college with X units in the bank
  7. Bridget

    "The View": Week Of 2/18/2019

    Maybe it was the way I was raised (one baby shower per mother-to-be. Period. That’s all!), but I think it’s tacky that Abby is having a baby shower for her twins. Her daughter isn’t even two years old yet. She doesn’t need another damn baby shower, period. If she wants to have something like a Sip ‘n See once the babies are born, fine. A second shower is totally inappropriate, especially for a second pregnancy so close to the first. It falls under every tenet of bad manners in my book. Even if she was only having a boy or twin boys, it’s still super tacky! (We know she won’t donate the flowers to charity. She’ll probably try and use them to barter for some ugly ass sweaters! I’ve only been watching for about a month, but is that Abby’s personal style sneaking in that I don’t know about?) Side note: There was chatter last week about MM being a size 14. If she’s a 14, then I’ll eat my hat. There is NO WAY she’s only a size 14, even being 5’1”. Between her bust and her body shape, she has easily got to be a size 18-20. If she dressed for her shape and size, she wouldn’t look so ridiculous every day of the week. Her hair is another story. She was probably a size 14 in the very beginning of her days on the show, as shown in the opening credits - and she wasn’t bad looking. However, every day that I watch the show and see her stuffed into a sausage casing that she calls an outfit while she tries to get up onto the chair, it’s just so embarrassing and awkward. My intent isn’t to body shame her at all. Ironically, I truly wish I had half of her body confidence! I’m six inches taller than her and at least half of her real clothing size. I can’t believe I just said something nice about her. I think I’m going to be sick...🤮 Before I forget, someone up thread asked about Jussie Smollet and any potential past bizarre behavior(s). He was pulled over for a DUI several years ago. He initially tried to pass himself off as his brother, including presenting his brother’s ID to the police when he was pulled over, in an attempt to presumably avoid damaging his career. I don’t miss Whoopi at all!
  8. Bridget


    Am I the only one who thought this show was sadly cancelled last summer? So glad there’s another season to enjoy!
  9. Bridget

    Season 5 Discussion

    I understand the need for people to do “necessary things” in order to survive in specific locations, but Abner has got to be the least articulate “mentor” I have ever encountered. The way Abner kept saying that ”Ikaika is racially confused” was what was confusing to me as a viewer. We know Abner doesn’t have the biggest vocabulary or basic understanding of what some words mean, but it would have been much more clear to the audience had he explained what he meant by the phrase “racially confused.” (Pick a racial identity in order to go along with the unwritten rules of jail/prison.) I wish he would have clarified his train of thought by providing an example in a talking head or better yet, explaining it explicitly and directly to Ikaika. Too bad that the “mentor” didn’t say something like “Listen, this is how it works in here. You might not like it, but there is a method to the madness. I understand you come from a multi-cultural home, but that doesn’t matter in here. For safety reasons, you need to choose a side or suffer the consequences.” I read the previous posts that Ikaika had been in trouble with the law before this stay in jail. I’m not defending him at all (I always Ffwd through the fights - I just can’t watch that stuff), but I find Abner’s behavior beyond puzzling. The guy is now a freakin chaplain, yet he has appeared to spiral so quickly into the “tough and non-communicative guy” category who is doing the exact opposite of mentoring anyone. That particular aspect alone fascinates me.
  10. Bridget

    Season 5 Discussion

    Abner clearly doesn’t know the definition of the word “mentor.” When he kept referring to Ikaika as being “racially confused”, he sounded like me parents who don’t approve of their children who identify as anything other than being heterosexual. I can’t even begin to think about what type of chaplain he is. 🙄 Lastly, if he says “politics” or “enforcer” one more time...
  11. Bridget

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Did anyone else notice the peacock blue shade of the wall behind the TV? How does that even go with the powder blue walls in the living & dining rooms? Is the peacock blue wall meant to be an accent wall? Does Tyler know that it isn’t an an accent wall anymore once a giant ass, wall sized TV is mounted on it? My phone vs tablet = two different versions of the paint color. The shadow behind the TV made the wall look darker than it is and I was wrong. The wall is painted the same powder blue color, but I still personally wouldn't post a photo that appears to show such a discrepancy of the actual paint color. I also don't write "poetry", so what the hell do I know? I still stand by my claim that the paint and other random elements are meant to clash horribly on purpose to bring together the whole “clusterfuck chic” look he’s going for. I. Just. Don’t. Understand.
  12. Bridget

    S05.E05: It's a Girl

    I assumed the guy in the middle is Jeanette's brother because he's the spitting image of Grandpa Jack. Based on Jeanette's accent, coupled with the fact that we know her parents are from NY, I wouldn't be surprised if any of Jeanette's siblings live and work in NY. Perhaps he prefers to remain in the shadows or stay semi-anonymous for a variety of reasons? There wasn't a caption on the screen to identify him to viewers, but a non-blurred face suggests that he's someone important enough to be at the hospital on surgery day. (Also, because it can’t be said enough: he is Grandpa Jack’s doppelgänger!)
  13. Bridget

    S09.E03: Hurricane

    Exactly. Fellow teacher here. In 10 years of teaching, I know of exactly one person who has been a 1:1 aide to the same student from grade six to now (grade 11). The situation is extremely rare because the parents are amazing, the student is high functioning and everyone gets along really well. That said, the aide is ONLY working another year with her student because while she’s exhausted, she wants to see the student finish grade 12. The aide already told the district she’s leaving in 2020. This is also exactly why Leah & Cory need to learn the freakin basics of how the Special Ed dept and an IEP work, especially when their daughter is eligible for a 1:1 aide. Ali’s IEP undoubtedly states she “will have a 1:1 aide”, but I can guarantee it doesn’t say “Jane Doe will be Ali’s 1:1 for the remainder of her school days.” IEPs don’t even mention specific names; it’s always typed as: “Teacher reports ______________” or “The team agrees that ______________.” It’s not meant to be shady at all. It’s recorded as very general on purpose in order to get the student the services they need. Districts don’t hire 1:1 aides for the entire duration of a student’s academic career. Just like any job, it might not always a great fit. The burnout rate is sky high and the pay is minimal. It’s not even a full time job with benefits. There are way too many variables to think about having the same 1:1 for X years. Even IF Ali had a specifically assigned aide named in her IEP from now until 12th grade and the aide was horrible, Leah & Cory would (and should) request a new aide. Perhaps then they’d understand why students aren’t guaranteed the same 1:1 aide from Kindergarten to grade 12. Ali will always have an aide, as her IEP is a legally binding document, but when they bitch about certain details, all it does is continue to illustrate how uneducated they both are about the very basic details of the IEP. Not to minimize Ali’s health, but this is when I remind myself that this is a TV show. I wouldn’t be shocked if this was all planted. We didn’t see the bus driver tell Leah: “Sorry, no willchair on the bus.” They knew they had to call ahead of time. How does a parent forget that integral part of their kid’s first day of school? I refuse to believe that no one has ever said to Leah and Cory: “Ali will always have an aide, but we cannot guarantee it’ll be the same person for X years. Things happen. People might move away, get pregnant or have a different opportunity to work.” It’s straight up annoying to watch her continue to act like a victim as she talks about Ali & the school issues because I’m convinced it’s all a bunch of lies. She doesn’t work, so why doesn’t she march her ass down to the district office and get answers ASAP if she’s so worried instead of waiting for someone to call her back? It doesn’t make sense. She’s got no storyline/material to work with, so producers probably thought they’d be able to “educate people” about being the parent of a student with special needs. (Zero snark intended about the “being a parent”part. I see how draining it is on most parents whose kids have an IEP.) Stepping off of my soap box and taking off my tin foil hat now. 😉
  14. Bridget

    Season 5 Discussion

    I’m paraphrasing, but the Superfan (Mark) during his talking head: ”I need to be the hero! How would Zach or Nate handle this situation?” What happened to this show?
  15. Bridget

    S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    Three words will more than explain this newfangled parenting priority system: 90 Day Fiance. It’s on hiatus right now, but I guarantee that once you tune into TLC (Trashtastic Love Channel), and watch a 2 hour episode, minus the 50 minutes of commercials and re-caps, it will explain everything. If you don’t enjoy this straight up “comedy gold/are these people for real?” TV show addiction, you can move into my house and I will do your laundry for you. I have an excellent “recipe” that gets stains out of everything. Except for linens, I dry almost everything on clothing racks. Your clothing will not only last longer and look better, but nothing will ever shrink or fade. However, if you happen to be Caitlin from this season, I reserve all rights to revoke the satisfaction guaranteed clause.