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  1. Tammee

    Expedition Unknown

    I sure hope not. Why? I cant think of a reason why. Plus Josh has always been savvy about getting/keeping his shows on the air. You said new shows were coming...do you know when?
  2. Tammee

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Did they announce that Wendy was coming back Monday? I love Carla Hall but boy was she Chatty Cathy today hah. No one else could get a word in. I know Heather was wanting to get many in lol
  3. Tammee

    "The View": Week Of 2/18/2019

    I do hope the reports abt Jussie are wrong. Had it gone right, it may have started a civil war. But having it go wrong just makes me sad for the whole situation. I cant help but wonder if someone bigger was whispering in his ear....hey all ya gotta do is take a couple punches..... Obligatory ep ref: I kept waiting to hear a screech 'I'm a ally of the LGBT Community' blah blah blah
  4. Tammee

    Paranormal Lockdown

    I hope there's more shows. They only did 8 in one and 6 of the other. I've been enjoying them. Ditto on the geo box. It's got such a low guttural audio. You'd think Bill Chapel could maybe fix that. And also make it easier to carry around lol
  5. Tammee

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    Pink wears a very similar hair style
  6. Tammee

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    Hey, I just had a great idea. Wheres the one place she kind of has a foot in the door already. Not Fox, CNN, but ABC news! She already reports for them, does commentary etc. Make it official! Hire MM!
  7. Tammee

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    09 have a feeling if they are squeezing Kelly out , Michael and Sarah might be taking over .... I'm sorry I don't have the author of this post, my copy is wac yo. Lol ---------------☆☆☆ Now is my post. _(the stars were typos but I kept them haah Do you mean Michael and Sara actually taking over that show? What about GMADay? What about Ryan? So many questions
  8. Tammee

    Ghost Adventures

    ITA. I usually watch an ep 2 or 3 times (spaced out lol) but that one I couldnt. I was really creeped out. If this is the ep where Nick left and didn't look back. Cant say I blame him. I wouldn't have lasted.
  9. Tammee

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Whoa now. Hold your roll Felicia. I kid. Lest we forget her successful fashion line for HSN. Still there I believe..........snark
  10. Tammee

    Kindred Spirits

    Yeah I think all came into play when they moved to Travel Channel. It definitely has the Hollywood effect right now. Jury is still out.
  11. Tammee

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Would have been nice to know before Monday to adjust settings for recording. Bet they didn't have many viewers Monday Lol like me. Now its recording again
  12. Tammee

    "The View": Week Of 1/28/2019

    Gròoooooooan. We're only at the Bs
  13. Tammee

    "The View": Week Of 1/28/2019

    And lest we forget, she asked what he had to say about AZ. He wasn't going to say anything. Or am I remembering that wrong?
  14. I really don't think Cindy was mad. I think she got the joke and was playing on it. MM I think was also playing off it, smirking along. But one never knows with her. I did like her hair yesterday.
  15. Abt this cactus thang....I have several good reasons to have them. 1. Super slow maintenance. A big watering once a month, but sprinkle on it every once in a while. Do NOT use that verbatim, it is wrong. I just wanted to show the example. 2. Just need to chat it now and then, no petting allowed. I save that for my Cat hah 3. No talk back from kids or social media 4. Showtalker to break the ice and start talking Course I cant think now. Guess I can add later