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  1. Anyone know if Jessika is planning on staying? She needs to ride off into the sunset asap.
  2. Lunacat

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Maybe I’m jaded by just watching the original, but I think it’s chintzy to basically replay ~50% of an earlier episode (that isn’t THAT old) and hail it as a new one.
  3. I think the Malena cut was “kindly” cut - I think one of the insiders said it was way worse / meltdown-y in real life?
  4. Oh man, totally cried for Brennan and Madeline. How are cuts usually handled on the last night? I can’t remember and can’t find my Apple TV remote to watch any prior seasons. It seems cruel to have those last cuts have to leave on their own.
  5. @Loves2Dance - I was coming here to say the same thing. Tonight didn’t seal the deal for me on Tara, and nothing will SORRY YALL. Kelli - you’re going to cut an in-shape vet who’s having a tough few weeks over anyone else? Some of the brunette rookies look like dudes. Ashlee has a weird ass wig. I have a sponge in my sink that has more personality than Erin. At what point should we start a Go Fund Me for Piper’s nose job or Jennifer’s kid’s therapy? Kelli, do you know what a good manager does? You tell your employee, “you’re having a tough time but I value what you bring to this organization, pull yourself together, I’m not going to fire you, let’s touch base next week”. Either Tara ran Kitty’s mullet wig over OR (or or or) Tara quit and they aired it as a cut scene. A lot of tonight seemed forced - Tara and VK’s cut scenes seemed fake. And.. let’s say Tara’s cut scene was legit - you kept VK over her for another few days? VK, kashara, and Maddie had Mariah Carey abs - AKA, let’s photoshop them in. Hey Kitty, if you want to cut a vet, cut Jessika and Yuko for being ambassador risks, and Christina for looking like a man.
  6. If my google skills are correct, taylor graduated from U of A, so IMO there is NO excuse for a college grad at ~23 to not be able to tell you what the MeToo movement is.
  7. I thought the way they intro’d the swimsuit calendar reveal was dumb. The previous segment was all about being up to speed on football and current events, and then it’s like teehee, silly girls don’t need to know football, 72 days since our creep photographer got up in your space and now let’s show you how we use your image for profit!! my answer to 72 would have been D-Line, for the record. :)
  8. I feel like Kelli needs to be an adult with VK instead of passing the buck to others. “The guest choreographers aren’t noticing you (or are noticing the weight gain)” and “are you getting a lot of pressure from home” just seem like Kelli is tiptoeing around what she really NEEDS to say to VK.
  9. I thought I read on here that Tara was cut in a non-CMT taping night.
  10. If the locker thing was an issue, it needed to be dealt with ASAP. That is Management 101.
  11. VK being mentored by Jinelle was WAY above and beyond what should have been done. Plus, VK didn’t pay for Jinelle’s help? In a real world scenario, I would feel the way you do, but this isn’t the real world and it is totally unfair and rude of VK to act the way she did. Not sure why you’re snarking on Jinelle on this? Kitty always looks like shit when she’s in the screen and they let her back on so I don’t see how that’s valid criticism.