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  1. MadameKillerB

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    My Sunday group rewatch won't be able to catch up before the new season starts but I'm greedily consuming any and all GOT-related theories and backstories...I'm super interested in the history from the books only to help explain show character motivations. As for the trailer and Arya speculation- what if she's running to get someplace quickly before something happens...like she needs something and that face is not really fear but desperation about getting something? I don't know if I'm explaining this the way it works in my head so sorry for that. I was watching some YouTuber last night talking about lightening up the dark trailer and seeing other people behind her. She looks back at one point. What if she is trying to lead people somewhere safe? I dunno. I think it's too "easy" to say that she's running from a wight. But who knows really?!
  2. MadameKillerB

    S03.E06: Hunters in the Dark

    All of this. It feels like a waste of good actors and the kernel of a good story.
  3. MadameKillerB

    Naked And Afraid

    I'm not understanding how to post about this show. We just started watching it...from the end. Season 9, Episode 1.
  4. MadameKillerB

    Small Talk: Don't Mind The Slug Excrement, Just Add More Wine!

    anyone know where I can find info on the people who make up the evacuation team? (Esp red-headed guy!)
  5. MadameKillerB

    S02.E08: Kiksuya

    I have been bored silly by this season. But this episode was so so beautiful in terms of cinematography and acting and the way the story unfolded...Westworld got me hooked again!
  6. MadameKillerB

    Ask the Outlanders: Questions for the Bookreaders

    yeah, I think it's just because he's missing from most of the main plot/action. I tend to skim, I must admit ;)
  7. MadameKillerB

    Ask the Outlanders: Questions for the Bookreaders

    Not sure how to do spoiler tags...
  8. MadameKillerB

    S03.E12: The Bakra

    My fiance hasn't read the books so he didn't know Geillis would be showing up again. His commentary while watching that scene: <bloody foot> what the... <rest of her emerging> hey now! <sees who it is> ...what?! Geillis! Yes! It is ON!
  9. MadameKillerB

    S03.E11: Uncharted

    I'm ready for this season to end. I am not feeling it with Fergus and Marsali. Blandness squared, imo. I'm in this for Claire and Jamie, I must admit. I'm anxious to get to Roger and Bri and the ridge story lines. Something funny: my partner was walking in and out of the room as I was watching this episode. At the end, when, um, turtle soup was happening, he paused in the doorway and then said, "Hey, rewind that part!" ;)
  10. MadameKillerB

    S03.E09: The Doldrums

    Yeah. I still (mostly) enjoy the show. But I've always thought Sam "cheated" his head/face too much in scenes and it became a drinking game for me ;) However, I think this series is a good place for him to grow his craft.
  11. MadameKillerB

    S03.E09: The Doldrums

    ok so I watched it and managed to plug my ears while the vomiting was going on. My fiance helped me with the timing ;) I think the conversation here about Sam's acting is so interesting! You all are so insightful! I wonder too if there is some anxiety about the rabid fandom for his character. Do you think that plays into it as well? Does he feel constrained not just by the writing but by the anxiety to please fans while also honing his craft? Just musing out loud, er, in type. Personal note: I've been letting my grays grow out and my fiance (who is 10yrs younger than I am) told me the other day how he liked all the different colors in my hair. And then to have Jamie tell Claire he liked her grays! My fiance turned to me and said, 'SEE?!' :)
  12. MadameKillerB

    S03.E09: The Doldrums

    I am so so glad that I read these threads *before* watching the episodes. I have emetophobia. I think I might give this one a miss.
  13. MadameKillerB

    S03.E08: First Wife

    I'm still feeling like C and J's "chemistry" is off. I don't mean that they are conveying how complicated it would be to come back together after 20 years. I mean, it feels flat between them. They are both great actors. I see them working LOL I don't know...maybe it's the writing? Or maybe it's the source material (this book)? I'm just not feeling it the way I felt it Season 1 or even Season 2.
  14. MadameKillerB

    Ask the Outlanders: Questions for the Bookreaders

    I read the 1st three books years ago and am catching up on the show. I've been reading these forums like a madwoman! Something I'm curious about: Thanks!