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  1. LuvMyShows

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    Not trying to open a can of worms, but I thought that extreme obesity is a disability, and that that's how some of the poundticipants afforded to live? So wouldn't that also qualify her for a home healthcare assistant for recovery (separate from whatever Dr. Now and/or the show provide)? Good point...and scary too! I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was, that at what was supposed to be a light-hearted event for kids, she's being Debbie Downer and spilling some sob-story personal tea to people she doesn't even know. The best part was how that volunteer did not give two f*cks about it.
  2. LuvMyShows

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    I was quite concerned that Lola suggested that at this point. I don't think she knows near enough about the situation to recommend that, although lately that seems to be her go-to. Do we know that he was supporting her?
  3. LuvMyShows

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    I wondered the same thing.
  4. LuvMyShows

    S06.E08: Obsessive Habits

    Tony Horton shout out?!
  5. LuvMyShows

    S16. E14. Once Upon a Tim

    The casting was great for young Tim, but awful for Tim's father. He was played more like a marine than a high-ranking (even at the time) naval officer. The previous actor was much better at playing what we have understood to be someone from a significantly upper class background (Tim's rich grandma IIRC). Also, in the government, expense reports require multiple layers of approval. No way on earth would protein powder have been approved once, let alone enough times that Torres would have been surprised to find out that you can't expense that. And depending on what expense report system is used, there may not even been any itemizing at all for trips/assignments, and just a per diem rate where you don't have to list what you spent it on, thus no declining of Bishop's stake-out triple vente mocha latte, or whatever. Thinking back to the opening...given how the plot unfolded, how would the guy that was discovered dead (Kane) have gotten McGee's childhood password? Although McGee created it initially, she said that she changed it and put in the money rounding thing. She said she didn't think it would work, and she didn't know it had been working, but she did know what she was doing when she altered what he had originally done.
  6. LuvMyShows

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    One organization I've heard of is trying to address the hugging thing at its conventions, by having hugging dots. You put colored stickers on your name tag to show your hugging preference: A red dot indicates that a person does not wish to be hugged. A yellow dot indicates that a person wishes to be asked first before being hugged. A green dot indicates that a person wishes to be hugged. Various combinations of colored dots can express subtle or complex preferences, like "no most of the time, but maybe yes occasionally" (a red dot with a crescent of yellow or green sticking out beneath it). The person wearing hugging dots still retains full rights over his or her own body which can result in changing their mind in particular cases, such as red-dotted persons hugging a close friend when they meet, and green-dotted people declining a hug from somebody they regard as "creepy".
  7. LuvMyShows

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    Yes to all, because this is what Dr. Jessica missed big time when she went for the lazy BS 'excuse' path and put all the burden on Kristine, rather than the 'explanation' path, which requires work, analysis, and responsibility. An excuse is a legitimate reason for not doing something that was supposed to be done, and is time-limited ("I went to the ER unexpectedly and had my appendix removed, and that's why I missed work yesterday and will be out for the next few days."). An explanation helps provide context for something not done, but doesn't remove the responsibility ("I stayed up too late last night, so that's why my test today wasn't very good.") and it can also be for something that is time-fluid. The thing with Keith is absolutely not an excuse; instead, it has both the explanation characteristics because it provides context for why he feels the way he does about cooking/cleaning, but it doesn't remove the responsibility for him to share, and it is time-fluid because he will always have that formative experience with him as part of who he is. What Dr. Jessica should have been teaching them, is how to work with the situation, given the explanation about Keith. He doesn't know how to cook and wants Kristine to fix three meals a day for him? OK, let's look at each of the three meals and figure out what steps can be taken to move Keith from being mired down to stepping up. He complains about how many dirty dishes are involved for so little food? OK, let's walk through a few simple meals, so that he can see that even with cooking something simple, multiple pots/pans/utensils could be involved, and at any rate, the cleaning time still doesn't approach the prep/cooking time. He feels that being cooking for shows love? OK, let's look at other ways that he feels love from a partner not a parent, and also how Kristine feels love. To paraphrase that old parable, Dr. Jessica could have taught this couple how to fish together, and instead, she gave Keith a fish and let Kristine starve.
  8. LuvMyShows

    S23.E07: Week 7

    Be careful what you wish for! She showed her true colors in her exit interview when she made very clear that the husband she is looking for will treat her like the princess she thinks she is, 24x7. By her own admission, she has a beast inside (or whatever), and I don't think she only means sexually. When her husband inevitably falls short, look out! This is where I think there had to be producer influence. More than one of these warnings have been delivered when the girl was leaving, and he could easily have (and would normally have IRL) said, "Who are you talking about?"
  9. LuvMyShows

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    Yes, and here's something else weird. Janelle was on Chia Head's left, and when she put her arm around him, her hand was not flat against his back like what would have been normal. Instead, her hand was sort of closed. Makes me think that there is absolutely no sexy time between the two of them. I think they sort of respect and value each other, but that's as far as it goes.
  10. LuvMyShows

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    Right. Didn't I hear Chia Head (thanks, Barbara Please!) or Robyn say that 10-12 pm is Truely's grumpy time, or something like that?
  11. LuvMyShows

    S03. E15. Security Fraud

    Aaarrgghhh...the whole Graves Act thing was written for max viewer impact, rather than verity. I don't think the judge would have allowed mention of an Act she had never heard of, or at the least she might have said something about not being familiar with it. Also, Walter's issue was forgetfulness, not making things up completely, so even though there was a reasonably similar act from the same century, his brain had not mixed that up with a made-up Act description and date. And finally, when Bull asked him how he knew about the Graves Act, he was apparently lucid when he gave his answer, as opposed to how he was when he was actually in court talking about the Graves Act...so he would have registered some concern on his face that Bull was asking him about something (Graves Act of 1812) that he didn't recall saying. Maybe if this were some kind of high-budget, artsy HBO mini-series...but nah, I think that the writers think about viewer/ah-ha/twist impact (see above), and then forget about internal logic. But it's worse than that, and better than that. The worse than part, is that as they presented it, Walter came up with his whole theory about the FBI guy and Bull never even asked any of the details, but simply agreed to let Walter present it in court anyway...even though he had concerns about Walter's mental state and had just had an episode where Walter made something up! And magically Walter had the cell tower ping info, which he certainly wouldn't have been able to pull on his own, which means someone on Bull's team had to get it for him, but yet Bull didn't know about any of the details? Yeah, right. So now to the better than part...in the bizarro-world where we're supposed to believe the behind-the-scenes machinations that led to Walter having the cell tower pings, I don't think there would have been time yet to get the ballistics report. So that's one part I can write-off, but not all the rest.
  12. LuvMyShows

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    I could not get past the concept of him spending their ever-dwindling money on the presentation boards and the handout packets. He developed the words, so he could have just used a poster and Sharpie, which it appears was done anyway on the last one, and then stapled his own paper copies rather than having them bound. And they said it didn't even go into any specifics about locations (cost of moving, square foot costs in other locations, schools, housing market specifics in other locations, etc.)...it was just general convincing, which makes it even more of a waste of money. IIRC, Caleb was having some fairly serious health issues.
  13. LuvMyShows

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    Hannah is a divorced woman who is on her own and confidently doing what she wants. It is bizarre, sad, weirdly discordant, and at the same time totally understandable why they said they want to be her when they grow up. Am I the only one who thought I heard Christine later say the position was "treasurer"? I was gobsmacked when they were rifling off all the times they had moved prior to when the show even started. In all seriousness, it wasn't leadership, it was sickness. He didn't need to uproot his already contentious marriage situation back then. So either they've been doing the interest-only mortgage thing for decades, or it is just a genuine sickness on Cody's part. And if they have been doing the interest-only thing that long, then it's time for them to consider that there are other costs besides financial.
  14. LuvMyShows

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    And even moreso, because it's not just that Kody has been talking to Robyn about it for a year...it's that apparently Kody wanted to do the move a year earlier and she put her foot down and said no, and he went along with that. But it didn't matter at all that the other 3 wives combined don't want to move now. Some of the hats on Meri tried on remind me of the truly awful hats that Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice keep wearing. Yeah. So when the wives were away, what did Koodoofus plan to do with his time? Get things done, NOT spend time with his kids. It was even better how Janelle said it, something like, "If someone asked me if they should live plural marriage, I would say yes. Sure, the first 5, 10, maybe 20 years might not be that great." Seriously, WTAF.
  15. LuvMyShows

    S07.E07: Brandon's Story

    All his nurses have seemed personality-less, or worse. Which contrasts with Dr. Proctor's nurse on the most recent Family By the Ton episode; she was shown really interacting with the patients.