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  1. LuvMyShows

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    As I said earlier upthread, I think he looked so in love on the day of the wedding, because he knew what kind of loving he'd be finally getting in a few more hours! Yes to the great MIL, but potentially a disaster grandma that takes the "fun-filled" too far into disrespectful of the parents' wishes. Great wording! I think that Hannah's personality is very wrapped up in how she portrays herself. This may sound odd, but I think that she has been complimented on certain aspects of herself, and has really gone with that. It reminds me of what I have encountered in two different gym locker rooms, which is women singing in the shower, very loudly, and sort of opera-ish songs. I think that once or twice someone complimented them on their voice when they were doing that, and so now they genuinely think that other people are captivated and enthralled by it. That's what I think about Hannah. I think she knows darn well that her dress, and her CFM heels, were inappropriate. But she knew that she would be walking down the aisle, and for that brief instance would have all eyes on her. And since she's a pretty good dancer, she knew that all eyes would be on her then as well. So she wanted to dress in a way that shows what people have complimented her on before, almost as though it was something she did for other people because in her view they will all be captivated/enthralled by it. Sure, but you also have to pay attention to what people choose to say. IIRC the other 3 SWs had positive things to say about Hannah's life, from what they'd seen. Robyn had seen nothing to indicate that Hannah was lonely, but she chose to go there, out loud. I think that for Robyn's demographic, she wants to be perceived as the cool, fun one, and clearly she could not 'compete' with Hannah. So instead, she found a way to knock down the perception of Hannah in the SW's eyes.
  2. LuvMyShows

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story

    That was the most joy I remember being expressed since the twins Brandi and Kandi! I wanted to know more about how his father lost the weight. Yes, the talk needed to be had, but no props to Lola because based on what Aaron said, she obviously did not prepare him AT ALL for what to expect in terms of possible results and how to handle it. And given the potential landmines and explosiveness that could arise from such conversations, lots of careful planning about how to handle the whole thing, and reactions, and resulting feelings, would seem to be a must beforehand. It doesn't seem like she's done that in any of the cases we've seen. Yes, I found that very odd and ill-advised.
  3. LuvMyShows

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    THIS 1000 times! I wish that the Whit's SM sycophants could understand that THIS is why we hate her. It's not because she's fat, anymore than it's because she's female, brunette, taxpayer, homeowner, or pet owner (I won't say dancer because, well, I just can't). We hate her because of the CHOICES she makes about what she says and does, as well as its impact on others.
  4. LuvMyShows

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    LOL!!! Ab-so-freaking-lutely, guar-an-teed. And yes, also, to her talk being at least 30 minutes. This was the rare dance class where it's appropriate that all she did was stay in place, shake, and wave her hands, like she usually does. Disgusting. Begrudgingly, yes, I have to agree that she has a way of energizing certain people and providing something they need. So, so, so busy...and yet she didn't even finish the choreography until just before the event! I was genuinely appalled at how she had no idea how to teach them. And even after she told herself beforehand that she needed to explain movements to people who might not be able to see, she still didn't do it. But really, using words to describe the motions is something she should have been doing in her regular class as well. Love the opening little theme song of that skit. I described it to my husband, who's never even seen it, and yet it's now become something that we reference sometimes when we talk about low expectations of something.
  5. LuvMyShows

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    Hysterical description! And luv me some Oliver Twist references...I was in Oliver! in high school...good times, good times. The problem is that by not speaking up about it at the time (e.g, disagreeing up front with the request to keep a secret) and by not standing up for her right to discuss their business with other people (they are, after all, on a show that is being filmed), she is giving tacit agreement with his way of doing things. Since it looks like Humble Opinion is out for now, can someone else do a recap? She also was talking with one of the girls, and was speculating about whether he'd do better once the cameras were gone, and the stress was gone, and I thought to myself, "Honey, if it isn't the stress of the cameras, it will be the stress of the shower caddy, or from you going away and he has to eat BY HIMSELF for one meal, or from you trying to make a suggestion while he's driving." And that's because the stress is not just genuinely in the situation itself (like the cameras), but in AJ's thought processing.
  6. LuvMyShows

    S03. E17. Parental Guidance

    One thing I'll say is that I did not see that ending coming, so good for the writers, I guess. That being said, yeah, Bull not asking about when the boy went to church was so lazy. But more than that, uh, what was the entire defense strategy built around? Admitting the boy did what he was accused of, but providing an explanation. Hmmm...sound familiar? As in, the exact thing they slammed Chunk for planning to do in the last episode and demanded that he find another defense strategy!!! Also, unless everyone else in the world is hard-hearted and callous, and single-mindedly black and white thinkers, I thought it would have been a no-brainer that the jury would feel sympathy for this kid's situation, like I did, but they were approaching it from the exact opposite perspective. Also, doesn't an attempted suicide mean that another mental-health evaluation would have been in play? And finally, I thought there was something that gets evaluated about a defendant, not just about knowing right from wrong, but also something about their intelligence. I know that the kid possesses some kind of 'smarts', but in terms of an IQ test, he would flunk it big-time, and I thought that would have been relevant in some sort of legal capacity.
  7. LuvMyShows


    Even from the opening pitch, the "problem" they were solving was that the kids can't take the sticker chart with them outside. Why in the name of all that is holy, should they? As if getting praised/rewarded by your parents for what you should be doing anyway wasn't enough, now you need to be praised/rewarded by peers and their parents as well?!?! AYFKM??? And make no mistake, it's also for the parents to show off to the other parents how encouraging and supportive they are of their children, and how fantastic a job they have done of raising them. At least in their minds that's the reaction others would have. The reality is far more likely to be what we've seen here, with words like 'overindulgent' coming to mind for the parents, and 'coddled' and 'attention grabbers' for the kids.
  8. LuvMyShows


    For some reason, on the part of the presenter, his sentimentality seemed very fake and contrived. Maybe I'm just more gullible with all the other people who get weepy, but usually they have a backstory that makes their tears understandable and I believe it. That portion of this guy's backstory could have been edited out, but from what we heard, I didn't get it And it didn't help that it looked like he wasn't actually crying, but was only altering his voice to match what it would have done if he had been crying. I am too! I usually loooove the smack-down that Cuban gives these smarmy self-important hucksters. This guy fit right in with that, so I was disappointed.
  9. LuvMyShows

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    Thank you!!
  10. LuvMyShows

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    Would someone please take one for the team, and provide the names, in order, of all the people in the family pic? If I noted it correctly, it occurs at 1:32.54 on the TLC replay video. I'm sure many of us would really appreciate it!
  11. LuvMyShows

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    Not only was the dress awful in terms of fit, but the slit and decolletage screamed "look at me", when the dress focus should have been on Aspyn. I don't think the dress would have been appropriate at a wedding for any size/age woman. And don't forget her red CFM heels. It was so totally inappropriately glorious in its Kody-ishness. Also at the reception, if I heard correctly, he said, "I'm sorry to say that we are sharing with you the wedding of the year." Huh? But apparently Aspyn has the same problem, because in talking about the drive to the wedding, she said something like, "I was excited in the car, but now I'm delegating a little bit"....I really tried, but I could not figure out what she was trying to convey. Amen to this. Every 'fancy' dress I have ever seen them wear is so insanely unflattering, and for some reason, Christine's are the most disastrous, aging her at least 15 years in their frumpiness. Yep. Just look at their interview on the couch, as Aspyn's hand was on his leg, but his arm/hand were on the back of the couch behind her. The only time I saw him do anything that showed close to her level of ardor/intent, was immediately after they were pronounced husband and wife, and his kisses looked more intense...but I am certain that it's because he was anticipating what would be happening in a few hours! This was, and continues to be, so confusing to me. Edgy to me would be very geometric or something, or abstract. Nothing about Meri's wardrobe, house, hairstyle, or career choice are anywhere's near edgy. Her behavior, while certainly affected by nervousness somewhat, struck me as so very, very immature in how she was speaking about Mitch. It sounded like a schoolgirl with a crush on a boy who she was thrilled to have notice her. That does not seem like a good foundation for a marriage.
  12. LuvMyShows

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    What's so funny to me, is that she made a point of saying something about how they intentionally got them on the appropriate legs so that when they stand beside each other, they match (or something like that). So I expected to see something where the tattoo sort of ended on one person's leg and started on the other, to make a complete picture when they stood beside each other. But when they did stand beside each other to show it off, there was nothing matching/complementary or anything like that...just two (stupid) similar-looking tattoos.
  13. LuvMyShows

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    Yes, but "taking" Jeanne to see them is not the same as Barbara actually doing what they said, which is my suspicion of what happened.
  14. LuvMyShows


    Thank you! I so much hate it when such false causality implications go unchallenged by the Sharks.
  15. LuvMyShows

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    OMG that would be the greatest thing ever! There is so much behind-the-scenes dirt (no pun intended) that they could dish about everything -- houses, transport, REAL eating habits, Dr. Now's office, Dr. Now himself...could be TLC's next big hit!!! Answer to the bolded question is easy...did you see their house and how they live? If they can't pick up after their dogs, and wipe their butts, and keep a certain level of cleanliness -- which are all normal life skills and not punitive -- why on earth would they do something that is so "extra" and in their view, unnecessary and punitive, as weighing their food? Plus I believe that they genuinely have no idea about food contents, and no brief diet overview is going to get them to truly understand the food info that they need to internalize in order to be successful. That is like only problem #3 or 4 in severity for the lifestyle that they are living currently. This. Of all the poundticipants we have seen, Jeanne seemed the most removed-from-reality in terms of actually being at a manic level about NEEDING the surgery because she saw it as a fix-all. I agree. We've come to associate squalor/filth with what we see in hoarders, but they are two different aspects that happen to go together with hoarders, but don't have to be linked that way. I noticed, and wondered about that, too. The part about the whining for Whoppers and sheet cake really made the point clear, and got me to wondering something...do these people think that everyone eats that much so they should be able to as well, and that's why they are sad/resentful/unwilling and think it's unfair, because now they are unable to? Or do they think that other people don't eat that much, but they should be able to, because of whatever unfairness life has thrown at them? Likewise, with the flip side, do they see people of more desirable weight, and not recognize that those people also work hard at it? It's not just them who are being asked to work hard...it's everyone who wants to be healthy and of a healthy weight. And for the love of all that is holy, how on earth, in this day and age, could anyone think that surgery will magically fix it or that it's easy? As someone said elsewhere in this thread, it's like they think that they just have to get to Dr. Now's office, and then he takes over for responsibility. I truly don't understand. Did someone they know have surgery, and then get to keep eating as much as they wanted? Doubtful. They certainly didn't watch M600PL and come away thinking they'll be able to eat whatever they want or that it's easy. And I've never seen an article that implies it. So where do they get that notion from, especially given that it's actually counter to whatever they would see/read/encounter? I guess it's just the power of mind over matter, but in this case, gone disastrously wrong. I noticed this and it really made me curious. From what we saw at the start of the show, pretty much all the patients are as delusional and lying as Jeanne was. But he doesn't light into them like he did to her. So it makes me think there was more that we didn't see, to explain how angry he got.