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  1. Sasha888

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    So King Kody declares that this will be their last visit to Dr. Camp, and that Ysabel absolutely will not have surgery. He just states that like no one else is involved or can have an opinion. If I were Christine, I would continue to make appointments for my child, and I would not tell Kody about them, because he's being totally unreasonable. Taking her in for x-rays to monitor the situation is not "consenting" to surgery, so he wouldn't have that to hold over her head. He decrees what is to be done, as if Christine and Ysabel have no right to even speak on the matter. Ysabel is not four years old. She is old enough to talk things over with her parents. You can't talk things over with someone who says "Here's what we're going to do - PERIOD." I can't believe he doesn't see that Christine and Ysabel have a right to an opinion. This seemed extreme to me, even for Kody. I always expect him to be an asshat, I just didn't expect him to be THIS big of an asshat. Christine says some things I don't agree with (like implying that if the curve worsens, Ysabel just isn't working hard enough on her exercises) and some things I do agree with (like understanding that this affects Ysabel's self-esteem). But will she act on it? Will she do what's best for her child, and defy the "Emperor"? I hope so. If Christine totally went against Kody's "laws" that he's thrown down, behind his back, I wouldn't blame her one bit. That's what he deserves, for being an unreasonable jackass.
  2. Sasha888

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    I don't think a cash bar is a huge faux pas. Most of the weddings I've been to have not provided free drinks all night to all guests. Some have had the drinks free to guests for a certain time period (first hour of the reception or whatever) and after that it switches to cash bar. Almost none of my relatives could have ever afforded to have a wedding reception at all if "no cash bars" were a rule. I am not offended at all if I'm invited to a wedding reception and there's a cash bar. It's common with most people I know. Punch and coffee are provided for free, if you want an alcoholic beverage you pay for it yourself. I'd be a lot more offended by the fact that some people got a full meal and I got finger food.
  3. Sasha888

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Good Lord Meri. Even worse than I remembered! Meri cannot do her hair, her make up, or dress herself. She is so hopeless...and people buy clothing from this woman. For pete's sake, Christine looks like she was transported there from another time period, and yet she still looks borderline sane because she's standing by Meri!
  4. Sasha888

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    I was going to say, what the heck are those things, and then I thought could that be a craft item? But then I remembered Janelle is not crafty. So what in the world is she doing with them? Another thing I thought it might be is cat toys, I had a cat that used to love pom pom balls, but I sure as hell picked them all up before a small child came to my house! I definitely realized it was going directly into their mouth. Janelle is so weird. Grandparents in my family have always had toys around for the grandkids. Not tons of stuff taking up your whole living room, but a few things. That was half the fun...it was a toy that was different from what you played with at home.
  5. Sasha888

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Apparently it's so fabulous she has to bawl on camera every week...I haven't been keeping up with it this year, just checking the forum. She & Janelle have a lot in common. Two miserably unhappy people eating themselves into oblivion...the difference is Janelle internalizes it, and Twitney is either braying her loud donkey laugh or crying. They both need meds, in my opinion.
  6. Sasha888


    Look at the hideous crap in the background! #shipissinkingdumbass #youcantspellforshit #youcantdressyourselfeither
  7. Sasha888

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Janelle pretty much has to say "forget the scale" because we can all see what her scale is reading...up up up. So being obese is healthy now? Head over to Whitney Thore's bullshit show, Janelle, you'll fit right in.
  8. Sasha888

    Season 10 Episode Recaps and Recap Schedule

    I'd love to read it @laurakaye, I think you should! You are hilarious!
  9. Apparently...maybe she feels the need to include this because most of the time, she's a lying piece of garbage. Most liars I know say things like "and I'm being totally honest with you here...". Those of us who aren't liars generally don't feel the need to include such phrases, because we're telling the truth ALL of the time. The only time I use phrases like "let's be honest" are when I'm about to give someone my unvarnished, harsh opinion! Like "Let's be honest, this is an ESA faking, self-centered spoiled brat. And I don't give a shit about her supposedly deep thoughts." :-)
  10. Sasha888

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I see even way back in the old long-sleeve days Meri already had her perma-scowl on her face.
  11. Sasha888

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    With Meri going on and on in this episode about how she did it on her own and how she now owns Mormon Tara (not really, not til you've paid it off, Meri)...I couldn't help but think there are a lot of other things this hosebeast needs to own... Like the fact that she has some culpability in this catfish crap, and isn't just a blameless, totally innocent victim. Own that, Meri.
  12. Ditto. I have emery boards all of the place in my house including on my bedside table. As soon as I feel a snag, I reach for one. Well I'm glad to hear I'm not weird. :-) I guess "self care" doesn't extend to personal grooming for Mariah? God I'm sick of her hashtagging every little thing as self care. Between Pudge and Janelle, I've heard enough about it now, thank you very much. I think a more accurate hashtag for Pudge would be #Icareonlyaboutmyself
  13. LOL'd at this! ha ha ha I wouldn't have shown that to the world either. My brittle, crappy "thyroid" nails look better than this. And I can't stand raggedy edges, I'll get out of bed and file them if they catch on my blanket. Yes I'm weird. :-P But considering how horrible her hair looks in every pic, why would she worry about her nails? Basic grooming seems to be beyond her.
  14. Sasha888

    Christine Brown: She Wanted a Family, Not Just the Man

    I think that's the new puppy in that pic, but yes, allergies and hair were my first thoughts as well. I have my own pets to put hair on everything, I don't need clothes that come with pet hair already on them. A lot of sellers on Ebay, Etsey, etc stress "From a smoke-free, pet-free home." But this is Christine, so of course she's going to show everyone that her puppy has access to whiz on the LuLaNo rags! ;-) She is such a dingbat.
  15. Sasha888

    Season 10 Spoilers, Speculation and Social Media

    I'm too exhausted by these people to speculate how and where money is coming from....money coming IN, anyway. As far as money going OUT, they're masters at it. You'd be surprised how much you can borrow if you don't mind shady, fly-by-night companies loaning you money, ridiculous interest rates, double or triple mortgaging yourself up to your eyeballs...and any one of these idiots would be more than happy to do ALL of that. They never intend to pay it off anyway. The plan is "borrow as much as humanly possible, then default on all of it." Bankruptcies must be carefully planned, of course...there are some restrictions on loans if you have a recent bankruptcy. But with plenty of adults to declare bankruptcy at different times, they manage. I think future bankruptcy planning is the reason for the odd way they bought the properties in Flagstaff. IIRC there are sometimes 3 of them on single home or lot in Flag...why have, just as an example (I don't recall who was on what), Meri, Kody, & Christine all on one property? Bankruptcy planning...that's my guess. And they will NEVER actually own anything. Meri was all puffed up and proclaiming that she now owned Mormon Tara. Technically, yes Meri, you aren't renting it...but in reality, where most of us live, we realize we don't own something until we've paid for it. Banks can take things away when there's a loan against it. Dipshits. The "flight from Vegas" BS is to avoid some sort of balloon payment, IMO. The longer those houses sit on the market, the closer they are getting to having to actually make those 4 big payments.