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  1. No kidding. I wish they'd make a Hallmark Christmas channel to spare the rest of us that nonsense.
  2. rainsmom

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I don't think necessarily did. The autopsy said that the high blood sugar was part of hyperosmolarity, a risk factor for which is extreme dieting.
  3. rainsmom

    Season 5 Discussion

    They said it in the first episode of THIS season. It was a complete after-thought to cover their asses after their sloppy plotting. Of course it was STILL sloppy, because they just skipped over the couple of months that pass between sale and close where Grace and Frankie absolutely could have changed their minds.
  4. rainsmom

    Season 5 Discussion

    That video was cut to show that. The full video -- which was released -- showed from different angles, and it was not like that at all. It takes time and effort to train animals for TV and movies -- and it's all fun, treat-based, positive methods. Animals who are stressed don't work. The animals are in good hands with people who worship the ground they walk on.
  5. rainsmom

    Season 5 Discussion

    They generally live with their trainer (who is usually their owner) and are much loved and spoiled. :-)
  6. rainsmom

    Season 5 Discussion

    Episode 11 (and further) question:
  7. rainsmom

    Season 5 Discussion

    Sigh. Has anyone on this show -- or who writes for this show -- ever bought or sold a house? The house just sold... it didn't just CLOSE. Even with a cash deal it doesn't close IMMEDIATELY. The house is theirs for 30-90 days.
  8. rainsmom

    S01.E12: #TeamLucifer

    I don't know anything about the Illuminati, but the symbol for Satanism is a downward pentagram, and if I remember correctly, the show got it wrong. (Shocking.)
  9. rainsmom

    Crikey! It's The Irwins

    Anyone else wondering how to become a koala carer? Why didn't my guidance counselor ever tell me about that job?
  10. rainsmom

    S02.E13: A Good Day to Die

    Just rewatched this episode. It makes me laugh -- and cry. This is my favorite episode out of all three seasons.
  11. rainsmom

    Season 15 Discussion

    I'm glad I don't listen to country music, because I never want to hear that yodeling again. I make my dog come inside when he does that shit.
  12. rainsmom

    Season 15 Discussion

    That's not really her focus. She has spent the last several years focusing on Broadway and movies, not to mention her production company. She has an Oscar and two Grammys, and I'd say it's a pretty good bet that she'll be adding a Tony or two along the way.
  13. rainsmom

    Elementary in the Media

    I'm concerned by what they said about a future time when Holmes and Watson were apart. They struck such a perfect note with season 6. I'm afraid that season 7 might have been one too many.
  14. rainsmom

    Crikey! It's The Irwins

    It was a mite dusty in here when that giraffe was coming into the world. There's so much love for the animals at that zoo. I don't think a bit of it is put on for the camera. I agree with the comment above about feeling Steve's loss anew with every episode. His legacy is thriving, but it was such a huge loss to the world.
  15. rainsmom

    Crikey! It's The Irwins

    Actually, that gun may have been to protect them from poachers. A friend of mine was ambushed by a landmine that blew up his jeep, and then his party was attacked by poachers with automatic weapons. He woke up from his coma three weeks later -- lucky to have survived! Poachers are way more dangerous than the animals.