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  1. The rule isn't "to protect the women from being sexually assaulted by restricting their, the potential victim's behavior, while putting zero restriction on the potential perpetrators of the harassment." It's there so people like Jerry Jones and the "football player who thinks he is entitled to any woman" can't say "Holly must go out with this football player to keep her job" AND to avoid the appearance/rumour that that is what is happening. It is much the same as the "no dating your colleagues" rule in many workplaces. Is it perfect, no? But it is what they were able to come up as a way to protect the women from potentially being forced into a relationship they didn't want (as archaic as that may be, it is still very much going on in today's world). As far as stopping consensual relationships, it may stop some, but as we have seen, it certainly doesn't stop all. And I think there's a lot more than we see/know about. As long as they keep it quiet (a la Paige) no one really seems to care. It's when they start showing up in bars (especially under age) with players, etc. & it becomes public & gossip/rumours start flying that there's a problem. And, just to play devil's advocate, we only know that Jenna & Holly were reprimanded (neither were fired, Holly officially "resigned" (may have been strongly suggested she do so) & Jenna's "demotion" from point came later) because of the show/insiders here, but the players could also have been reprimanded (probably would have been a fine they couldn't have cared less about, but there's no way they're going to be docked a game or fired over a consensual relationship with a cheerleader because that affects the Cowboy's bottom line).
  2. The rule isn't in place to protect inexperienced girls from pro athletes, it's to protect all of the women from being pimped out (&, in a small way, to protect the Cowboys organization from such sexual harassment claims). The reasoning was, "if they aren't allowed to date a player, they can't be forced into a relationship with a player they don't want." Is it perfect, no? But it's something they came up with in an effort to protect the women from pimping out/sexual harassment (& the organization being hit with such claims). The only reason punishment comes into the mix is because they have to enforce the rule somehow. In an ideal world, the rule wouldn't have to exist. In a slightly less ideal world, both parties would be held equally accountable. In reality, the low (wo)man on the totem pole gets the crappy end of the deal.
  3. Players will never be punished for dating a cheerleader because they are the much more valuable commodity. It's much easier to replace a cheerleader than a highly skilled player with a big bucks contract (not saying the cheerleaders aren't highly skilled, but it is football not cheerleading). It's only been in recent years that they have started holding them accountable for illegal activities. No way they're going to punish them for something as small (& legal) as dating a cheerleader. Much easier to get rid of the cheerleader.
  4. No, because you're not putting DCC in 2nd place, you're furthering your training, gaining experience, & polishing yourself so you're a much better DCC. Everything you do is to become a better DCC. 😉
  5. Trying out for SYTYCD would only matter if you made it to the next round and tried out for DCC anyway knowing there would be a conflict (similar to the sisters knowing their pageant obligations would conflict with DCC but tried out anyway), or if the auditions were at the same time. Otherwise, it's none of their business what you tried out for prior to the DCC auditions. Obvious (and perfectly acceptable) answer: If you had made it to the next round in SYTYCD, you would have waited and tried out for the DCC another year.
  6. I could see them MAYBE taking her for the first round based on looks and possibly personality (depending on how she came across at first audition) knowing that she wouldn't make it any farther IF they take a variety (not based on dance alone or only the "best of the best") for the first round.
  7. I think one of the worst ones I've seen yet is the lady who named her daughter Abcde (pronounced Ab-suh-dee) & then got all upset when an airline worker commented on it to another airline worker within hearing of the kid (& later put it on social media). Yea, the airline worker shouldn't have done either thing, but what do you expect? The poor kid has no chance.
  8. That's my reaction, too. It is traditionally a boy's name but, then again, so was Ashley once upon a time. At least it's not one of those weird made up names and/or spelling people are so fond of these days.
  9. I don't think they know right away. I looked at the website and it sounds like you might get a "no" right away (not sure, though), but they maybe wait until the end (after all auditions) to decide who actually goes to Los Angeles: "Should you move forward from the “Producer Round” you will need to be available to travel to Los Angeles for an in-person audition for the “Judges” - date to be determined. Flight and accommodations will be provided and covered by Production. PLEASE NOTE: Moving forward from the “Producer Round” DOES NOT guarantee an audition for the “Judges.” Production will contact you, should we require you to come to Los Angeles."
  10. I don't know. She keeps telling people on her IG (in the comments) that she is trying out for DCC this year. Does anyone know how far ahead she would have known that SYTYCD was coming to Dallas? Wondering if this was something that just came up or if she's had it in her sights for awhile & just keeping mum about it.
  11. That's how I felt about the lawsuit, too. Do they need better pay, compensation, etc? Yes. BUT they all go into this knowing that it is a PART-TIME gig with stringent requirements and little pay/compensation acting like it will be the end of the world if/when they don't make the team and most do it for multiple years (year one you can say there was some ignorance going in, but not years 2 to whatever). But then to file a lawsuit only AFTER you get fired for blatantly breaking the rules just smells rotten to me. Maybe she was vocal about things all along, but she seemed more than willing to go along with it until they showed her the door. If you feel like things are that bad, why keep doing for so many years?
  12. Did Nadia have questionable pics during the show or did she go down that rabbit hole after not making it? There was also Cami the cheerleader (talked about upthread). It seems to me there have been a few others mentioned in passing at the beginning of the MTT seasons & then just faded away (like they didn't make it pass the first round).
  13. They wanted her because she worked in football (college recruiting office) & (from what we were shown) knows football. To them, she wasn't just another pretty face, but someone who actually knew something about the game and seemed invested in it. Without the football connection keeping her there, she probably would have been one of the first ones cut.
  14. I don't know who does it. There really wasn't a problem -- a few just thought Kashara was over-shadowing Lacey with all of the re-tweets. I don't think the DCC had anything else really going on except a birthday or two.
  15. There probably wasn't much of a choice since many colleges weren't co-ed to begin with. A quick Google search showed most of the Ivy League schools not going co-ed until the 1960's (and Columbia not until 1983 😨). They could have used sister schools, but it was probably easier to just do it themselves (and maybe an "improper" or "unseemly" thing for women to do once upon a time). Oh, how times have changed.