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  1. Claire85

    Will & Grace

    I agree, @chitowngirl, I would have very much enjoyed seeing Karen rip a couple strips off Martin. Maybe Jack joining in as well. Would have been a better use of their time in this episode then Gaybraham Twinkin’.
  2. Claire85

    Bar Rescue

    He named it Madame Dalia’s. With a big red D. 😂
  3. Claire85


    Can goats catch human STDs?
  4. Claire85


    Hanta virus?!? JFC. Burn it all down.
  5. Claire85


    Yes, Farrah, I’m sure National Book Award winning author Joan Didion is devastated by your review of a book published 51 years ago.
  6. Claire85

    Untreatable: Unpopular Opinions

    Carter had one meeting with DeRaad that we saw, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a therapy session. Carter referred to “the accident” and DeRaad commented that it was a brutal attack. And that was it. I would also have liked to see Carter dealing with his trauma in therapy.
  7. Claire85

    Untreatable: Unpopular Opinions

    If I were Carter I may or may not have used my family’s extensive wealth and influence to make sure Sobricki never saw the light of day again. But I’m vengeful that way.
  8. Claire85

    Untreatable: Unpopular Opinions

    And did anyone else think Sobricki had a bit of an attitude when he saw Carter? “Oh, its you.” And he just wanted to explain how he was better now and Carter should understand he (Paul) has a disease, etc. Just apologize and shut up, Paul.
  9. Claire85

    Untreatable: Unpopular Opinions

    What was also unbelievable to me was that Carter was not notified when Sobricki was released. Of course then there would be no dramatic moment.
  10. My hometown baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies, does spring training in Clearwater, and now I am sort of suspicious as to why. 🤔 https://www.mlb.com/phillies/spring-training
  11. Claire85

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    I felt so bad for Cloudy, the white cat. If the other cat attacks him, then they should be separated and possibly one of them rehomed.
  12. Claire85

    Kids Baking Championship

    “Science, Jaxon. Science.” 🤣
  13. Claire85

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    So much this. I hated Kerry for just that reason. I liked her during “All in the Family,” and that was about it.
  14. Claire85

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    I think Bleu’s owner might be the same girl who owned a bull like that and brought him in for Dr. Pol to put in a nose ring a few years ago. Eeyore?
  15. Claire85


    As soon as she said “homeopathic” I knew how that would end.