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  1. Justaguess

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    Koodie and his “Leadershit” program. He has no valid reason to up and move (unless they really are defaulting on the house loans). I think most of his drama is for the cameras. Sure wish the ladies would put their foot down and tell him the way it’s gonna be!! 🤪
  2. Justaguess

    S01.E13: Twelve Seconds

    Not to mention the envelope was ripped open already 😳. I am halfway enjoying the show but I don’t see how they can run this multiple seasons without having to rehash most of it over and over.
  3. Justaguess

    Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    My heart is not strong enough to watch this segment anymore. The ass didn’t even have a bottle with him and came back with a screaming hungry baby...and he wants to take care of this baby full time? I hate TLC 🥴
  4. Justaguess

    Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    Steven is a time bomb in my opinion. He scares the crap out of me. I hope that when he leaves to come back to the USA she moves and leaves no forwarding address.
  5. Justaguess

    S02.E12: Tell-All

    Sitty fide, Florida slang ??
  6. The live host sucks. She is hostile and antagonistic and on a power trip. MEAN SPIRITED!!
  7. I think we got shorted cause we did not get to see the explanation the doctors give to the wife of the man that died when the can exploded ?. I was looking forward to that.
  8. Justaguess

    S02.E06: Trust a Try

    What did big bird do to deserve this?????? ??
  9. Justaguess

    S02.E04: Family Ties

    I will remember this always .....always!! ??
  10. I just watched episode 2 today. I felt so bad for Darcey. She needs to grow a spine and constructively stand up to Jesse. Running off in a hissy is not working. As I watched them at dinner the night he arrived it is evident that he does not like her very much. The expressions on his face said it all. Personally I think he is a bully. Come on Darcey, if you read these forums you can do better.
  11. She is claiming her 5 minutes of fame. I think she is an attention whore and a sad, miserable person
  12. Justaguess

    S02.E01: And So It Begins

    He is so grounded when he gets back ??
  13. Justaguess

    S03.E10: No Turning Back

    I have never seen her before. I was NOT impressed at all. And who’s idea was it to get Daniel on there????? ??
  14. Did anyone get a chuckle about Danielle giving Nicole advice?
  15. I turned off the show at this point. This is not reality tv, it is manipulation tv and it is just this side of sadistic. Why would anyone want to partake in it??