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  1. ebk57

    S44.E13: Don Cheadle / Gary Clark Jr.

    Cold open sounded exactly like the batshit press conference...but I laughed anyway. I love Don Cheadle. I loved whatever it was he was wearing during the monologue (which was pretty good), and what he was wearing at the end. I loved Doin' it Doggie Style. I loved the roach skit at the end. And the cake skit. Everything (except parts of Update) was really funny - and really dark. Which I love. And have I mentioned that I loooooove Gary Clark Jr? Because I do... Overall, a damn good show tonight.
  2. ebk57

    S44.E13: Don Cheadle / Gary Clark Jr.

    I'm (finally!) seeing Gary Clark Jr in concert at the end of March and I cannot wait!!!
  3. And... we didn't go to city hall. We went to the Massachusetts State Capitol - a bit more impressive than city hall. Nothing against city hall...
  4. Okay - back from Austin, and while I was there, I tried to make a list of the stuff I did last time I was in Boston (2013): We also stayed at the Sheraton on Dalton! So I did a bunch of strolling along Newberry Street. Had lunch at La Voile (261 Newberry), a cute French Bistro with good food and lovely wine. Also had lunch at Trident Books Cafe (338 Newberry) and enjoyed that - plus it's a bookstore! There's a beautiful church at 67 Newberry - Church of the Covenant, that's open to walk through during the day. Got some great photos. Did a tour of Fenway (and a game), went to MFA (they had a great costume/fashion exhibit at the time) and took a walking tour of the North End (sorry, don't remember which company, but it was inexpensive and very interesting). I also saw Robert Plant at the outdoor concert venue, but that was time-specific 🙂 I walked through Cambridge one day looking for a restaurant that was closed. And, I walked around the theatre district since this trip was for a stagehands convention and figured I'd see how the neighborhood was looking after not having been there for a long time. It's still the same. I've been to Boston a bunch of times before. The Freedom Trail is great if the weather is good. Toured city hall. There's always the JFK Library. And have I mentioned the Saux? I just wish I'd been better about keeping a record of places we went for dinner. If I think of some, I'll post. Have fun - I like Boston a lot!
  5. ebk57

    NFL Thread

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Sigh.... It was a rough day at work - thanks for the laugh.
  6. I'd kinda forgotten it, too, but it's being used in some commercial lately. A lot. Really a lot. And I enjoy the song, but have no recollection of what the commercial is for. So take that, Madison Avenue!
  7. I'll be here! Thanks for a lovely evening everyone!!
  8. Absolutely fantastic!!
  9. Just making sure he keeps it off before investing in new clothes... or something.
  10. Dua Lipa and St Vincent (yeah, I had to ask someone, even though I know who both of them are, but not well enough to place them)
  11. Fantasia and Andra Day - still coming up. Love Andra! Oh - wine bottle empty...
  12. I have to look away from the TV when it comes on...which is way too often. Show goes till 11:30 - although I still think that will be pushing it. I may need more wine..
  13. Brandi Carlisle is the real deal.
  14. I think she's doing two shows in Vegas, one more subdued (for lack of a better word in my small word arsenal) and one more flashy. So you can pick the Gaga you're looking for.
  15. I think she did fine without Bradley. I really admire her and (mostly) enjoy her.