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  1. That's a tad harsh given that it's Tamra and Eddie's livlihood outside the show. Probably true, though.
  2. Someone posted a while ago a social media post from the son talking about what a wonderful person his father is. I have no doubt that the Count has been very good with the kids throughout. What is sketchy for me is what Lu got in the divorce and the fact that the Count scampered off to be with a younger woman leaving Luanne hanging. Seems she wouldn't have such money problems if she fared better in the divorce. The dad could be a great dad but less so of a husband. The kids might only see the dad part - not the husband/wife part. I'm really curious about what she Luann got and why she struggles financially. I'd also like to know more about their marriage and what made the Count leave. Maybe Lu wasn't a stellar wife, maybe she was. Maybe he just lost interest over the years.
  3. Jextella

    Mexican Dynasties

    I like Adan so far. He DOES need to get a job and pull his own weight but other than that, I have no problem with him living at home with his parents. Why not? They enjoy each other's company. And, it's quite common in many countries. It's the US that puts a premium on "self" rather than "family", IMO. I would love it if my family was close like this. When/if the time arises he wants to start his own family or become more independent, he'll go. But neither of these things are required in life. It's the getting a job/career thing that I take most issue with.
  4. Jextella

    Mexican Dynasties

    The cast is eccentric and colorful! I'm not super knowledgeable about Mexican culture. I did, however, date a Mexican for years and studied the Spanish language, history, and literature a smidge. The flavor of the show is similar to what I imagine a great big traditional Mexican fiesta would be like - lots of family, color, music, dancing, drinking, singing, flirting, and general happiness.
  5. Jextella

    Mexican Dynasties

    I'm eight years late to the Game of Thrones party. I just started binging last month and am loving the show - but I especially love the comparison of the two sets of siblings! Spot on!
  6. Jextella

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    I *just* discovered the riveting world of Game of Thrones. Apples and oranges to a large degree, but True Detective and its finale come off as a childrens' story in comparison! Bad on me to watch both in the same time frame.
  7. Teddi is an idiot. She and Erika both think they are smarter than they really are, IMO.
  8. IMO, the only person who trumps Lisa on the shade and deflection/set-ups is Kyle. Joking about Dorit being allergic to dogs in front of Rinna was a classic example (although Kyle is more subtle most of the times). Odds are good Kyle won't get lambasted for that, but it was her - not Lisa V - who brought to the surface that something bad had happened. I could go on and on about Kyle and her sister Kim in a similar way. I don't doubt Lisa made the dog story for the cameras intentionally. She takes her dogs seriously and never seemed to care for Dorit after last season and the magazine issue. Dorit may have even done something on top of that to get to Lisa. Anyway, the story was an opportunity for Lisa to kill two birds with one stone. Erica's note to Lisa V was about as personal as a note I'd write to a neighbour who I've only met a time or two. And, it was from her and her husband. Just because it was a written note means diddly. It didn't convey any emotion in general much less any emotion from Erika as a personal friend of Lisa's. I think this is what hurt Lisa most, but she didn't say it well. IMO, Lisa R doesn't like Lisa V because (and she's said it many times), if someone gets on Lisa V's bad side, it means their demise on the show. I'm guessing Lisa V targeted Lisa R early on. I do think Rinna has Vanderpump figured out in general and she's one of the first to successfully call her out on her games. I also think Kim does have dirt on Harry Hamlin. She keeps it quiet in exchange for Rinna keeping quiet about her own junk. An unspoken (or perhaps spoken), agreement. Denise Richards is like a salty sailor! Love her so far. Cross fingers she doesn't disappoint long-term.
  9. Jextella

    Mexican Dynasties

    I liked the first episode. I love the eccentric nature of the family and the vibrancy of the show and hope it is a keeper. My only beef is that it's hard to think of the vast difference in income between people like those on the show and the masses in Mexico. Poverty abounds and for just a small number to enjoy that kind of wealth is offensive (I do understand the poverty in their country is not their fault so I'm not begrudging the families personally). The USA is heading in the same direction given the decline of the middle class. I guess that is how it is all over the world though. e Pretty scary, actually.
  10. I'll reserve final judgement until the end of the series but...for now... Dorit was REALLY wrong to pass the dog on to some unknown person. She should have returned the dog to Lisa immediately. I have no pity for her. I also agree with Lisa that a note from Erica was insufficient. Maybe I'm too sensitive, but a card AND a phone call were in order. Clearly, Lisa is going through a lot - all things combined were just too much. Normally, I'm not a Lisa fan. She is very shady, but I sort of don't begrudge her for taking Dorit to task for the dog thing - and to maybe a lesser degree, the Erika thing. Erika Jane and Teddy are both snoozefests. Loving Denise Richards so far, and I've always liked Rinna, and Camille.
  11. Jextella

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    There was so much good in all 3 seasons, but also so much bad. The detective work in this season was beyond horrible, but the relationship between Roland and Hays was wonderful. For that, and a schmaltzy happy ending, I was glad.
  12. Jextella

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    Justin is from my neck of the woods. I'm going to try to hit up his restaurant. It has really great reviews.
  13. This is hysterical.
  14. Jextella

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    I'm feeling as if Roland isn't involved. It'd be way too obvious at this point. My guess is that it's tied up in these two observations somehow.
  15. The Porsha vs. Kandi thing was BAD. So bad I don't watch ATL much anymore (I can't stomach Porsha). Vicki has done her share of damage and needs to be taught a lesson, but if Porsha can stay for saying what she did, then so should Vicki. Meanwhile, I'm wondering how Gina is fairing in Andy's eyes after here DWI given that he ends each night in the clubhouse with the slogan "If you're drinking, don't drive." Rules are not consistent or consistently applied in the Bravosphere. For better or worse. At the end of the day, it's ALL about ratings. No more, no less.