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  1. tljgator

    Leaving Neverland

    Sunnybebe, I watched it on the OWN OnDemand ... it's in an odd place -- listed where the Oprah Soul Sunday things are, but titled "After Neverland" or something like that. Hope you find it, and I definitely recommend it to those who also watched the documentary -- it helped me better process some of the things in the movie (thanks, Oprah!).
  2. tljgator

    Naked And Afraid

    For real ... or try to fashion some snow shoes from found materials (they used to do that all the time on the old version of 'Dual Survival' and it always made walking easier ... it also occurs to me that the one guy on that show never wore shoes & always wore shorts, and even he put on wool socks the few times they were in really deep snow situations).
  3. tljgator

    Naked And Afraid

    I rather liked the cold episode -- for once I didn't feel itchy in sympathy with folks dropped in bug-infested surroundings, lol. It's clear, logistically, why they couldn't really do it on the regular, but I appreciated them doing something different.
  4. I'm almost positive someone on WDYTYA actually went to visit some kind of Canadian monument/memorial to these women -- just can't remember who it was (it was quite a while ago, though, I think).
  5. tljgator

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    As the Vulture recaps have done a good job of pointing out, this is actually a reference to a long disproven hoax about a pedophile (...and Satanist, cannibalistic, etc.) ring in Nebraska -- the credit union leaders were embezzling money, not selling kids. The show doesn't mention what an issue fake stories of this ilk were in their time frame, but that's not really the point of the show (even if you'd think the documentarian would know this and not toss it about, as though it were true). *shrugs*
  6. tljgator

    Windy City Rehab

    How is Donovan all that much better than her? He's not an especially good project manager from what we've seen -- he's often not around when (per others ) he should be, things are stolen from his job sites and seems to know nothing about it, things with sub-contractors are mismanaged, etc. I mean, she's fairly worthless, but he's no great shakes either, IMO. In the beginning, I was interested to see one of these shows actually set inside a big city center area -- see what unique challenges came of that, etc. Now? Just disappointment at these outcomes. Feh.
  7. I usually "watch" with my mom (we text back and forth) ... but I had to tell her that I just couldn't endure this one, as I dislike all three and had zero toleration for the first few minutes (I tried, I really did!) as those who regularly vote against immigration go on and on about their families' immigration stories. My mom said that her PBS station didn't even air it (they aired a rerun instead); she only found the new one on a cable station from another city.
  8. tljgator

    Windy City Rehab

    Actually, she did say folks from the kinds of places she goes to re-buy the stuff she could've just kept come around all the time looking for things (makes sense to me, I'm a professor and "book brokers" come around constantly looking to get publisher copies of books from our offices that they resell) ... my first thought, though, was that the dude she was talking to sold it all to one of those folks who stopped by, lol. He certainly didn't have much to say about any of it. Girl, get a storage shed with a lock or a warehouse or something (instead of throwing perfectly cool old stuff that you have to go re-buy into the dumpster) -- it's not rocket science.
  9. S. Epatha whispered "...they have names," and then the tears flowed. *sniff*
  10. tljgator

    Windy City Rehab

    I think she said it didn't "go all the way up" after she raised the ceilings. I swear, she ruins more historical architectural elements than she "saves." Feh.
  11. Yep -- I said this exact thing to my mom a few minutes in, lol. Found this ep a little on the boring side, especially by comparison to several others this season -- frankly, I was most intrigued by the idea that Marisa and Julianne Moore went to school together (and that they were related, though Ms. Moore has zero Italian heritage, so it must have been Marisa's other 30% -- could've been interesting).
  12. tljgator

    S07.E04: Of Corsets Fashion

    I think she tried to make a 'never nude' joke ... maybe she was trying to seem "cool" for watching Arrested Development -- that kind of "see, I'm down with stuff the cool kids like" reference feels about her speed, lol.
  13. tljgator

    S16.E07: Carne!

    I edited my post ... think I found it. Going through all the Wiki's, though, seems like this is a surprisingly common problem, lol.
  14. tljgator

    S16.E07: Carne!

    Wasn't this the time they had some kind of theme party -- Vikings, Medieval Faire, Cavemen -- when the chefs wondered if they were allowed to just do "giant Turkey legs" or some such, and then, yes, everyone opted for much daintier offerings? Much like this week, folks needed to take a hint. If Tom comes for his sniff-n-sneer and recoils in horror when you say you're making a tartare with your Rib-eye or Sirloin or whatever awesome cut of beef you have, RETHINK YOUR IDEA. If the primary guest judges are screaming "CARNE!" repeatedly and there is a butchering exhibition, but you dice/hack/grind/disfigure/hide the meat that they've lovingly presented to you (to be served to other folks from the cattle industry), RETHINK YOUR IDEA. Geez. *Edited to Add: In addition to several seasons having "Steak" challenges (including the one for the Cattlebarons at South Fork), I think the one I was thinking of is Season 13, "Where's the Beef?": Elimination Challenge: The chefs, separated into three teams, had to cater a black tie bacchanal event called Beefsteak, where the diners forego silverware and eat with their hands."