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  1. italianguy626

    Genre Oopsies

    The Orville https://forums.previously.tv/forum/4307-the-orville/ Comedy Genre I know the show was originally marketed as a comedy, but it is really sci-fi with comedic elements, unlike sitcoms and such where the comedy is the purpose/driving force.
  2. italianguy626

    Aftermath in the Media

    From what I've read, they buy local ad spots in markets where an org is located. I live in the Chicago area, and I thought there was an org in the city, but I didn't see the ad.
  3. italianguy626

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    Fines and imprisonment.
  4. italianguy626

    S02.E02: Primal Urges

    IIRC, it was mentioned that those aliens were way more advanced in terms of technology and looked down on species not as advanced as they were, so we may never see transporter tech used by the less advanced species.
  5. italianguy626

    Stardate 2018.364 (and Beyond): Scheduling and Ratings

    It is still doing better than its lead in, Gotham, which is in its final season and on its last legs. With a stronger lead in show it might be doing better, but I would be more worried if it did worse than its lead in.
  6. italianguy626

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    In regards to letting all the Gilliacs go all at once, since this society has done everything in their power to prevent Gilliac births, I just assumed that there wouldn't be very many of them. As it was, the prison camp was minuscule in terms of population compared with the vastness of the city the crew flew over at the beginning. However, because there was such a deep seated cultural revulsion to those born under the sign would mean that not everyone - and probably the vast majority - would simply not accept them back into the general population so easily. I could see a form of Jim Crow type laws targeting Gilliacs being instituted by the Rigelians.
  7. Yeah, that is very fishy. Especially since programming is usually sent up to a satellite by the network and then the cable company pulls it down and delivers it to local customers over their lines, so something happened on the local providers end. I wonder if anyone who has satellite service (DirectTV; Dish Network) suffered similar outages of just A&E that evening?
  8. The rant against Brooke Shields was in the Matt Lauer interview, which led to Tommy’s comments about the history of psychiatry when Lauer started pushing back.
  9. Ron Miscaivige covers this in his book (if you don’t already know, he is Dave’s father). However, he doesn’t blame the tech, his main beef is with Dave and LRH’s policies that led to Dave’s reign.
  10. He was on Oprah's old talk show expressing his deep, deep lurve for Katie Holmes. He came off like a total loon. Shortly thereafter was the Matt Lauer interview debacle where he called Matt glib and claimed to know everything about the history of psychiatry and Matt knew nothing.
  11. The discovery phase of the trial would be glorious. The cult has always tried to avoid trials getting to the discovery phase because its then that the excrement hits the oscillating device.
  12. italianguy626

    S02.E03: Home

    I enjoyed the hell out of this episode. That scene in Alara's bedroom between her and her father was the best piece of acting I've seen out the character, IMHO. I also like seeing two Star Trek doctor's as the guest stars. John Billingsly plays psycho very well. With what we've seen of how things don't necessarily get tied up in a neat bow on the show, I was expecting that they would actually go and lop one of Alara's sister's fingers off. Glad they didn't, but wouldn't have surprised me if they did. Loved the gift Alara left for Ed. Definitely got a chuckle out of me. Sad to see Halston Sage leave, but at least her character got a nice send-off and leaves the door open for her easily to return. I don't see Patrick Warburton listed in the cast credits on IMDB for upcoming episodes, so the character may have been a one-off. Looks like Jessica Szohr's character will be coming in episode five on January 24. They don't list a character name for her yet.
  13. The way Halston Sage left also leaves the door open to easily bring her back in the future. TNG had to figure out a way to get Denise Crosby back on the show and only once as her original character (Yesterday's Enterprise).
  14. italianguy626

    Small Talk: Kings and Queens

    Usually only the cable news channels and over-the-air broadcast networks carry presidential addresses. Run-of-the-mill cable networks like A&E, TNT, TBS, etc. typically don't carry these.
  15. Especially the part about how the church tried at the wedding to seat Leah and JLo at different tables not near each other, even though Leah was the entire reason JLo was there, as the church used Leah to invite JLo.