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  1. Angeleyes

    When Calls The Heart

    For anyone who wants to read the full PDF affidavit from the case: https://www.justice.gov/file/1142876/download
  2. Angeleyes

    When Calls The Heart

    Usually the police will do this when they are trying to preserve evidence like emails, photos, other documents, etc. In this case, the authorities have said other arrests may be made later so they want to know if other people were involved with the 50 people they have already arrested. They will use any evidence found to discover other parties involved in the scheme as well as to bolster the case against those arrested This scheme was more than a bribe. It involved a fake charity, which is a crime. These people were able to deduct these payments to Singer off their taxes! They defrauded the SAT/ACT by getting a doctor to write that their child medically needed extra time then used Singer’s own proctor to take the test and change the answers. They faked photos of their kids participating in sports teams that they were never a part of. As for the show, I think they should go ahead and broadcast the 8 episodes they have filmed then take a break and come back with Abigail written out. They could move to be closer to the kids’ aunt or something.
  3. Angeleyes

    S17.E01: Premiere

    Karlie Kloss is on the Today Show this morning and claims that the viewing audience will vote in real time and the winning choice will get manufactured and sold on Bravo’s website. I’m not sure how this is going to work with the judging because the episodes are pre-filmed. Maybe the manufacturing is a separate “win” for the contestants?
  4. Angeleyes

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    I watched a couple of Olivia Jade’s Youtube videos. In a vlog from 5 months ago, she stated that everyone thinks she’s going to drop out of USC and no one has any confidence in her. Maybe it’s because she also regularly states she’s not interested in the education part of college? Money well spent Mom and Dad. Her videos are all sponsored though. I’m not sure what that says about our society.
  5. Angeleyes

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    It’s so stupid because her daughter Olivia Jade is a “social media influencer” so that means A) She photographs the hell out of her life so if she was on a sports team everyone would already know it B) the girl likely makes major bank from said job so she has even less need for Mommy and Daddy to pay to get her into an impressive school. Hell, the school might have even taken her influencer business into consideration for her college acceptance.
  6. Angeleyes

    Return to Bravo: Anticipation and Fears

    New season starts this Thursday at 7pm Central. For those asking about Brandon Maxwell, he’s a designer that’s originally from Dallas, TX and he’s influenced by the style of his mom and grandmother. He’s known for dressing Gaga (she wore one of his dresses while singing at the Oscars), but he’s one of the new “it” designers for other stars on the red carpet. I follow his Instagram and he seems like a nice, humble guy.
  7. Angeleyes

    S07.E09: All Inclusive

    I don’t get why the judges didn’t make Michele unzip her coat to inspect what was underneath. The coat was awful, but the whole combo was just fugly. Yes, florals can be for anyone, but there are many other florals that would have been better than the two types Michele picked. Grandma’s couch indeed. I think she should have been in the bottom. I get what the judges were saying to Sean, but at least he tried to make something more fitted and sexy. Gender neutral doesn’t have to equal oversized coat. I don’t think he should have gone home for this look. I’m happy Christina got the win. It was the best look and I liked that the various pieces could be mixed and matched with other things. Irina was a jerk for hogging the sewing machine for a garment that neither her model nor herself wore during the competition. It speaks of producer shenanigans though and they’ve certainly used Irina to stir things before.
  8. Angeleyes

    B&B : In the Media!

    Pierson Fodé to star in ‘Glamorous’ Pilot for CW
  9. Angeleyes

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    I wonder what the designers’ limitations were when shopping at JCP? Did they have to purchase just one of each item as presented or were they allowed to buy multiples in order to have enough fabric? If they were limited to one per item, did they have to purchase the model’s size or were they allowed to purchase the largest size available? Curious minds want to know because that could have affected the game depending on the material and what they had to work with. My guess is that they at least were able to buy multiples.
  10. Angeleyes

    B&B : In the Media!

    Tamar Braxton is R&B singer Toni Braxton’s sister. Toni started in a girl group with all of her sisters when they were young, but then Toni became the breakthrough star. There’s been much jealousy and riding of the coattails by the other sisters ever since. Plus, Tamar has the added bonus of an over the top annoying attitude. (I suppose some people like her though). Anyway, I think Tamar is only going to be on one day playing a chef to Bill and Katie. I hope Denise doesn’t stick around for a long time either. Her character seems totally unnecessary.
  11. Angeleyes

    B&B : In the Media!

    I don’t understand why we need Flo’s mom on the scene. Flo should have taken off after she got her take of the baby money, or when Zoe first confronted her, or anytime now before her mom shows up. No one cares about Flo unless she tells the truth or goes to jail.
  12. Angeleyes

    B&B : In the Media!

    Celebrity Big Brother Winner Tamar Braxton set to make a cameo appearance
  13. Angeleyes

    B&B : In the Media!

    Denise Richards joins the cast
  14. Angeleyes

    S01.E16: Estimated Time of Departure

    So their expiration date is June 2, 2024? I think the ratings monster will claim them before then. Cal needs to learn to stop running away and just show the stupid drawings to his family. My husband and I had fun creating one-liners about what happened to Griffin. Lol ”Say it, don’t spray it!” ”He’s no longer retaining water.” ”Griffin is going to be a bit dehydrated after this.” “That’s what happens when you drink your weight in water.” Of course Grace is pregnant. I’m sure the “who’s the daddy?” question will be dragged out through the next season. It will mean that Danny (the 3rd man with dark hair and a beard on this show) will appear more often. Just what the show needed. The fight at the end with Jared and Zeke was so stupid. I thought Zeke was the caveman, but Jared was the one trying to club his rival over the head to protect his woman.
  15. Angeleyes

    Samantha Brown’s Places To Love

    I’ve been enjoying the new season. I was happy she had a Switzerland episode. It’s one of my favorite places. Those puppies were so cute. I also liked the art exhibit in Santa Fe, especially the slide inside the clothes dryer. Our PBS is a bit behind schedule on the episodes. The Seoul episode should air tomorrow for us. Samantha is fun to follow on Instagram. She gives a lot of behind the scenes stuff when filming the episodes and she shares general life things too.