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  1. Angeleyes

    Samantha Brown’s Places To Love

    I’ve been enjoying the new season. I was happy she had a Switzerland episode. It’s one of my favorite places. Those puppies were so cute. I also liked the art exhibit in Santa Fe, especially the slide inside the clothes dryer. Our PBS is a bit behind schedule on the episodes. The Seoul episode should air tomorrow for us. Samantha is fun to follow on Instagram. She gives a lot of behind the scenes stuff when filming the episodes and she shares general life things too.
  2. Angeleyes

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    It’s good that Penny and Leonard finally talked about their reservations with the idea of him donating his sperm. They should have talked about all of this much sooner. Their timing of this was horrible because in real life Zack’s fiancé would have already been going through 3 weeks of daily shots in preparation for the IVF procedure. With Leonard flaking out with only a few days to go, there wouldn’t have been enough time for them to find another donor and go through the genetic testing, signing contracts, etc. The cycle would have to be abandoned and she would have gone through all that pain and expense for nothing.
  3. Angeleyes

    S10.E14: We Need to Talk About Lily

    I could be wrong, but I thought there was a reference to Lily having a preference for heavy metal music in a previous episode? They rehash so much on this show that it’s hard to keep track. I’m sure now that the show has been renewed for another season we’ll see Goth Lily next year, because of course. I thought the LaLaLand bit with Pepper fell flat. Any appearance by Nathan Lane should have been so much better than what we got this episode.
  4. Angeleyes

    Modern Family in the Media

    A Cam, Mitch, and Lily spin-off would probably be them fulfilling the promise to move back to the farm where Cam grew up. That would be awful.
  5. Angeleyes

    Modern Family in the Media

    I saw one article that suggested the creators want to set up a spin-off next season. I’m worried that would be Dylan and Haley and their babies. I don’t think those characters are strong enough to carry a show and I wouldn’t watch.
  6. Angeleyes

    S01.E14: Upgrade

    The writers seem to be throwing things at the wall to see what sticks instead of having an overall plot that they plan to resolve anytime soon. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if season 1 ended on a cliffhanger with 50 more groups that pose a danger to the 828 passengers. I’m over Cal and his mantra of “if I draw it, it will happen”. Dude, it’s probably going to happen anyway. Your role is to give your family a heads up. It would help if you didn’t run away or clam up in the process. Jared is such a waffler. I get the reason for his conflict, but maybe he needs to get some therapy and make a decision instead of leading both of these women on. They are best friends, but they aren’t down for a sister wife situation.
  7. Victoria Rowell and KSJ starred together in recent years in a series of Christmas movies on the UP Channel. She played the matriarch of a large family and he played her love interest. I was hoping next Christmas’s latest movie would be the year their characters married. I guess it will never be. As for Y&R, I’m also in the camp that believes his character Neil should be killed off and receive the same type of send off that Katherine received. Please don’t let them do what B&B did to OG Sally Spectra and just send him off to some island somewhere. The fans, the cast, and a legendary character deserve better than that.
  8. Angeleyes

    S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    Southwest Airlines has put several of the outfits from this episode on display in their section of the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, TX.
  9. Angeleyes

    S01.E13: Cleared for Approach

    No one is going to mention the hand-holding hieroglyph? I’m all for Michaela finding a new love interest, but the hokeyness is strong with this one. Also, can the casting director stop with all the dark haired guys with a beard? It gets confusing, especially in the flashbacks. I wonder how long Ben and Grace scrubbed the door before figuring soap and water won’t work on dried paint? It’s kind of a metaphor for their marriage.
  10. Angeleyes

    As The World Turns

    I saw Anne Sward (Lyla Montgomery) in two different Christmas movies recently. She was in Christmas Made to Order and Christmas Wonderland.
  11. Angeleyes

    S12.E13: The Confirmation Polarization

    Kunal explains it further here. IIRC, the guys even did a bit about it at an award show where they presented together and explained that they were not the same person.
  12. Angeleyes

    S12.E13: The Confirmation Polarization

    When I saw that Kal Penn was going to appear on this episode, I was hoping he’d have at least one interaction with Raj’s character. The actors are friends in real life and they often joke about being mistaken for each other.
  13. Angeleyes

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    It sounds like the Academy is planning to move forward with no host. I’ve seen other awards shows use this format and it was fine. Honestly, if it can move the show along faster I’m all for it.
  14. Angeleyes

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Kelly Clarkson is already getting her own talk show so she is not in the running to fill KLG’s spot. (She’s getting Steve Harvey’s timeslot). I wish they’d just forego the 3rd and 4th hour and let the local stations broadcast syndicated programming.
  15. Angeleyes

    S44.E08: Jason Momoa / Mumford & Sons

    The monologue was Leslie Jones’s idea. She said it came to her in a dream. The song is one of her favorites. She said she realized just before pitching it that the song talked about not being able to swim, but thought Aquaman dancing to Aquaboogie would be awesome.