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  1. I personally don't think that not wanting to deal with VK make you toxic either. HOWEVER i am saying you go against what DCC mgt wants THEY WILL SAY YOU ARE TOXIC. Call out the BS, your'e TOXIC to them. It would be suicide to say anything bad about VK even if true. Thank you. This exactly.
  2. I could see all that happening but gut says Rachel W (they LOVE her) or Daphne (tech skills, grooming for point, etc.) for rookie.
  3. Also total BS bc retiring bc you don't like Legacy Royalty, even saying in jest, would guarantee YOU ARE TOXIC AND NOT EVERY COMING BACK. It is what it is. Maybe it was diff in the 80s and 90s but not so easy now to just take off a year then bounce back. These girls are so much more advanced now that it just does not happen. Not saying it will never ever happen but it really has not happened.
  4. Less backstories, especially sobby, contrived back stories. Hannah's was really the only one I liked in years. Let us know who skipped prelim round 1. That's a credit to the girls, not a cheat ticket. Lose the really bad dangers and Judy smirking and rolling her eyes. It's rude and looks like you're making fun of mental challenged people. MORE SOLOS. More actual dance footage. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO NOT SWITCH AND SPLICE SHOTS EVERY SECOND. If they are so world class then who cares if other people learn their routines. Often imitated never duplicatd or whatever, right? The scene last season where they asked GLs what they thought of candidates was GREAT. Show some deliberation and how they choose one over the other, hos GLs have input.
  5. Her kicks are always weak. I will always be a firm believer they put her in triangle to prove good girls get good spots after the whole Erica/Jenna/Holly/Cersten/Kyra mess.
  6. I think that one pic was def see through bc they didn't have the underskirt thingy on yet. So many women do real estate bc you can do most of it part time from home so if you like sales and need some income, but to be home with kids you can.
  7. Oh adding bc i forgot about Jinelle being snotty and bitchy bc she didn't know what white birthday cake is, and Miranda and Hannah tried to explain, then Jinelle acted like they were stupid or pathetic bc they said Funfetti. FUNFETTI IS DEFINITELY A FLAVOR OF CAKE MIX JINELLE. My God she has never irked me so bad as in that podcast. Is she really like this all the time? I always thougt the gushy kiss up act was so fake but DAMN JINELLE.
  8. OMG Finally watched the podcast with Jinelle, Miranda, Hannah, no Shannon LOL. First of all, Shannon who? No need for him back. Second, thank you poster above who also said Courtney is desperate, bc when I said it last week got some hater comments. BUT YES GIRL I AGREE. Third, um, LOVE HANNAH. She is really well spoken, and prob a bit nervous but seems so real. Plus she is so pretty. Fourth, why did we need Courtney's sister there? UNPROFESSIONAL. Last, JINELLE WAS A TOTAL BITCH TOWARD HANNAH. I swear the second Courtney said she was going to focus on Shannon, watch JInelle. Totally ignoring, sneering, had that look like she doesn't like her and doesn't want her to have any attention whatsoever. Then Jinelle undermining telling Hannah how awful it would be if she did rhythmic gymnastics and dropped the ball for solo, or how it would be bad if an Olympic rhythmic gymnast came in and was better. WTF Jinelle? What did Hannah ever do to you. Don't hate bc she's prettier, still a DCC, dances better etc. Go back to Australia you skinny bitch.
  9. Get rid of Courtney and Shannon both. They'd be fine with just DCC doing the show.
  10. If Charlotte had just put on some pants it would have been passable but nope.
  11. OMG Charlotte. You do not look young, fresh, or stylish. YOu look like a desperate aging woman trying to fool us BUT AIN'T NOBODY BUYING WHAT YOU TRYING TO SELL. Please let Judy Trammell take you shopping and show you how to look on trend, amazing, and age appropriate. As my grandmother always says dressing mutton like a lamb just makes you look 10x older than what you're trying to convince yourself you look like.
  12. Also I do really adore Tess so hate to say but did her foot even leave the ground for that one leap, and the split jump wasn't that extended either. I can't help it I need to stop. Love the costume.
  13. Honestly, hate to say it, but for DCC level of dance 5/10 tops. She has decent technique but looks like she has to stop and prep for turns, etc, and zero power. Love her she's a fave but dang that is boring and not very complicated. It's not even like JennK class where the moves are fairly basic but intention is to be very clean with technique so it LOOKS easier than it actually is. Tess is just so dang tall and pretty that good posture and just walking around looks pretty, but nothing complicated about this. Not even like old Melissa or Erica routines with a ton of tricks strung together, or pretty lyrical lines like Lacey, or not the best amazing technique but fun pop and power like Jenna, or flat out fun to watch like Kashara. For anywhere else this might be 8/10 but DCC *YAWN*. Good thing shes pretty and reliable!
  14. I hate her for it, too. Just kidding LOL, but she really does.
  15. Yes. She really does have good technique and fluidity but dang that is 1) suck ass choreo 2) I agree zero pop 3) weird flailing. Did JennK do that or is it a Mia mess?