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  1. Percysowner

    Flip Or Flop Atlanta

    Nashville is up next. I liked them so I'm okay with that. Sadly, Vegas has already been renewed for another season and Atlanta has not. The Fort Worth one didn't even get a second season I hope Atlanta gets another because I'm not fond of the Vegas guys at all and I like Ken and Anita best of the flippers.
  2. Percysowner

    S05.E01: Your Funeral

    The actress is 41. The multiple rapes started when she was 12, but she could have been14 or 15 when she had the baby. Basically its not that far off.
  3. Percysowner

    S05.E01: Your Funeral

    We do know that Annalise was sexually abused by her uncle although I think a child of that relationship would be older. Basically, there are reasons that Annalise could have had an off screen child that she didn't want to think about ever again.
  4. Although it looks like Bonnie suffocates the victim, it is also possible that she was trying to stop the bleeding and the muffled sounds were because whoever it was was dying with Bonnie trying to save them. The show loves misdirects and I would not like it if they redo Bonnie's the actual murderer story. The first time was enough. The gasps and groans sounded female to me, but I could be wrong. Maybe the victim is Laurel's mother, who was trying to kidnap Christopher? We've been told she's alive. I think they want Gabriel to stick around, maybe as a replacement for Wes, so he could be safe. Emmet and Tegan are less safe, although I am leaning toward a female victim.
  5. Percysowner

    S06.E20: Fit To Be Tied

    Except he bled all over the apartment when he ran away, so that's proof that he was stabbed in the apartment, just like Joan said. I really rolled my eyes at the idea that 5'3" Joan, suffering from 2-3 broken ribs was able to beat up 5'11" Michael and kill him. Yes, he was bleeding, but really? I understand them wanting a "Sherlock proves Joan innocent of murder" story line, but this is not a good way to go.
  6. Percysowner

    All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    They do seem to be set on keeping the kids out of it. I'll say again, this is what they have been told is necessary to keep their jobs. They are being asked to play out not the divorce of Tarek and Christina, but what HGTV thinks the viewers want to see as the divorce of T&C. People expect divorced exes to be jealous when the ex starts dating, so we get scenes of them being jealous of each other dating, even though they may be long past that point. People expect exes to fight over various things when they divorce and HGTV is giving us the cliched fights that they think people want. Eventually they will cover all the scenarios that are "expected" and (hopefully) move on and go back to flipping. Hey, the narrative of "Tarek was a designing diamond in the rough, held back by Christina" schitck that has been being pushed all season makes me nuts, but HGTV gave Christina her own show as a designer, so they may think a little Tarek fluffing in in order.
  7. Percysowner

    All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    You are not the only one to hate open concept. A writer named Kate Wagner just wrote The Case for Rooms She also runs a wonderful blog McMansion Hell which critiques the huge, overpriced McMansions in America. I would love for her to critique some of Tarek and Christina's remodels, because I think she'd be hilarious about them. Sadly, it wouldn't pass the copyright test.
  8. Percysowner

    All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    Well, I'll be honest, I wouldn't give up a well paying job just because I got a divorce. Heck, if it was the way to keep my job, I would have tried really hard to work with my ex-husband. Before the divorce, Tarek battled cancer, then Christina had a high risk pregnancy. Both of those can cost a LOT of money. Medical bills are the number one reason people go bankrupt. I don't think they were going bankrupt, but they did have bills outside of their ordinary spending. HGTV told them they could keep the show, and they decided they could co-exist in order to keep working. I don't blame them at all for the decision. I DO blame HGTV for the uncomfortable "fighting" we see. They are in control of the final edit and some of the conflict scenes seem to have been shot at a different time from the flipping part of the episode, which makes me think HGTV asked for that to be inserted. The show has been schizophrenic this season with T&C fighting in one episode then doing a regular flip in the next. I suspect HGTV is trying to figure out if they can make the show work and what format works best. From what I know, the ratings have been good, because people like to watch a car wreck. HGTV may try to keep the show going if the ratings hold up. And why not? If people are watching, then the advertisers are getting their money's worth. I don't know if I will continue to watch, my life has gotten busy and there is only so much I can follow, but I don't blame T&C for keeping the show going.
  9. Percysowner

    S15.E06: Academy 2 2018.07.16

    I'm pretty positive Nigel wants to return to a top 20. I'm also sure he really wants to keep the show on the air, so he keeps bowing to Fox's demands. They are foolish demands, because the tricks don't work, but it's the only way to bring the show back, so what else can he do. I do love the dancing and there really isn't anything else like it that I know of, so I cope with the loss of the contestants dancing together.
  10. Percysowner

    All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    That was much better than the last one. It really does look like HGTV wanted to show them "fighting" for one episode, probably since the world knew about the divorce, so they inserted some extra scenes. Now that they covered that part, they are willing to go back to flipping houses and Tarek and Christina acting like adults who have a civil relationship for the sake of the kids and their business. Others noted that in the "fight" scenes Tarek's hair and clothing were so different that those had been shot at a different time. It's like HGTV went "OMG people know they are divorced we have to SHOW the conflict or the audience won't get it." I did like the flip. It was a cute little house and the outside was actually really interesting. I can't imaging paying $450K for it, but then I don't live in California.
  11. Percysowner

    All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    It felt really scripted to me as well. It was interesting that they decided to go with Christina being "jealous" about Tarek dating, when all the interviews and Internet sites talked about Christina starting to date first. IIR reports were that before the divorce it was Tarek who was being verbally abusive towards Christina on set. I'm just fascinated that HGTV has decided that they want to give the impression that Tarek is the guy moving on, while Christina is the whiny witch who can't let go. I know that both Tarek and Christina have said that they are working hard at being civil to one another and working professionally together for the sake of the children. I was hoping to see that in the show, not them bickering. In any case it was really, really uncomfortable. I'll watch a couple of more episodes, but if they keep up the "drama" I'm out.
  12. Percysowner

    SYTYCD in the Media

    The first trailer
  13. Percysowner

    All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    Actually, the Nashville flippers were never married. If you look closer, they dated for about five years, decided they didn't work romantically, but managed to stay friends and work together. I really liked them as hosts and am glad their show got renewed.
  14. Percysowner

    SYTYCD in the Media

    So You Think You Can Dance, 4 Others Get Summer Premiere Dates at Fox Fox is putting its dancing shoes back on this summer: So You Think You Can Dance will return for Season 15 on Monday, June 4 at 8/7c, the network announced Tuesday.
  15. Percysowner

    S02.E17: This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life

    They probably don't read every script, however, if you are going to do an episode that is wildly different from your usual format, it's probably a good idea to run it past the people who are paying you to make the show. Fogelman knew this would be a controversial story to tell because it didn't involve the main characters, so he did the smart thing and ran it by the suits. Personally, I loved the episode. I thought it tied Deja into the fabric of the show. I'm glad they did this episode.