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  1. greenbean

    The Vampire Chronicles

    Like the tv adaption of The Lost Boys, I don't have much hope for this show, but I'll probably give it chance. So much will rest on the casting and depiction of Lestat, which is no easy task. I do like the idea of the show beginning with Lestat's story in Paris.
  2. greenbean


    I binged watch this show last week and absolutely love it. I knew I was all in when Happy found Nick in the ambulance and sang his song. 🎵The happy horse, horse, horse. So full of fun of course, of course! 🎵 lol! I was legit like Nick, whoa, what is this!? Oswalt is perfect as Happy. And I didn't think Meloni would ever again reach the heights of Keller, but Nick Sax is the perfect character for him to let loose.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised. Think of all the shows filmed in Canada, I'm sure a good number of actors/crew were targetted.
  4. Maybe there is some self-awareness there?
  5. Clayne being uninsurable is the key. They can't go on with him if that's the case, which is probably what forced everyone's hand in firing him. The question then is what made him uninsurable. It adds weight to the theory he has a drug problem which escalated. It would certainly explain why he was throwing any kind of punch at a 78 year old fellow actor! The mandated therapy was probably done to try and salvage things with the insurers who threatened to pull out. Studios will put up with just about anything as long they're making money. So it had to have become a practical road block that Fox and WB couldn't overcome.
  6. A drug problem would explain a lot. The secrecy, the mandated therapy, the difficult behaviour. All while still gaining support from some of the cast/crew. He probably unloaded on someone important at WB.
  7. I guess it wasn't just pr! He must have really messed up for them to fire him. I read there's recordings of his behaviour, so something may leak.
  8. Could this be a pr stunt? I mean this drama has got people talking. I wouldn't be surprised if it's renewed and Crawford is still there.
  9. If that's true, then it's even worse than I thought. I assumed she'd come to her senses and go for a plea deal, but if she's ride or die for Keith then truly, screw her. Even now while facing serious charges, she's getting opportunities and chances to turn it around, if she wants to spit on that, then a-okay. And have people seen the last post on her twitter/instagram? It's a very worrisome video of a boy who is apparently part of this cult. The way he's speaking is not normal for a child of his age, he's clearly been indoctrinated. I've read that the trafficking charges include child victims, but it's being kept from the media. I don't know what to believe, the whole thing is crazy and in my opinion only the tip of a much bigger issue concerning abusive powerful people.
  10. Apparently Allison's parents have worked for NXIVM and defended them after being told to get Allison out. This doesn't surprise me one bit. I've been wondering where they are while their daughter's life is taken over and destroyed. Seeing as Allison is now co-conspirator #1, I guess we'll eventually learn what happened.
  11. greenbean

    Chloe Sullivan: Let's Be Real, She was the Real Lois Lane!

    Yeah, it must be hard for Kristin, I've seen others blame her, which is unfair. Back then it was believed Allison first brought Kristin along to the seminars, now people are saying Kristin brought Allison into it. But I don't think it matters who introduced who, neither should hold any guilt, Raniere and his cohorts are the ones responsible. Kristin and Allison thought NXIVM was a legitimate self-improvement group. Kristin is just lucky she got out, like Grace. And we don't know what is going on with Allison to make her more susceptible; what her life is like, her mental health, where her family is etc. It's unfair to put all of that on Kristin. Allison talks about this in her testimony for the jness program. She's looking very thin, and apparently this is a requirement for DOS members because Raniere likes skinny women. It's just so crazy to see her involved in this stuff. I really hope this cult is brought down.
  12. greenbean

    Chloe Sullivan: Let's Be Real, She was the Real Lois Lane!

    I take it people know of Allison's involvement in this cult. I've been shocked since the story broke. I mean I knew she and Kristin were involved in this shady group, but had no idea things were so bad. It's crazy. I remember when this first came to light. It was like a Ted Talk, women empowerment etc. then they set up that Girls By Design project and Kristin dated that Mark guy, who was always suspect to me. I'm glad she dumped him and managed to get out. Apparently, there's been attempts to rescue Allison, but she's too far gone. This is so terrible. Also Grace Park had dealings with them, likely recruited by the actress who played Cally in BSG!! Apparently she's also in deep like Allison. The whole thing is crazy. Here's a good post from 2008 about the cult's MO. And there are some videos on youtube of Allison interviewing the leader. I don't know why, but this has really got to me. Maybe because Smallville was such a huge part of my life at one point. We watched these actors grow up. Allison was so talented and always seemed so together, it's a shock to see how her life has taken this ugly turn.
  13. greenbean

    Box Office

    Yeah. I remember being puzzled by this when it was announced. It seemed strange, as did their decision to rest so much on the appeal of Ryan Gosling. Well it seemed that way to me anyway. The lore and story of 2049 was not promoted at all, it was mostly about Ryan being the new lead. I had to watch Blade Runner in class many years ago. Can't say I enjoyed it, but I appreciate its significance to the genre. I think Total Recall would have been a better bet.
  14. greenbean

    The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    I never knew he said this, but it doesn't surprise me one bit. It's what I've suspected. There is a deep disdain for Superman within DC Entertainment, which comes through in the movies, and is partly why the franchise hasn't fared well imo. It's telling that Marvel has made Captain America work, while DC flounders with Superman. Until someone who is truly interested in the boy scout gets ahold of his story, I can't see things getting better.
  15. greenbean

    John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

    I watched chapters 1 and 2 back to back, and this is such an awesome franchise. There is so much to love. Firstly, Keanu. Who I've always adored, so it's great to see his continued success. He's convincing as the sorrowful assassin, he's also kickass and so very hot. Then the world building, which is really fascinating. All the coins and rules that they have. I loved that scene with telephone girls, seeing the tech they use and how they processed the hit. The Continental hotel was already a great idea, but that scene expanded the universe even more. I also love the casting. I read the director say they deliberately chose character actors, which is inspired decision making imo. Also their use of international actors and not being afraid to go multilingual. I think it really makes the world building even richer. I just love these movies so much. I was happy to read that they're working on a tv show about the hotel, and there's going to be a chapter 3!