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  1. Shellbell59

    S02.E14: Prison Blues to Wedding Bells

    Zoila is actually a beautiful name of Greek origin and has grown more popular throughout the years...
  2. Shellbell59

    S01.E07: Chivalry

    John was actually DOING the NA counselor himself....and their brief exchange when counselor gave him money indicated that was the case...mentioning the photos.. DJ asked something like “bet you wonder how I got all those angles while it was happening ..right?” end of scene DJ says “now it’s time to drain the lizard” he played counselor BIG TIME...horrible person
  3. Shellbell59

    S08.E19: Reunion Part 1

    Why on earth do ppl APOLOGIZE to Dorit???! ...for anything???? omg...it’s sickening i posted this elsewhere..but would like any feedback I can get...because I just can’t wrap my head around it. Teddi apologized at reunion..as well as other times on show... Kyle at her house during finale..when Dorit played “poor me” on her night...(SECOND time...ugh..) It drives me nuts! I cannot believe she has the capability psychologically to gaslight so expertly to cause this end phenomenon! Dorit is so demeaning...to the point when LVP points out that the reunion is about putting them all “on trial”...and Dorit has the gumption to say..”but not from Teddi..” who made you an OG Dorit? ..and Erika...what was with her? I had to rewind after commenters pointed out her angst when Teddi was speaking... Erika seems disinterested about 80% of the time..I noticed her staring off into the ceiling..almost caught off guard with the question about collaborating with JC Mellencamp! Weird! I Keep looking fornews of Dorit being fired after airing first installment of reunion...like She not by Sheree in Atlanta... if wishes were horses...hell...we’d ALL be ridin’!!!!
  4. Shellbell59

    S10.E03: Til Brunch Do Us Part

    I get what both of you are puttin’ down.. Early on Bethenny even answered questions about the supposed fallout by saying ”there WAS no fallout”... however Carole has continually blabbed to press about the way she viewed B then...and how she views her now. have to admit...after reading Andy’s books and the calls he took from Jill (and Bethenny?) regarding their fight and it “making for good TV..I wondered for a second if this all is fabricated to a certain degree...but doubt it highly.
  5. Shellbell59

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 3

    Omgawd! That can’t be... well see y’all in another network.. that sickens me. what? does the Wig have some contractual thing with Bravo that they can’t fire her (like Vicki G)? ugh... thanks for head up tho ?
  6. Sorry OT...but please join me... ? Boycott Bravo UNLESS... Dont Be Tardy for the Party is cancelled! enough is enough..and after RHOA reunion part 3...it is obvious Bravo has created a monster...The Wig! i will follow thru but hate giving up my guilty pleasures watching if cancellation doesn’t occur. please join me!. Let’s at least send a message!
  7. Shellbell59

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 3

    Please join me! It is high time Bravo CANCELS Don’t Be Tardy For the Party! i will boycott all Bravoshows if they don’t cancel. i just say enough is enough... especially now knowing what “the wig” REALLY thinks... she is nauseating... please join me... (cuz losing the rest of my favorite guilty pleasure shows is sure to kill me) im posting on each forum I watch... hopefully we can send a message.’ NEVERMIND...I was told it’s already been renewed... dammit!! :-{
  8. Shellbell59

    S10.E03: Til Brunch Do Us Part

    Funny...I also looked her up Quincy...gorgeous girl! obviously also OT...but I wanted to respond...and ask if you noticed...or agree. Quincy has a very unique beauty...almost quirk look? If that makes sense. Hard to explain...but like runway model beauty...Where by some standards...the model’s face might be considered “homely”..due to some “flaw”...but it’s that flaw that makes their face beautiful. KWIM? Hard to put my finger on it...but in Quincy ‘s photos..her left side of her face looks quite smaller than her right side. i realize nearly everyone’s face is asymmetrical...but this is different...however it adds to her beauty IMO. I realize it’s a sensitive topic...talking about the children... Apologies if I’m not clear with my comment...No intention to “face shame” anybody.
  9. Shellbell59

    S05.E03: Groovy Baby

    ITA regarding Ashley! ...and based on her hinting around about babies and marriage... (I hate to favor Trav in any way...BUT) ...I don’t blame him for adding “Plan B” to her morning “ova” (or KIDding about it)!
  10. Shellbell59

    S06.E19: Reiki Breaky Heart

    Omg...exactly what I was getting ready to post! Yes...ITA. Under all that southern charm Brittany puts on...is some serious manipulation which was initially stoked on by “Momma Sherri” from the start...IMO. what..with Momma having watched the show previously from season one...knowing Jax was single at the time (Brit SUPPOSEDLY hadn’t watched VPR ..yeah...right...) Anyway..Momma was at the point of ‘fandom’ to follow and know the VPR cast was in Las Vegas at the time Brittany “happened” to run into and meet them all. fast forward... at this point I believe Brittany knows she’s safe on the show with or without Jax... HOWEVER..like you said... Brit wants to ‘outdo’ any of his previous relationships i.e. Stassi...to prove she could..which must mean Jax loved her most of all... the saccharine sweet is a bit much...and once in awhile I’ll see that look in Brittany eyes...especially with Stassi’s during the last one on one convo...that there’s a deep down competition. she enjoys the constant adulation ...she’s probably been propped up and praised here in WeHo than she has ever been in Kentucky.... the worse Jax acts the better Brittany looks to ppl. Deep down like Momma...she likes the bad boys..falls in love with and want to fix all of them... HOWEVER...with this bad boy Jax.. it’ll pay off... well it ALREADY HAS paid off...for the whole Kentucky fam! With their spin off show... Now Momma Sherri is a celebrity! now she’s just in another competition..years with Jax hell...she was a pageant girl after all...competive deep down
  11. Shellbell59

    S10.E02: Running Your Mouth

    Yeaaaassss!!! Sonja..and the Countess... their cabaret bits have a real “Grey Gardens- Little Edie Beale” feel IMO. So bad it’s good kind of performances...
  12. Shellbell59

    S10.E02: Running Your Mouth

    ITA...Carole going on and on about marathon... why didnt she just do a “Jedi mind sweep” to get through it? Good Lawd she has suggested the notion to others many times...at least 3 times I can recall off hand. She could...you know being the cool..hip..”with it” person she is...yawn
  13. Shellbell59

    S08.E17: Better Latex Than Never

    Yes...and human kites... Seth: “what’s a human kit Stefon?” “It’s that thing...where you tie a string to a m*g*t wearing a latex pussy bow blouse..and run through the restaurant...mmmm.hmmmm..yup” ?‍♂️ I love me some Stefon!!!
  14. Shellbell59

    S08.E16: Holy Schnitzel

    EVERY PICTURE I see of the group... whether on a trip or a step and repeat...Teddi manages to be on the end... full profile of the derrière! Check it out...every time! I appreciate how proud she must be of her accomplishments...and perhaps it’s contributing to her “brand” image...but really..for being so “chill” and claiming to be the least vain person...it’s a bit “extra’..IMO
  15. Shellbell59

    S08.E12: Gag Gift

    YUP! ITA IMO the pantie gift vs ball gag isn’t to be compared (unless comparing comments here).. because Camille gave the ball gag in response to all Dorit’s “STRAP ON and C U Next Tuesday” nonsense at Kyle’s party (along with Dodo’s subsequent non stop diarrhea of the mouth). Camille was introducing new BF to group? Horrible comments?... Versus a ball gag amongst friends?... after the ongoing joke of Dorit talking too much? If C U NEXT TUESDAY and strap on are funny (as Dorit repeated)...she should have laughed the gag off... BM is correct.. she can dish it out (thinking she’s so cute)..but cannot take it.