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  1. cheewhiz

    S11.E12: The Peaches of Tokyo

    Spike TV had a show called exactly that. It's still on in reruns now and I catch it once in a while. A person bids on the bag but cannot look inside before buying. I have seen some pretty cool stuff come out of those bags.
  2. cheewhiz

    S02.E01: Season Premiere

    I felt exactly the same way and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. For me it was the lack for showmances that made it better.
  3. cheewhiz

    S09.E11: Whine Country

    That's the way I took it too.
  4. cheewhiz

    S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    If you have nothing nice to say to other posters, say nothing at all. TM my mom LOL eta. It wouldn't let me erase this text box LOL
  5. cheewhiz

    S09.E09: Communion and Confession

    I love her reasoning "Well, I would want to know" Keep justifying your actions Delores, but you're still trash
  6. cheewhiz

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    This almost seemed like a game show to me with those Ambassadors. Is someone going to get kicked off each week? They all live in a house together just like a game show type of thing. I watched the first episode and it was terrible. I thought Unachored was bad, Lindsay's is much much worse thus far. I'll stick around for a few epis but probably not much more then that.
  7. cheewhiz

    S07.E02: Hope and Pride

    THANK YOU!! I was screaming this at the TV the whole time. Now she finds it appalling? Suck a dick Kristen.
  8. cheewhiz

    S06.E10: Man Overboard

    Agree 100%, I turned it off about halfway through, and I never turn off reality TV!
  9. cheewhiz

    S06.E08: Ready to Run

    Me too. I am not officially hate watching this shit show I want Olga to run for the hills, Steven is scary as hell. Asuela too, what a couple of bitches those sisters are. Why on earth would she even dream about trying on wedding dresses when it seems like she hates the "groom". Everytime he says anything it's the side eye between those two witches. The first dress Fernanda tried on was stunning and I didn't think it was too "mature" for her. She looked amazing, could have been a bit of jealousy there with mama.
  10. cheewhiz

    S06.E07: Flirting With Disaster

    I did notice Coltee's shape and was disturbed by it, but equally disturbing & tragic are the black runners with the ripped up nylons/leggings Larissa is wearing! Very Klassy
  11. cheewhiz

    S03.E15: Game of Phones

    Why is Brandi yellow? Jaundice? Priv face? Confusing to say the least.
  12. cheewhiz

    S11.E03: A New Edition

    Agree 100% As a survivor of Stage 3 breast cancer, I did exactly what the doctor asked of me. Chemo for 8 months, surgery then radiation. Chemo was tough, it made me tired but I never once puked. The chemo drugs they have are very much improved. they have drugs that keep you from puking. I realize that everyone is different but alternative medicine scares me when it comes to cancer. There are far too many people dead from using alternative "medicine". (See the beautiful Farrah Fawcett for example) There are so many people out there just laying in wait for someone grasping at straws to heal their cancer and all they care about is making a buck with their unfounded products. I would like to know what Greg & Nene are going to do with the trees. Everyone has their own opinions, this is mine, nobody's is wrong.
  13. cheewhiz

    S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    They were playing for a dozen pizzas - 2 pizzas per person
  14. cheewhiz

    S13.E17: Friends and Enemas

    There isn’t insurable interest in an ex with no dependent children. She had the policy prior to the divorce. I’m not sure it’s valid, though. Likely they had this life insurance on Donn while they were married. Often, if the couple divorces they make the beneficiary "irrevocable" so the insured person cannot cancel the policy or make any changes to the policy without consent from the irrevocable beneficiary. Very common.
  15. cheewhiz

    S07.E13: A Very MJ Wedding

    Wow, I was stunned at the wedding ceremony, What a couple of classless buffoons. Swearing and arguing during the vows, tacky. The upper part of her dress was a mess, looked like someone hacked at it with dull scissors. Her greeting everyone coming down the aisle, has she never been to a wedding before? Walk down the aisle already, you have already kept these people waiting for an hour. (Did I see a Prince impersonator in the crowd? Lol) But again, that damn dress was a travesty, her jumpsuit for the reception was amazing and she looked amazing in it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MJ and Tommy and think they are perfect for one another, but geeze, pull your shit together for ONE day, in fact, ONE hour for the ceremony then go crazy. Reza, Reza, Reza, I had second hand embarrassment at your "speech" Again with the swearing, not necessary. Such a beautiful chic room wasted on these tacky people. Everyone else looked great but I couldn't wrap my head around Mona's dress, why the long train that you have to hold up all night? The dress was beautiful though. Destiny, go away, Yaaassss. Sure hope she isn't back next year although I'm certain she will be back with her stupid "looking for daddy" storyline. All in all, I'm happy for both MJ and Tommy and hope the reunion delivers!