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  1. sleepyjean

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    She seems like one of those people who is constantly prodding people's soft spots and passes it off as "teasing." Not a fan. I think it was just a combination of phobia and lack of information. None of that was rational thinking. He probably can't even explain what he means by "the plague." It was just funny, the lack of self-awareness on his part. There he is in a mask because someone might cough in the same room as him, and yet he was walking around with a giant, infected gob of flesh hanging off his arm, and no thought to wrapping it to protect himself or anyone else. That thing could've been wearing it's own mask. I'll be honest, if I was sitting in a doctor's waiting room, and someone coughed right next to me, I'd be a bit skeeved and would have one eye on their hands to see what they touched after (presumably) covering their mouth. But if Lenny sat next to me with that thing on his arm, I would be out of my chair before I'd even had a conscious thought about moving. I'd feel bad, and I'd pretend like I had to go to the bathroom or ask the receptionist a question, but I'd be gone. His friend must have the patience of a saint.
  2. sleepyjean

    World Of Dance

    This was the first episode of this show I have ever seen. I'm mostly interested in the dancing. I FF to watch the few dances that they show all the way through, then if the dance interested me enough, I'll go and watch the backstory. Seems like all competitive reality shows these days spend way too much time on these "overcoming adversity" story lines. I've seen so much of it, from Top Chef, to American Ninja Warriors, to Forged in Fire and Say Yes to the Dress, I'm just over it. Death, disease, amputation, poverty, etc. etc. etc. I suppose I've got tragedy fatigue. I liked Briar Nolet as well as Tobias & the EZTwins (hate the name EZTwins and I wonder if they have a different name in Slovenia). I thought both performances were polished, compelling, and had great musicality. I also liked their song choices and enjoy that WOD provides the information about the music. My only complain is that both had a lot going on...so much that it was hard to really absorb and appreciate because by the time my brain registered a cool move that I saw, they'd already done six other moves. Briar's was one trick after another, but they were linked together beautifully. I had to watch the T&ET dance several times to fully appreciate it, and I watched a workshop performance of it (below) that was much simpler (no roll-offs, no formation changes), if considerably less exciting, but helped me get a better look at what they were doing. I also watched a video of the rehearsal of the WOD version of the piece that did not have the cutaways to the judges, which was great. As others have said, the judges' reactions add no value. For one, it takes me out of the dance, and for two, they seem to be over-exaggerating their responses to the point where it's almost cartoonish. I know they are probably coached to do that, but geez, it's annoying.
  3. It's strange that they wouldn't put them on social media, since the team website doesn't. They have tons of pics on Instagram, why not cameos so we can see who is who? Very frustrating since almost the whole team will audition for DCC. I'm sure they'll post a group pic of those who make semis and finals, but it will be more difficult to figure out and name the ones who auditioned but didn't make it past the first round.
  4. This is last year's team. Are any of them on this year's squad, or was it 100% turnover? A lot of these girls were Sidekicks dancers too. I'll be keeping an eye out for these faces at DCC auditions. DCC numbers have been falling dramatically in the last few years. (Wasn't it less than 150 last year?) Statistically speaking, it looks like girls on local teams have a better and better chance at it every year, assuming out of state candidate numbers don't go up. EDIT: on a related note, do the AAIA ever post cameos anywhere? I'll like to get a better look at that squad so I can familiarize myself with faces prior to DCC tryouts.
  5. You're right, that's what it is. Here's another girl who made it. Thanks for clearing it up for me.
  6. I thought we'd see Maddie Dillon at DCC auditions again this year, but it looks like she made another team. I wonder which one. That looks like a partial logo behind her but I can't place it. I can't think of a sport that has cheerleader auditions this early in the year.
  7. sleepyjean

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    This was the first episode of this show I've ever seen and WOW. It was really something. I've been following Amberlynn Reid's "weight loss" journey on youtube (and reading the totally brutal commentary on a different message board) and got curious about how other 600 pound people handle themselves in the world. In the case of Amberlynn, she tells outright lies, edits her videos and is choosy about what she shoots so as to conceal the extent to which her weight affects her. On this show, they really just let it all hang out, don't they? I watched the Maja episode on youtube, and I think some bits might've been edited out, but what I saw was more than enough. First thing I noticed is the extent to which everything is about the 600 pound person and her suffering. Is this show always like this? I mean, I know each episode is about a particular person, but I was struck by the fact that Maja wasn't just the center of the show, she was apparently the center of the universe as well. The way that woman whined and yowled and complained continuously...surely no one else in the entire history of western civilization has suffered so. The human mind and it's self-protective mechanisms are fascinating. How a woman can make the decision every day, several times a day, to sneak around and feed herself all the way to almost 700 pounds and then turn around and say her choices are her boyfriend's fault? Yet at that same time somehow justify continuing to live with this sabotaging Satan of a partner who was hell-bent on destroying her? It doesn't compute. It takes some impressive mental gymnastics to victimize yourself by eating almost to the point of immobility and then shift the blame to someone else, as if you aren't an independent adult with the agency and ability to direct your own behavior. We saw that she *can* control herself. She did it in front of Dr. Now. She just chose not to control herself with her "boyfriend/partner/spouse/whatever." He was sullen and immature. I'm not saying I agree with his behavior, but it was a very human response to his circumstances. In his position, I would have a very hard time being mature about it and taking the high road. He seemed to be gritting his teeth through much of the episode. At times he couldn't even look at her. Maybe what we saw was him choosing passive aggressive and sarcastic as the better option over explosive anger and one ugly scene after another. (In front of cameras, at that.) I don't think he intended from the beginning to ditch her in Texas. I think he believed the show was her last chance, and her only chance to ever get to a healthy weight. But I think once they moved, the stress of it all, plus being isolated with her, plus being away from his own support system and coping mechanisms really took its toll. This is a guy who had taken it and taken it and taken it, and figured he'd keep on taking it - until one day he couldn't do it anymore. He was DONE. It happens that way sometimes. People wake up to the bullcrap and all of a sudden, they can't tolerate it. Not for anther day, not another hour, or even another minute. I was surprised that he gave her any notice at all that he was leaving. I would've left while she was out 'running errands' and put a Dear Jane note on the fridge. (That it happened to be a neat solution to his problem, was an added bonus. Breaking up with her in Oregon would've been long, drawn out, and messy, and she seems like the type of person who would call incessantly until you block her number, and then she'd start driving by your house. Whether it was deliberate or not, he got her packed up and out of the house without any drama, and then slipped away back home, where he could live his life in peace without ever having to see or speak to her again.) Under normal circumstances, I would agree, but I think abusive behavior voids those sorts of commitments. You can't be "kind" to an abuser. They take it as their due and and keep right on treating you like crap.
  8. Associated Press June 23, 1989
  9. Jenn's prep class this week. Sarah's prep class
  10. TLC never seems to run out of people willing to act out a freakshow on national TV for attention and a few shekels. This was so strange. It definitely seemed like B&B were in the market for a pair of reasonably attractive twin mates who would go along with the whole conjoined at the hip thing, and J&J fit the suit, like a Johnny Bravo kind of thing. If there had been another pair of twins at the festival who met the criteria, J&J could just have easily wound up with them instead. I guess if they are all happy together, more power to them. I'd be interested to see what happens down the road when they are no longer "on the same page of life." If they find liking different cereal "troublesome" what happens when their lives diverge for real? I tapped out after the first half hour. Couldn't take anymore.
  11. sleepyjean

    The Rap Game

    Totally agree. I know you have to have swagger in this industry, but you have to back it up with talent, skill, work ethic, and professionalism. These kids all have some talent (to varying degrees), but when the other three elements are missing, the swagger sounds like a lot of hot air. I'm less and less impressed with Nya and Sire each week. Tyelor seems solid and I'm liking her more each week. I think all three of them are on the same level in terms of talent, and the difference in my reaction to the three comes down to their attitude. Self assurance and strength vs arrogance and bravado. (Although I do not love the whole Reign Gang thing. I know in this age of followers and subs, everyone wants to brag on their fanbase, however small. I know it's ubiquitous, but it turns me off. Imagine if Beyonce had run around wearing "Beyhive" merch in her early days. These days people have to do so little to get a little bit of shine. It makes them think they've accomplished more than they have...) According to Brandi and April the stylist, Sire is what rappers look like. But Brandi took that as a positive, and something to brag about, while April saw it as a negative. April basically said Sire's look was a dime a dozen, with not one iota of originality. I chuckled when Brandi complained about Eli copying Sire, when Sire's look was Textbook Basic Rapper. Allllll of this. I don't enjoy the battles. They seem to be telling the kids what they lack in skill/talent/polish, they can make up in viciousness and disrespect. And it's even worse to me that they aren't just directing it at each other, but at each other's family members, who have nothing to do with any of this. Is there a lot of battle rap in the market for kid/teen rappers? YEP. She's a hypocrite. A classic case of "she can dish it but she can't take it." She never stops running her mouth about her kid's perceived domination of the competition (despite his actual rank each week). She's constantly tearing other kids down, and in her mind, that's ok because her comments and criticism are legit because her kid is the best, whereas those same remarks from one of the other parents could only be jealousy/sour grapes. She knows if anyone goes after Sire the way Nya went after Eli, neither she nor Sire will be spared. She's got thin skin and she's made some life choices that sound like crap when said out loud by someone who has no interest in or pity for your "struggle." Yes, her kid is one of the front-runners in this competition, but she's been incredibly ungracious about it, she knows it, and is uneasy about those chickens coming home to roost.
  12. sleepyjean

    American Beauty Star

    Scootch over so I can sit. We'll be petty together. Jool-ery makes me physically cringe. I don't know, Oz is just as bad. Brittney's was sad this week, but Oz's hot pink ombre wig and hot pink eyelids took the cake for me. And speaking of wigs, ok Christie, we get that you learned some fun new lingo. Give the wig snatching and wig flying a rest please. Totally agree. I figured why not too. I've got one foot out the door now. If this show comes back next year, I have feeling the answer to "why not" will be "because this show still sucks." Ok, but why were they still fooling around with accessories? Ricardo was fooling around with shoes and bag, and Jayson's model had that huge necklace on, but he decided she needed even more jewelry? Why? Was the sponsor pushing it? (Side note: As Nina Garcia would say, this jewelry did not "look expensive.") To be fair, that is a pretty low bar. Adriana, bless her....this was not her wheelhouse. Ashley is ok. I don't dislike her, but I can't make myself like her either. There's something about her that is just a little off-putting for me and I can't put my finger on it. At first, I thought photoshop was to blame, and it is, in part. The guy who does the photoshopping for this show must also have a side job touching up those creepy pageant photos I used to see on Toddlers and Tiaras. They've all got those unnatural looking "doll eyes." But aside from photoshop, I think they re-shoot the models later. I can't think of another reason why this model (Rachel, I think?) was missing those little crystals at the inner corners of her eyes. Not that I missed them. I think they re-did her makeup. There were so many things that seemed off this week. Why were the models wearing flip flops in the photos shown during "concept' time? Since when is "concept" a verb? As in "We have 15 minutes to concept" Is that lingo or is that BS? Why, with only 15 minutes to concept, were the stylists screwing around - fooling around with accessories, twirling around in the dresses and horsing around with the wigs, etc. Why did that one stylist, who had just seen his model in the dress, and had photo of her wearing the dress on his tablet, and had the dress physically in front of him, why was he fussing with hanging up the dress and photographing it again? Why were so many of the outfits so bad? The blush/beige pantsuit was fantastic. I loved the gold and fuschia gowns. The green dress was 4 inches too short. The lavender dress was terrible and the blue one cut down to the waist was unflattering. The dark blue with the portrait neckline was way too low on her torso. That neckline was about an inch above her nipples. Why did two of the models show up with hair in twists/braids that had to be undone before a new style could be done? With only 2 hours to do hair and makeup, that doesn't seem fair. All of the models should be barefaced with hair down and clean. A blank slate for everyone. I'd also like to know how the models are assigned. And finally, I've had enough of the weekly discussion about black girl hair. It is pathetic to show up on this program whining about knowing nothing about this hair type. It makes them look lazy and unprepared, and it's just as inexcusable as contestants on project runway complaining about having to make pants, or a garment for someone over a size 2. Having said that, it's been three weeks and I believe the topic has been exhausted. Thank you Oz. Let's move on.