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  1. Starchild

    S02.E04: An Obol for Charon

    I was thinking that the Ba'ul have been oppressing the Kelpians because they fear the power of their "second" stage.
  2. Starchild

    S02.E03: Point of Light

    Regardless, like everything else in DISCO, it's a lot more technologically advanced than the Klingons would be a century later.
  3. Starchild

    S1.E12: Vietnam

    I was going into this one ready to blast it, based on the episode description, because I couldn't see a guy like Mike actively trying to get his sons out of military service. So this turned out better than expected.
  4. Starchild

    S02.E03: Point of Light

    No wait. This is what confused me last season. Didn't we land on Voq's body being transformed into Ash's (the memory of the all the physical torture was actually that procedure), with Ash's personality grafted on? Then there was so little left of Voq physically and mentally that he just couldn't survive? L'rell had to let him go. Right? Seriously flawed procedure for a spy.
  5. Starchild

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    That was cute, I'd like an Isaac. I don't think I'm fond of the way that Bortus doesn't show his spouse much respect, let alone affection.
  6. Starchild

    S02.E03: Point of Light

    Ah OK. Funny that The Orville thread is hotter than DISCO. The canon ST show clearly has some ground to make up after last season.
  7. Starchild

    S02.E03: Point of Light

    Is it just me or was that a confusing mess of an episode? Seemed a little ambitious. My favourite part was with Tilly. Wasn't Stamets leaving? Not that I want him to but, did I miss something?
  8. Starchild

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    I love this show but: 1) Why would you keep two undesirable extraterrestrials in your prison camp, rather than kicking them off the planet with the rest of their people? 2) If the Union is saying it's unacceptable to interfere with this world's laws, how is a fake star that transforms their entire society and culture not resulting in court martial for Mercer? 3) Speaking of court martial, Kelly and Bortus: their lives were not in immediate danger when they attempted their escape. In a sensitive first contact situation, how do they get away with killing all of these people and not even undergoing an inquiry, never mind actual charges?
  9. Starchild

    S02.E01: Brother

    I think it's also because the standard Trek dynamic since TNG has been an ensemble, where all the characters get their chance to shine. DISCO hasn't really done that yet, it's still all about Burnham. When they get into trouble, we're not thinking "How will they get out of it?", but "How will Michael get them out of it?" The team of those two women (sorry don't remember everyone's names yet, but this episode has got us off to a good start on that) saving the day with the pods was really refreshing. Although of course Burnham got into it as well. But the most irritating thing for me about her is the non-stop intensity. Jeebus, it's like, choosing what to have for lunch is probably treated like it's life or death decision. It's exhausting. Lighten up, gurl.
  10. Starchild

    S02.E01: Brother

    I love Tig but I must admit that my familiarity with her did kind of pull me out of the show a bit. I think she'd work a bit better for people who didn't already know her through standup.
  11. Starchild

    S02.E01: Brother

    Now that was more like it! The Orville is no longer the only Trek on TV. I just wish Michael was less Mary-Sueish. Nobody is this perfect. And so intense. I hope the lighter atmosphere continues, and lightens her up as well.
  12. Starchild

    S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    For reasons, I couldn't watch this until today. Most unbelievable thing for me is that, when Jared was touch-and-go in the hospital, why would no one notify his wife?
  13. Starchild

    S02.E05: The Woman in the Wall

    Low bar.
  14. Starchild

    The Man and the Baby and the Man

    LOL you guys are we the only 3 people still watching these?
  15. Starchild

    S02.E08: A Nightmare

    OK so it wasn't just me thinking my PVR cut off. Drogo I don't see a thread for the previous one with the couple making a baby. Not that I'm asking you to create one if it was missed, because that one was fucking awful.