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  1. Apollo

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Michelle Collins -- I like her. She's very funny and YES - she'd make a perfect host! If she'd just sit in bigger chairs, she wouldn't look like such a giant.
  2. Apollo

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Well, now you have me thinking. Kalani called her sister "the Dad" of her baby boy too. Everything is a bit twisted, right? ... Especially the long, intensely drawn-out staring contests they have over every manufactured drama. I keep thinking what a hilarious skit MADtv would have done with them, if it were still airing. Then again, they're already parodies of themselves at this point!
  3. Apollo

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Yes, I wonder about that. Do some of these people drag it out, no matter how agonizing or awkward, just to keep getting paid by this franchise? I wonder if they're paid per show or do they get a lump sum for completing all their obligations? It would have to be a LOT of money, enough to buy a nice home at the end of it all, for me to be risk being humiliated on such a grand scale, as most of them are.... and even then, I'd have to consider relocating afterwards! LOL -- I am so introverted, it would kill me! Also, just discovered Anfisa's YT channel and she has more than 350,000 subs... that can bring in good ad money on YT, especially if something goes viral.... so, that is pretty good long term income as her channel grows, even though she had to put up with hell from the public for a very long time.
  4. Apollo

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    That is sad also. I feel sorry for them both. I think they both need to find different people too. Of course, whoever did the abusing first, ought to be charged with domestic assault and if it was her, she needs to go back to her country.
  5. Apollo

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    This is really sad. Looks like Larissa and Colt beat each up other pretty badly. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/90-day-fiance-star-larissa-arrested-in-violent-fight-with-husband-colt-johnson
  6. Apollo

    S07.E17: I Still Do?

    LOL :-)
  7. Apollo

    S07.E17: I Still Do?

    On Bobby & Danielle: Okay, so, just checking into these boards for the 1st time in a long time -- I have not gone through all the earlier threads from the beginning of this season, so I don't know what everyone thinks yet -- but, I am so surprised, on this latest thread, that literally no one thinks it's odd that Bobby has been jumping through hoops for Danielle from day one, taking on her commitments and responsibilities while she was away for work and sort of instantly becoming a house-husband and bending to her every wish. NOW, if that doesn't create an "argument-free" relationship, what will? Didn't she also say she wasn't ready for home-life/Mom-life yet, because of her commitment to her career? That she could NOT see herself "at home" when she spoke to his Mom and sister. Exactly what has changed? Will he now be caring for the random foster puppies (and poop) and the baby too, while she's away someplace? I want the best for them both, especially now that a precious life is on the way, but I am wondering about the 360 turn? I cringed this entire show each time he took on something else for her and how he waited an eternity for some verbal feedback of her feelings, which still seems orchestrated by producers, especially in this last episode, where she turns to face him . . . Seemed like she was being told to do that to "create a moment". She was never rude or aggressive towards him and seems like a lovely person, but I just kept feeling like she was bound and determined to "get her way" in a very quiet sort of way. Is there something I am missing? Anyone else pick up on this?
  8. Apollo

    S04.E07: Week 4, Night 1

    I think his eyes are devastatingly amazing and that's where it ends for me...unless he is one of those men who smell naturally amazing too - that's totally ALL he could possibly have besides those eyes. He has the exact personality of awkward, mumbling, middle school boys who've barely kissed a girl yet. I did not hear him say one thing of substance. He also sent endless mixed messages to Kristina and strung her along mercilessly and then complimented her quite a bit too. I can see how she was confused, yet, the moment she knew that he had kissed Danielle, it should have been DONE. He had them both under a spell and Danielle played it cool to get what she wanted. I agree with most people here - Raven is a "queen-bee" type, along with Jasmine, and they're both jerks.
  9. Apollo

    S04.E05: Week 3, Night 1

    Is Taylor's uptalk, vocal-fry and psycho-babble making anyone else's brain explode? Why is Jasmine's low-class behavior and threats of violence being normalized? If a man did this, it would be the end of the world. She's a controlling, unstable jerk.
  10. This is a comment I made about Chantal. There's nothing wrong with her English.
  11. I agree with all of this, except that I don't think Chantal is dumb at all. If she were, she would have made a fool out of herself by now and it doesn't look like she has. She knows when to remain quiet and she's doing a great job learning Spanish too. It also seems like she is willing to talk things out with others. I'd much rather get into a disagreement with HER any day, over Anfisa, Loren or Pao. I feel she really loves her husband and has been incredibly tolerant of Drizella and Anastasia, also known as his Mom and sister. LOL :-)
  12. LOL You're just so darn practical! :-)