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  1. chocolatine

    Good Girls

    I'm glad Boomer is dead, mostly because I was getting tired of the will they/won't they kill him storyline over the past couple of episodes. I found the way Mary Pat handled it very contrived though, she could have just told the cops she broke up with him, and he was stalking her and lurking behind her car. I can't help but feel that she's trying to set up the girls to get caught and then pin the murder on them. I don't care if Rio has high tea with the Queen of England, he's still a lowlife.
  2. chocolatine

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    I guess it's progress that they removed him. Just last year, they let Lincoln, a convicted sex offender, stay on Becca's season until he was eliminated.
  3. chocolatine

    S05.E10: My Fault Is Past

    I like having this show back, but I can barely watch Jamal's scenes anymore. Can't wait until that idiot is off my screen. I do too. She's a guest at the Lyon house, plays loud music in the middle of the night, and gives her hosts' son attitude when he asks her to keep it down. What an entitled brat. While the Drip Drop burn was hilarious, Maya still sucks overall. I also don't think she's anything special as a dancer, so I loved that the beautiful man from Memphis showed her up by being both a better dancer and a more gracious and humble human being. I'm a little confused about when Jeff Kingsley was conceived - before the winter break I thought Jeff was a few years younger than Andre and Lucious definitely cheated on Cookie, but now it sounds like he met Tracy before he met Cookie? Or at least before he became serious with her? And is it just me, or does Tracy look like an older, hard-living Rhonda?
  4. chocolatine

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    There are two Matt Ds! I couldn't keep Hannah G and Hannah B straight until halfway through the season, so I'm already giving up on the two Matt Ds. There's gotta be some other way to distinguish them at rose ceremonies, unless they're planning to split any rose Matt D gets in half.
  5. chocolatine

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I don't disagree with you that the coaches and admissions people behaved abominably, but I think the parents are just as bad. It's the height of entitlement to think that their already privileged kids deserved to go to Ivy League schools more than kids who are intelligent/talented/hardworking enough get in on their own merits. And it must be really shitty for those kids to know that the intellect/talent/work ethic they do have is not good enough for their parents. If a kid can only get into a state school on their own, does that make the kid a loser in the parents' eyes? This is especially a bad look for Huffman/Macy since the media used to treat them like a perfect couple who are so talented yet so down to earth. Macy probably won't get fired from Shameless since he wasn't indicted, but I don't expect either him or his wife to get any prestige work after this.
  6. chocolatine

    S09.E14: Found

    I'm really happy that Fiona's exit didn't involve JimmySteve. I've always thought he was a piece of shit who got a kick out of lying to everyone, including Fiona. Loved the scene with Frank and Fiona talking without looking at each other, as well as the scene with Fiona and Ian with him being so supportive of her leaving. BTW, Ian is looking well, seems like he's taking his meds. This episode would have made an excellent series finale, too bad Showtime won't put the show out of its misery.
  7. chocolatine

    Past Season (and Contestant) Discussion

    Yes. On Josh's hometown date, his mother insisted that the entire family has to go to all of Aaron's games, and if Andi were to marry Josh, she'd have to go to every game as well.
  8. I'm just devastated about Luke Perry's passing! Beverly Hills 90210 was the first show I started watching after emigrating from the former Soviet Union in the early 90s. I can't even put into words what that show meant to me at the time - beauty, aspiration, freedom, so many things. I felt like an outcast at my new school, but once kids found out I watched 90210, we had something in common. I idolized Luke and the other actors. Now I feel like a piece of my childhood died.
  9. chocolatine

    S09.E13: Lost

    I distinctly remember a scene in the first or second episode after the winter break where Fiona walks by her old apartment building, looking drunk and disheveled, and sees workers boarding it up and putting up demolition signs. She tells one of the workers that she used to own the building, and he tells her "right, and I used to own the Sears tower". Then she finds out (it's unclear exactly how, but my guess is public records search) that Max sold it to a condo developer for $450k, so he made a tidy profit. Max is not the kind of guy who loses money on RE deals.
  10. chocolatine

    S09.E13: Lost

    I can't believe Fiona is letting the smarmy real estate guy take advantage of her again. If he's going to "buy her out", it means she's only getting back what she invested, and he's going to make a ton of profit in 6-12 months. I know this is setting up the storyline of her leaving the show, but still. I hate all the adults for not noticing that Liam has been gone for two days, briefly being "worried" about him, then forgetting about him again by dinnertime. That said, his friend's grandma is too permissive. She should have asked Liam for Fiona's number so she could call and check if it was OK for Liam to stay that long. Debbie, the reason nobody loves you is because you are the kind of person who tries to poach her brother's girlfriend. She has no sense of boundaries and takes everything too far (and has since the very beginning of the show when she stole a baby), which is why I've never liked her as a character. Also, FFS, stop confining Frannie to that playpen for hours at a time. She's outgrown it a long time ago.
  11. chocolatine

    S23.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    Actually both Hannahs were in Miss Alabama pageants. Caelynn calling her stepfather John and not dad made me sad. My aunt, whom my grandfather raised since she was five years old, called him dad, and even after he passed away and she reconnected with her biological father, she still refers to my grandfather as dad and to her biological father by his name. I liked Tayshia's family the most (how adorable is her little brother?) but I still don't like Tayshia after last week's gossiping and this week's skydiving "surprise". I know this is shallow and borderline mean, but I have to say it: If Caelynn is the next Bachelorette, I hope Fleiss pays for a very expensive plastic surgeon to fix whatever it was she had done to her face. It's so uncomfortable to look at, especially since she's only 23.
  12. chocolatine

    S09.E12: You'll Know the Bottom When You Hit It

    I think the scene between Frank and Fiona was brilliant *because* Frank was wrong. It was the moment when Fiona realized that if she keeps drinking she'll end up a delusional loser like Frank. *That* is her rock bottom.
  13. chocolatine

    S09.E12: You'll Know the Bottom When You Hit It

    I think it was in first episode after the break. Fiona was walking past and saw workers putting up the demolition signs.
  14. chocolatine

    S09.E12: You'll Know the Bottom When You Hit It

    The smarmy real estate guy to whom she sold the building sold it to a condo developer at a $250k profit. The building is about to be demolished and nobody lives there anymore, hence the mess.
  15. chocolatine

    S09.E12: You'll Know the Bottom When You Hit It

    Usually I can't stand Frank, but he was great in this episode. Who knew he'd be the one to finally get through to Fiona, *and* quote some REM lyrics in the process!