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    Kardashians in the Media

    Everyone the Kardashian-Jenners Have Ever Dated in One Nifty Chart
  2. vast wasteland


    Khloe Kardashain sets pulses racing as she breaks out a sweat in electrifying new Instagram photo At first glance, I thought she looked like Carmen Electra. Then I thought that her head looked strangely small for her body. Then I thought, oh, of course. It's Khloe, so it's over-photoshopped.
  3. JoJo Siwa on Grabbing Justin Bieber's Attention and Her Signature Bows Was not familiar with Jojo Siwa. For others in the same boat, here's an interview with her on Fallon: First impression: quite the young shill. Second impression: very shrill. Third impression: will be interesting to read about her life in twenty years.
  4. What Was Kim Kardashian's First Job? Thought this, though it of course has the caveat "reportedly," was an interesting concept. If true, way to milk the KUWTK cash cow.
  5. North West Is Adding YouTuber to Her Resume & I Just Really Need a Nap North West's Vlogger Dreams Will Soon Come True, Thanks to Jojo Siwa
  6. And it begins... Kim Kardashian's daughter North West set to star in YouTube video alongside teen sensation JoJo Siwa Joining forces: Jojo Siwa is teaming up with North West to film a new YouTube video
  7. vast wasteland

    Episode ideas/episodes you'd like to see

    Liv is accused of sexual assault on Amanda. Finn confesses he has taped their encounters. Liv escapes a guilty verdict by whispering compassionately and using inane phrases. After the trial, where she is exonerated (but Amanda does get to do an emotional PTSD speech), Liv is promoted to Captain. All under her command are required to take Emotive Whispering classes. Noah grows up to be a defense attorney, specializing in mob cases. He never whispers.
  8. vast wasteland

    S20.E18: Blackout

    I was actually rather enjoying this plot line until: Liv put on her vintage nursing outfit to go out with Rob Miller. The "look at me, I'm acting" whispering started when she was at the bar with Rob Miller. "I'm sorry that can't be true, I have my son in the car." In what convoluted universe does this mean she is a good driver? Doesn't that mean that at other times, sonless, she HAS driven poorly? Ah, and we experience the opposite end of the very short spectrum of Marisa's acting ability when she raises her voice (with emphasis) when speaking with her boss. Whispering resumes at the confrontation with the bad guy upon his arrest. Wolf analog. "And nobody helps the wolf when he's bleeding." Really? Could there be poorer, more quasi philosophical, melodramatic writing? And of course, recognizing her moment and utilizing one of the two skills in her arsenal, Liv whispers the words. To say nothing of the fact that in all other bad guy plots the kingpin maintains all his power even behind bars. Hello El Chapo. Interaction with Nickie in the closing scene? I know you will find this hard to believe, but Liv demonstrates her incredible empathy and the huge arsenal of her acting skills, by....wait for it....Whispering!
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    Kylie Jenner Is Still Insisting She’s “Self-Made”
  10. vast wasteland


    People Are Angry At Khloe Kardashian For Promoting Flat Tummy Meal Replacements And yes, Jameela Jamil has responded.
  11. vast wasteland

    Kardashians in the Media

    Here Are All The Ways The Kardashians Make Money
  12. vast wasteland


    Khloe takes a moment from her devastated achy breaky heartache to hawk her wares. Cure for angst? Photoshop and Flat Tummy Tea. Strange Brew: Reality Stars Are The Active Ingredient For Flat Tummy Tea
  13. vast wasteland


    You know, it occurred to me that you, Khloe, would be the perfect subject for a academic paper on people who are obsessed with altering the reality of their looks. Perhaps you suffer from photophrenia. From Urban Dictionary: Photophrenia is a serious disorder which affects how people think of photos. Someone with photophrenia may have difficulty distinguishing between which pictures are real and which are Photoshopped.
  14. vast wasteland


    Khloe Kardashian shares very pouty selfie after getting backlash for posting message about 'loving your racist neighbor' By Khloe, Khloe, Khloe. Stand outside at 2:00 AM. Look up for 15 minutes. Extrapolate that distance, that black star studded void you see, out to infinity. Its purpose was NOT to create you. And always remember this, in the grand scheme You ARE insignificant. Plus I thought you said you where a Christian. Didn't God create you? As always, such uplifting words. Here is an example of the poetry that is you. edited to add: this seems to be appropriate to post here: