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  1. dargosmydaddy

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Sorry, I meant that to come across as "flesh color of the wearers" (i.e. Duggar flesh color), not a generic statement. (In my original post I wrote "nude" at first... not sure if that would have been any less problematic phrasing, but I changed it after realizing no one wants to picture a Duggar nude...)
  2. dargosmydaddy

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Those matching dresses (second picture) are... interesting. I'm assuming there must be a panel under the bodice, but at a quick glance they don't really look up to Duggar modesty standards.
  3. dargosmydaddy

    The Passage

    IMDB is notoriously inaccurate and frequently does not list upcoming episode credits for various actors (even if the episode is already filmed, like tonight's). And they wouldn't be listing any episodes for next season since next season doesn't exist yet.
  4. dargosmydaddy

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    WTF is the Duggar deal with sitting on tables?! Why is Derrick in particular-- a grown-ass man-- sitting that way?!
  5. dargosmydaddy

    House Calls - The Cast in Other Roles

    Matthew Glave (Carter's med school rival Dale) was on last week's episode of The Rookie. I would not have recognized him had someone not mentioned the actor's name in the thread. He looked old!
  6. dargosmydaddy

    S01.E15: Manhunt

    I'm pretty sure the guy identified West senior by his first name (which was something fairly uncommon, I think?); it was only then that Jackson confirmed it was his dad. Ack! I still remember Matthew Glave as Carter's smarmy nemesis on ER. He did not age well. (Although I guess that was about twenty years ago, so... yikes! I feel old now.)
  7. dargosmydaddy

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    This is a family (well, the Duggars, anyway, I don't know about Lauren's family) that goes barefoot around horses and construction areas, wears flip-flops while hiking and working with power tools, doesn't wear helmets while biking, allows toddlers to climb on all sorts of high/ unstable surfaces... no helmets while skating is hardly the worst/ most surprising of their safety faux pas... Besides, God will protect them, don't ya know!
  8. dargosmydaddy

    S09.E03: Sleepless in Laredo

    I didn't see the episode but saw a screenshot on FJ, and she looked like the girl that appeared in a few of Anna's Instagram posts before. (She went to the sewing class with Jordyn and Mckynzie.) Anna referred to her as "cousin Emily," and I think someone figured out she was a relative on Michelle's side? No idea why she seems to be hanging out at the compound so much.
  9. dargosmydaddy

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    You're right, I went back and watched the scene again, too. At first I thought Arthur was absent as well, and maybe she was in the nursery with him (she's next youngest, right?), but he is there being held by a nursemaid and was the first introduction. Poor Louise. And according to close captioning, Alfred was "Affie."
  10. dargosmydaddy

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Bertie was upset at the end because he lost his mouse (and maybe the corner he was "cowering" in was the last place he'd seen it?). Which I had issues with for a whole other reason... the mouse got lost at least half a dozen times in the episode (Bertie even appeared to leave it outdoors at one point in the scene where he wished his mother would die) and he always got it back eventually, so I don't know what made this time any different. Also, were pet mice a thing back then? We saw Victoria's extreme aversion to rats in series one-- would she really encourage her son in his love of small rodents? It just seemed like a lazy set-up so Victoria could make her point about love. I thought she was introduced first? I want to say they went in reverse age order, minus the baby, but maybe I'm imagining things and they just started with Helena?
  11. dargosmydaddy

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    I have not been watching this season religiously, but I did catch all of this episode, and I thought for a moment there that they were trying to set up Feodora as an impostor what with Uncle Leopold not recognizing her. I mean, I guess it was just to show that it had been awhile and he'd never really noticed/ cared about her much to begin with, but it got me thinking. I mean, this show does love it's over-the-top soap opera tropes. Has it been twenty years since anyone in the family has seen Feo? If she bore a passing resemblance to the real Feo-- and maybe also knew her or had some way of knowing inside info of Victoria's childhood... OK, probably not. But on this show, you never know!
  12. Does this count? Her smile borders on grimacing/ showing teeth. Brooklyn is one of my fave lil fundies because, like Sam Dillard and Davia Waller, she usually looks like she's over her parents' sh*t. (I realize that this is just their natural expressions, but it's still funny.) I wonder if it drives Princess Erin nuts that her toddler doesn't "keep sweet"? Especially considering Carson and Brooklyn are always smiley.
  13. dargosmydaddy

    Rookie Blue

    ION Life is currently airing all day Rookie Blue marathons on Fridays and Saturdays, if anyone cares. (ION Life is a free channel that I get on my sad little antenna TV, and I found it on Verizon FIOS, too.)
  14. dargosmydaddy

    S01.E13: Valentine's Day

    I think they aired the episodes out of order, and this was originally supposed to be before "Vietnam." Will be interesting to see if the cast makes a reappearance, or if it really is completely forgotten, sitcom-style.