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  1. luckyroll3

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    Marlo at work:
  2. luckyroll3

    S09.E18: Reunion Part 3

    I didn't mind Amber, but hated her damn husband. And if they are still a package deal, then she needs to stay far far away.
  3. luckyroll3

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    Shamari needs to take it easy when she goes out. But I think what's really funny is that she clearly had in her drunk brain, "production wanted me to talk about this (Nene's marriage issues), so I gotta do it; I can't forget!" Which led to that hilarious moment near the end when the other ladies had wrapped up their closet-gate session, only to get bulldozed by Shamari and her single-track, alcohol fueled mission.
  4. Is it National Gorgon Month at the CW? Three of their shows have featured a gorgon/Medusa in the last week.
  5. luckyroll3

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    I keep wondering what Nene's reaction would be if the airing of her wedding were interrupted with clips of someone else's. I also loved how everybody apologized for their part in the melee that happened, except for Nene.
  6. The wedding was beautiful. Eva looked amazing and so did all the ladies. I also loved the bridesmaid's maroon dresses.
  7. luckyroll3

    RHoA in the Media

    I wouldn't be surprised. She had that same mentality when she started working with Ryan Murphy and then got a role on that awful sitcom of his. Then all of a sudden, she was too good for the show and the other ladies.
  8. What a great article! I was initially surprised when I heard he was one of the writers on the new Veronica Mars reboot, but he's a really great writer. And so glad to know that he's been a long-time viewer. Much of his analysis was spot on.
  9. luckyroll3

    S33.E06: In Love and War

    I said the exact thing to myself when he got called into the elimination round. He is a mediocre competitor at best and every time he's made it far, save for his first challenge, has been to his Johnny alliance. The only time he's actually impressed me was when he taught himself to swim after almost killing himself one challenge. He's a nice-ish guy, but being up Johnny's ass and the self-importance that has given him has just not been cool.
  10. luckyroll3

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    Team Mariah was absolutely awful. I mean, the greatest thing about Mariah, besides all the absolute shade she throws at everybody ("I don't know her" - which is what they should have said anytime anyone mentioned Arianna Grande or some other singer, duh), is that she prefers only her right side to be filmed/photographed and she loves lounging on chaises. There is so much the could have done with that just that! Ugh! I'm glad they were all in the bottom, because it was collectively and spectacularly an entire group fail. And that lipsync was more exciting than most of the lipsync's on the last all-stars.
  11. luckyroll3

    The Rap Game

    She's looking a little...rough? Maybe not rough, but harsh. Her hair is way too dark and she can barely keep her eyes open with those lashes on.
  12. luckyroll3

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    This so much, especially the bolded. It's like Brent learned that if he says about a girl, "I gave her a piece of me that no one else has ever had" (or whatever bullshit he kept repeating) while making mopey, sad eyes, that he'll not only garner sympathy for being "sensitive" but that they'll also forget all the awful shit he did to said girl. I cannot stand Jonnita, and while she was clearly trying to get camera time by approaching Brent while he was "being sad" in the bunk, I was happy she started listing off everything Brent did when he tried to say he never did anything wrong. What a douche. Can I just say that I would totally watch a show about Panos driving around Greece in his tiny car trying to solve problems while looking fabulous and being snarky, and calling Lindsay on the phone to tell her all about it and get her opinion only for him to solve it his way anyway because he can't deal with Lindsay always being a big ole softy. Get rid of these other losers and make that happen, MTV!
  13. luckyroll3

    Siesta Key

    Watching Paulie's face crack when grandma hit him with that "my car" was GOLD. He is such a loser. That he would not only swindle his grandma into paying his bail and smile while recounting the story, and then in the next breath to demand that Alex's dad help him, is so beyond douchey. And then when I remember that he's almost 30!!!!!!!! If he was in my family, his ass would be out on the street until he got a real job. If Alex plays his cards right, he might get double the inheritance....and then Juliette will NEVER leave him. I thought Madisson was supposed to be the smart one. The way she guzzled Ben's bullshit was ridiculous. I know she felt like a dumbass when she saw the episodes.
  14. luckyroll3

    S01.E13: The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do

    I agree that this was a great episode. For some reason, I knew Landon was a phoenix, but I can't for the life of me recall why or what they said/showed in a previous episode that made me think that. To be honest, Landon is more on the scrawny side compared to both Tyler (oh boy!) and Raf. Now anytime they want to make Raf wake up clothes-less in the woods (or anywhere), I'll be here for it. #noshame
  15. luckyroll3

    Siesta Key

    I haven't watched yet, but I'm so looking forward to seeing this! LMAO!