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  1. mxc90

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    In the long run, it seems likely that Red will find some way to help her. The damage from her near drowning was due to hypoxia, lack of oxygen. The damage was done at the time of the event. It does not get worse over time. Besides, in many cases, patients with her level of aphasia often improve in the short term. The writers must have done enough research to give themselves an out for her condition else her contract has not been renewed and she is gone which is unfortunate. The show needs a strong woman character. IMO. Thank you for this info. Sorry! I wasn't clear with my comment about Samar. In the preview for next week, I think Cooper said the team is being targeted (or something like that). So I wondered if Samar will be sacrificed for this plot. He sure wasn't. The things you pick up in prison! Terrible place! The worst. Once in a while, criminals should be nice: give him the running route and offer for him to go first. He still won't catch them but at least it was thought that counts.
  2. mxc90

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    I give those actors credit: they looked legitimately scared to be around Dembe (the director must have told them to relax and act natural). When Samar, Ressler, and the other agents entered the apartment, Samar was one of the last to enter but she was the first to engage Moreau. The apartment wasn't that big, where did the others go? How did they miss him?
  3. mxc90

    S04. E16. The One Where Jane Visits an Old Friend

    The writers were lazy with this execution. They didn't bother explain (Tasha has super eyesight or hearing) or go with the old trope of showing a sun glare off the rifle's scope, have "always" alert Tasha put two and two together quickly and run for cover. Yes! At times, they look uncomfortable and real tight on her. Is it the actress' choice what to wear or she has no say in wardrobe decisions?
  4. mxc90

    S04. E16. The One Where Jane Visits an Old Friend

    She has ran her course and needs to leave. The show needs to find a formidable villain. They shouldn't have killed off Roman.
  5. mxc90

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    Ressler is terrible at foot chasing. The first attempt, he couldn't catch up and lost Moreau (a man twice his age) in a group of construction workers. The second attempt at a chase, he (learned his lesson) let Liz run and jumped in the SUV (made the quickest K turn in TV history). Red should be thanking Copper everyday! Felt sorry the lady courier got stabbed and glad Moreau took a bullet to the head. Samar saying goodbye to Copper was sad. I wonder if she won't survive next week. Was Liz needed this episode (actress picked up a check for doing nothing)? When the 4 people were playing the game, I wasn't paying full attention and thought it was a TV commercial. When Red said "cunnilingus", I said what kind of f*@king commercial for a game is this? Then realized the show was back on. Now that he's out, I hope Red buys him eyeglasses frames smaller than what he's currently wearing.
  6. mxc90

    S04. E16. The One Where Jane Visits an Old Friend

    "Always smiling" Madeline's "crazy super villain" employer Yelp ratings and reviews are going to suffer if she keeps killing the hired help. Who would want to work for this paranoid lunatic? So in 6 days, she gets a little victory, then ultimately fail and then try again (cycle repeats). She is persistent, if nothing else and is reaching the "Wile E. Coyote" level of futility. This woman needs to go on a long vacation and reassess her goals in life (super villain isn't working). The cartel's "chief" hit man couldn't hit slow moving Zapata and Reade but the HCI executives are easy prey. Rich's "The Queen's Midtown tunnel" joke was so wrong but funny! I forgot about Borden. I thought he was dead. Why would Jane think he would give a crap to help her? But he manages to get her to cry and apologize (well done sir). When Weller smiled at the end thinking the job was done, I should have known something was up. Tasha must have an endless supply of fake leather pants.
  7. mxc90


    I've watched from the start and I'm staying for now. The cast is OK. The premise is a little bothersome: civilian Kick is allowed to carry a gun (yes, she has a license), go in the field with the other agent by knocking down doors, interview witnesses, picking bank vault locks and engaging violent criminals. But I guess the show needs to find a way to get her in the action instead of staying on the plane and consult. Also, her friend was picked up off the street by the FBI and immediately granted access to their computer system?!?!?! Chris Noth's character must have pissed off his superiors to not have better, qualified agents at his disposal and had to lean hard on these two civilians to help find missing people.
  8. mxc90

    Station 19

    I know it was a "throw away scene" but in a workplace, shouldn't Andy lock the door to the shower (especially when outsiders like Kathleen can just walk in and roam). Second test on Sullivan's road to redemption: helping the fellas paint and loosen them up with dance moves (You will get there Sully! You looked goofy but I have faith!) It's bothersome to see time wasted: the call for the aid car comes in, Jack and Maya waste time talking about who will drive. The aid car is parked behind the truck, so time is further wasted to back out from the rear of the house. Why send two people to tend to a "boo boo" call in a train tunnel? Dispatch has to know there are many people on a train, at least send a few more. When did Station 19 earn their legendary status? Not with this current staff. As lieutenant, Jack should have been aware of the outbreak advisory. Score one for Maya! What a disaster! Why is CDC 30 minutes away? Where were the other fire house's aid cars to assist? Andy and the others didn't know about the outbreak until the tv news report? Was this a "recruitment episode" to get more women fire fighters or an endorsement for rice? Poor Neil, gives up his seat many times and she never once said "thanks". She knows his name, sees him many times but doesn't know if he is married!!?? Nice to see Jack rise to the occasion (in the train car and in the shower). Andy! Your childhood home is getting sold. Get over it! Kathleen needs to know she is no role model! I'm sure the asshole executive will win his lawsuit. Is the security guard allowed to walk around with a taser away from his job? Does Ryan have any police work to do? With Kathleen's introduction, I wonder if someone is leaving?
  9. mxc90

    Whiskey Cavalier

    The first fight as a married couple line was funny. Did they explain how they got rid of Ito's body? The first bridesmaid with dark hair looked a little like Lauren (I thought it was her at first)
  10. mxc90

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    Midas: You been in the game long? Grey: Almost 20 years. Midas: Then you know, I just can't rescind the greenlight. Its gotta come from Cole. Did Grey get bad intel about the father's golden touch? Or already knew he couldn't call it off, went to the prison with his fingers crossed, deliver news about the money he's losing hoping he'd crack? Or just under estimated Cole's stupidity? They may not get that far. Get it all out now. Earthquake next week!
  11. I agree. The writers forgot to check their notes.
  12. mxc90

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I can see West's father appointed the next captain. They dropped the hint of him being dirty a few episodes back. Now they can make him captain and go deeper into that story. Too bad the show never introduced Andersen's second in command.
  13. mxc90

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    If Cole had decided to get in a shoot out, the cops behind him were in an unfavorable position to get hit by friendly fire.
  14. mxc90

    S05.E17: Time Bomb

    Thanks for reminding me: I am 3 episodes behind. Mrs. Bolen must be in complete control of her power or her husband hasn't been paying attention to her. Mrs. Bolen never knew two people died at the atm was questionable. The revelation that the mayor had metas on the payroll, trying to hide the news of meta attacks to prevent panic back in 2017 is something the show should have covered more (give something meaningful for Iris to investigate). I guess the great citizens of Central City never noticed the Big Gorilla or Shark or buildings crashing down to panic.
  15. mxc90

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    Grey should have gone to the source. Once the father told him only Cole can lift the greenlight, they should have questioned anyone of the 50+ guys they had in lockup to find Cole's whereabouts (one would have talked). Grey was so quick to take the father's word and broadcast all is back to normal. I hope he isn't a news reporter after is police career is over.