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  1. Mirmommy

    S04.E10: You Can't Fix This

    This was a really good episode i was captivated the entire time. I was so nervous when tariq was in the apartment with ray ray. I was hoping they was gonna kill dre but oh well. I don't really care if he dies actuallyim just glad they know what hes been up to. I wonder if tasha is going to jail. I dont think they would put us through that storyline again tho so im excited to see what happens.
  2. Mirmommy

    S05.E08: Engaged

    This was a good episode. For once this season i could enjoy everyones storyline without getting annoyed. I I dont like Aaron either, at least not as callies boyfriend. Kinda want AJ to get back w her but at the same time i don't like how AJ was acting after they broke up so idk. The scene when graces mom walked in...hilarious. I wonder who Isabellas dad is....hmmmm
  3. Mirmommy

    S04.E08: It's Done

    I got a little lost with the whole drug storyline and the larenz tate thing i have no clue what theyre saying all i know is dre is still trying to get over and be someone he's not. Also i didnt really make the connection about angela setting sanderval up i wasnt thinking that way i guess. But anywho, yea it was pretty weird that the corny dude answered the door for ghost before getting dressed, and they use to show the little girl all the time but i dont understand why they even wrote her in if she is never there, i find it hard to believe she just is never there even when theyre eating dinner and stuff. That woman made me sad i would have felt worse if the dude raped her. But she died which us pretty sad. Did anyone else notice how fake it looked when they killed her? She reacted all late. I dont think tariq should go to the school with raina, i think she obviously is trying to get away from her crazy brother and now he's trying to follow her there. I wish the idiot parents would open their fucking eyes and deal with tariq. I like proctor i hope ghost n tommy dont kill him for being a traitor i think he just needs to protect him self and daughter. I found myself feeling a little bad when sanderval pulled out the picture of him and his wife or gf. Please for petes sake can we leave angie and ghost behind....i dont like them together at all.
  4. Mirmommy

    S05.E06: Welcome to the Jungler

    Agreed its clearly not going to last. The least they can do is try to be a little less predictable
  5. Mirmommy

    S05.E06: Welcome to the Jungler

    Right. The writers are either getting sloppy, lazy, or comfortable. If Callie is there for the art thing i dont think she should be included in college activities that are unrelated to that yet. Its simply unrealistic and a bit of a reach not to mention boring. I think the producers need to come on here and read the reviews and work on some things.
  6. Mirmommy

    S05.E06: Welcome to the Jungler

    Okay its starting to get confusing because the show is supposed to still be a few years back but theyre talking about stuff thats going on this year, that annoys me. I hate continuity mistakes. I cant imagine any guy who would hang out with a recent ex and new girlfriend in the same place...wtf What is it with brandon and alcoholics i seen the whole courtney gabe thing coming since he walked in on her. At least shes not underage but sheesh. Everything else is boring.
  7. Mirmommy

    S05.E05: Telling

    I was shocked. I thought that type of language was only allowed on The Adult Channels lol.
  8. Mirmommy

    S04.E07: You Lied to my Face

    Right! Any other time he wanna be trigger happy tho! Lol i still find him unattractive. Just not my type maybe his personality did him in for me.
  9. Mirmommy

    S04.E07: You Lied to my Face

    first of all : Larenz Tate ? i love him I dont know if they were trying to be funny, but they coulf have at least gave his character a different last name than his real life last name. I mean come on Im all for Tasha having her own life but not with ugly corny lawyer dude. Ugh i skipped past all their scenes. I cant stand him. Bevin from one tree hill. Anyone else seen her on this episode??? For the love of god will someone get tariq some help. Before its too late. Im happy the idiots are finally on to Sandervaal. I guessed on that spelling btw. I really dont understand the business crap they talk about on this show and i find it boring as hell. Its hard to follow for me.
  10. Mirmommy

    S04.E20: Until Tomorrow

    Confused on why people are saying they wished kyle was guilty, the kid was about spend his life in prison for nothing. I know, its just tv, but im just saying for all intent and purposes. Didnt care much about lenas storyline. I miss Stefs hair tbh. Why the hell did Daphne let Callie go with ?? Why didnt they all hop in the car and go to Stef? Dumb dumb dumb dumb callie. Well at least im finally caught up and i can watch it on tv now.
  11. Mirmommy

    S04.E17: Diamond in the Rough

    Well i seem to be the only one who was rooting for AJ and Callie. As much as i cant stand her i wanted them to work things out. When we saw him kiss the girl and he told callie he liked her it hurt my feelings. Kind of reminded me of all the times i was rejected by a boy for another girl. So maybe im associating their relationship with my own experiences or something. But i really like AJ and it will be hard to see him move on but i hope he stays on the show. Smh i never thought a show would hurt my feelings. Im really annoyed that they make Callie (and Brandon) hop from one person to the next. Can either of them get a mourning period? Sheesh Mariana and Jude are now at the top of my shit list, replacing Callie in the top 3.
  12. Mirmommy

    S04.E15: Sex Ed

    Really Jude how stupid could you be?
  13. Mirmommy

    S04.E08: Girl Code

    I like AJ and Callie together. But I don't like her as a person anymore. She is an asshole to everybody. Are we just going to ignore the fact that she kissed Aaron? Just because she was tired of being herself? AND when Jesus was in the hospital she was so rude to judes friend and his mom. That scene made me dislike her indefinitely. Someone needs to tell her to get over herself. And then she says she's tired of people making her feel wrong. Well you are. So shut up and stop playing victim. And she's so stupid, going around investigating , Stef said she's gonna take care of it so why are you still being an idiot? I get it, the whole situation is fd up, but she needs to be more careful. End of rant. I'm tired of her at this point. P.s Mariana is kind if an ass too, I love her in general when she's being sweet and kind, she had to grow on me tho. I loved fashion sense and her whole girls rule complex. But she can be an ass and people let her get away with it.
  14. Mirmommy

    S04.E02: Safe

    Yeah at first that was annoying me but then I realized the writers want the show to stretch thru their high school years
  15. Mirmommy

    S03.E16: EQ

    Me too! And it's crazy cause when Monte was gushing over Sallys ideas it kind of crossed my mind but I dismissed it of course, I mean she doesn't really give off Pervy vibes...but wow! I really wasn't expecting that. People these days are too freaking sensitive, I totally agree with Brandon's argument over R&j. It's not a trigger for anything it's just a play. I love AJ and I love him with Callie. Tbh I think Jesus needed that tough love from Stef but he also needed Lenas kindness. I think that's why they're such great parents. Maybe she shouldn't have been that harsh, but at that age you need to start realizing that life is very unfair and you rarely get what you want.