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  1. Finchers

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    Call me crazy but that one but house looks AWESOME to me. If I didn't love my husband I'd be so up for that polygamy situation.
  2. Finchers

    Little People in the Media

    Chris wiping away Amy's tear seemed like a very genuine moment to me.
  3. Finchers

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    Alldredges were sitting with Aspyn and Mitch at the rehearsal meal and Vanessa was shown taking a photo of two women at the wedding. It was during a moment when the narrator said her daughter's were wearing hats she's made.
  4. Finchers

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    Agreed. My kids know I will struggle when it's time for them to leave me. Even though I encourage them to spread their wings and get out there they know I will be a mess and their home is always wherever I am. So, though I can be snarky with them I would not be cool with my husband being callous about them online... especially in Kody's case where you KNOW he doesn't have that tight bond.
  5. Finchers

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    I never really thought about it that way because I think Meri is always insufferable, but, I can see your point. I myself am very opinionated and would never move somewhere I didn't 100% like just because my husband said so. But, I also didn't marry a polygamist, for a reason.
  6. Finchers

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    Christine is happy as a pig in shite that Meri was foisted from the throne. She's now Kody's number two and Robyn's new bestie. Super obvious. He has the same body as Jenelle.
  7. Finchers

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    Finally someone else was annoyed with Meri! My husband and I were rolling our eyes at her the entire time. My GOD, woman, you're in a plural relationship. You don't always get your way. She damaged the relationships by having her affair thereby slamming herself into the dog house. She's not top dog anymore because she can't be holier than thou when everyone knows what she did. I think she should be clued in when she claims it's always an issue when she's disagreeing with THEM. Perhaps she should consider that she's the issue. I do think Kody treats her with disdain and I don't even blame her for pursuing a relationship online, I would feel lonely too in her situation. But come on, stop acting confused about why "they're" treating you differently and move on to something that fulfills you. Depressing! Me too. Everyone seems appalled but I talk to my kids like this sometimes. I love my kids more than anything and I literally spend my days working my fingers to the bone to provide them with a loving home, food, laughter, a warm house, art supplies, clothing, video games, supportive conversations, extra curriculars, cell phones, tablets, spending money, school supplies, vacations etc. I'm their hair-dresser, clothes picker outer, maid, cook, chauffeur, chaperone, the runner to school of all things forgotten...and you know what? Sometimes...sometimes the world doesn't revolve 100% around my kids. I've raised them to know that and I like it that way. They want for nothing but I would have no issue letting my child know they don't command my life choices based on their fickle teenage whims. Maybe I'm just a monster.
  8. Finchers

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    I don't hate Robyn either and thought there was maybe something wrong with me as everyone else seems to... I'm not obsessed with her but I don't see her as a villain either.
  9. Finchers

    Zach and Tori

    My dad tickled me and my brother all the time. We also wrestled as much as he'd allow. Including elaborate "elbow drops" and plenty of play-by-play given by my dad. Once he tickled me so long I peed my pants and my mom yelled at him. I got cleaned up and went back to the fun. He would also give us whisker rubs on our cheeks and hold us down while letting the dog lick our ears and face, which tickled tremendously. I have nothing but fond memories of all of this and continue the tradition with my own children. My fourteen year old son wrestled me too aggressively and snapped my glasses. I'd say some families are just more physical than others. I would certainly never force my child to engage in physical play and it is very obvious, if you know your child, what they are comfortable with and what they aren't. I would say with a baby I've always disliked tickle torture as they can't give you much for cues while laughing hysterically and it just appears uncomfortable to me.
  10. Finchers

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Okay, so I consider myself to be the least nit picky person but I am really getting sick of Jeremy and Audrey. I've tried to listen to their podcast but, as someone who had been married fifteen years I'm nauseated by their giggling telling and retelling of their "dating story." Nobody gives a rats ass what you wrote on your arm in high school, auj! She thinks she's something else, that's for sure.
  11. Finchers

    S15.E15: Stacking the Deck

    She's brutal to watch. Boring and excruciatingly annoying all at the same time.
  12. Finchers

    S15.E14: Vegas, Baby!

    She gives me the creeps in the last picture. Cold, dead eyes.
  13. Finchers

    The Chrisleys in the Media

    Todd and Julie have a podcast called Chrisley Confessions that I hear is doing well. I find them very endearing as people. They seem to really love their kids.
  14. Finchers

    Chrisley Knows Best

    What money and property? I thought the line on this forum is that there is none?
  15. Finchers

    S15.E13: True Story

    I agree the names are weird but I don't think she meant it that way. I think she was just saying how would a baby look like their name before they're given it. Also, what's wrong with Penelope?