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  1. If TPTB are annoyed by a former DCC’s inquiry to whether she had point or not, I can imagine they are discussing this re: Gina. She won’t get it based on congeniality or the face (sorry but it is what it is). You’re gonna need a flirty with the camera face—Brianna, Tasha, even Madison (the one who was called out for moving someone’s locker spot or something-goodness DCC). It has to be a combo of face and power, not so much technique, right? Otherwise, Kelli, Amy, and even Jenn K or Melissa W from last year would have had it on lock. Right? *points to comment like a progressing semifinalist and her number, pose for Insta pic*
  2. Probably! A DCC fan can wish though, right? My next wish is BRIIIIIIII😂
  3. For point: technique based only vote is Gina. The face? Tasha. If they let Kashara up front without the best technique then they can let Tasha. I hope she doesn’t retire though. Edit: I’m so ashamed. SO ASHAMED. How could I forget Brianna??!! Shame on me. If they were to let a rookie/new vet rock our world at point, imma hafta bump any vet for Briannaaaaaa from TN because hells yes. I shall be a Bri For Point stan effective now. #pirouettesassypose
  4. I just got done watching the DCC’s Insta video posts that were up of Lacey at ProBowl events. I viewed them like tryouts: who stands out, who looks fab, who needs to go to Kitty’s, etc. I would say maaaaybe three dancers tops are on par with Lacey. Interesting how different the dance styles are of the NFL teams which is why I think so many are not on the same level, technique wise. I loathe the stiletto boots with dancer uniforms. It’s too much, too much😂
  5. Cappuccinagina

    2019 DCC Audition Speculation

    She has a story up of her doing contemp/lyrical with a choreographer. It’s pretty but...I’m not saying she doesn’t have time but she looks the same as last year. Keep in mind that I am a VK Life Fan, 2) I’d slap half of you heffas (just half) to have her current figure but 3) even I know DCC likes “long lean linear thighs” and minimum of three to full six pack abs. Can she achieve in a healthful manner in under four months? I hope so. Fingers crossed she comes back better in spirit, humility, and presence. Right now though...a lot to be desired. Dayton is living her best life and I wanna go take a cruise because of her cool IG photos and stuff 😂 good job dcc marketing
  6. Cappuccinagina

    2019 DCC Audition Speculation

    I think we have a ways to go. There’s the retirement announcements (which I feel like is spread out from Feb-April?, not the Jan deadline being reported here but idk, correct me), audition sign ups, the prep classes crank up their activity... I feel like they announce a set date in May at or around the Bimini trip.
  7. Cappuccinagina

    2019 DCC Audition Speculation

    I feel horrible that they are staying there until 2-3 AM, especially if they aren’t making Kardashian Kash to do so. The filming doesn’t need to be that deep. Have the lighting and film crew people show up early. How hard is it to record people dancing or trying out without adding stupid crap like slow mo, sparkles, retired ladies being shady to the new guard of dancers, “interventions” at peoples homes and gyms and with “mentors.” As a viewer, I am not asking for more upshots of their crotch while they are stretching and warming up. I just want to see some practices, the tryout phase to include as many solos as possible, and Judy’s and Kelli’s BTS of how they select dancers work. My tone is not to be snarky towards you, as I adore your posts. I’m merely commenting my two..ok fifteen cents on the 2-3AM part. My heart hurts re: Taylor. I liked her, but has she been messy at performances? Otherwise, I’m the Judy to your Kelli on my high stool, and I’m co-signing all of your suggestions.
  8. Cappuccinagina

    2019 DCC Audition Speculation

    Probably because some viewers get kerfluffled if they hear/see anything outside of the episodes themselves. There are some shows I don’t want spoilers for and some, like this one, I LIVE for spoilers and behind the scenes stuff. Probably was just a warning to the ones who want to keep their viewing pure. 😁
  9. Please pour us some tea re: people who have met her. 😝
  10. My #flipshairwinks is #PirouetteSassyPose. I love your hashtag so much and plan to add my version to snarky posts in future 😂
  11. No DCC has ever rubbed me the wrong way (except for a person who should not have made it onto the 2017-2018 and current year squads). Certain TCC have definitely annoyed the heck out me (bye Karissa holy cannoli). I feel for some who have bad photo moments (Tasha looked a lil cray a few weeks back). However, Tasha is gorgeous and I think she’s a great dancer. But I think all of them are pretty great. Can you imagine if all of us were judges?? No one would make the squad. We’d be like “Jacie, Maggie, aaaaand...Tobie can stay.” And TPTB would have to be like “for the thousandth time, they retired y’all, reti—nvm.”😂😂
  12. ***ESSAY AND I AM SORRY. WILL LIKELY EDIT TOMORROW. Hi! Veteran with 8 years in the Army, Afghanistan and Iraq time here. who has been to USO shows back in the day, hung out with cool cheerleaders who visited us at some deployed sandy places, let me just say that this convo makes me so sad. The cheerleaders came to visit us back in the day, and were super cool-it was nice chatting with NORMAL nonmilitary people when folks like them arrived! I have nothing but great things to say about DCC and other pro cheer/sports teams who came out to visit. They hung out with us at rec center areas, did some dances, it’s whatever. Nice. They asked us Army ladies how we got our long hair to stay up and pretty, makeup tips for the heat HAHA it was funny given the fact of where we were. Okay. Keep in mind men and women work together in the military and hookups are not limited to these morale shows and groups. Military folks are pretty hot, and have a crazy jobs. Add young fit people mixed with invincibility complex, throw in some civilians/cheerleaders who are also young and fit and fabulous and you have yourself firework central. Is it out of control? No. But people who wanted to get down would certainly have access and the time, and not just cheerleaders who are just enjoying their time as much as we did. As for “angry” military wives, this is very much a thing as are the gossipy ones who actually make up stuff like this to belittle or ruin another woman’s life out of nothing but jealousy. Not kidding, not being anti-women, it is like this in certain units. Witnessed false reporting ALL the time and it’s a known and joked about subject. Even if a cheerleader slept with an entire unit, who cares. I’m glad she did, get it girl, her body her orgasms, stop hating 😂. If the dudes were married, that’s on their sorry asses. Had there been a real basis to this, that is not enough to stop a USO show. If you all knew what happened when there AREN’T cheerleaders around, it would be the sluttiest reality TV of all time. Of. All. Time. Go Army Beat Navy😜😜😜 😂😂😂
  13. If Christina were to retire, I wonder if she would replace/share time with Rycroft to “mentor” the comeback kids 🙄 I roll my eyes only because I can’t wait for her to retire/get cut but the universe WOULD do this to my viewing experience. Now I will say something nice: Lacey should be treated like Kelli back in tha day and get invited back on the team next year, no try outs.
  14. I looked at it and judging from the hair, they are landing/falling down at this point so actually, Rachel is the only one holding the split the longest. That’s impressive! The rest are trying to cushion the blow by falling out of the split. Agree/disagree? I have no idea if that’s a worse landing than holding the split. I agree with you on Tasha....Tasha...girl.