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  1. Heartismyarmor

    S05.E07: Your Girl Jazz has a Boyfriend!

    That was a lot of sex talk for having only known this boy for about 2 weeks...especially considering she’s supposed to be healing. Jazz continues to have zero filter, bless her. Are we allowed to talk about the promo for next week? Because what kind of lingerie Greg likes to see Jeanette wear is something I never needed to know.
  2. Heartismyarmor

    S05.E05: It's a Girl

    That was hard to watch. Seeing Jeanette and Jazz go from happy with the results and optimistic to terrified and crying was heartbreaking.....especially when you remember it’s just them and Ari in the city with the rest of the family thousands of miles away. How scary.
  3. Heartismyarmor

    S05.E02: Scared and Unprepared

    It’s weird the way the show has been pushing this “Jazz needs to find love” storyline ever since she was 14 years old. And it always goes the same way, she meets someone, they click, it’s built up like it may last and next season it’s like it never happened.
  4. Heartismyarmor

    S05:E01 The Final Countdown

    Yeah, Jennette posted a picture of Jazz and her siblings on instagram and I was shocked when I saw her. I guess the weight loss was just for the surgery and when it was all said and done, she stopped trying.
  5. Heartismyarmor

    S04.E08: Nothing is Set in Stone

    Hmmm, I think Dr Bowers said Jazz would have to have her weight together at least 3 months before the surgery. If the tentative date is in June, she has to have lost 30 pounds by next month.
  6. Heartismyarmor

    S04.E06: Pizza Rolls, Gender Roles, and Jazz Rolls

    Valid points but I don’t think Victoria is an actress. She commented on Jazz’s instagram post about the episode after one of her friends tagged her (Jazz follows her so her comments show up directly under the post) I looked at Victoria’s public page and saw Jazz commented hearts under one of her pictures. I don’t think even TLC would make Jazz interact with a page that fans may or may not find a whole 8 weeks before the episode airs. However I think the dating in the dark guy could have been fake! Whatever happened with him anyway?
  7. Heartismyarmor

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    I was looking up something about Jazz and found an article stating that she was caught by the paprazzi while buying weed back in December. I’ll admit that I got a bit of a chuckle out of it. It’s a bit weird though, you wouldn’t think Jazz is such pap bait that she gets followed and photographed around her city. But on the bright side, she’s biking! https://radaronline.com/photos/jazz-jennings-deal-suspicious-substance-photos-i-am-jazz/
  8. Heartismyarmor

    S04.E04: Big Trouble in the Big Apple

    That tissue expander sounds horrible; just listening to that doctor describe it had me wincing. I think Jazz should reconsider the testosterone cream, it would give her more ‘material’ and could also increase her sex drive. One of the only considerable downsides is that it might cause facial hair and Jazz has said having a beard or mustache has always been one of her biggest fears.
  9. Heartismyarmor

    S04.E04: Big Trouble in the Big Apple

    I felt so bad for the twins, you could just see how disappointed they were and I also noticed the way Jeanette said she “wanted to make this more of a vacation FOR JAZZ” What about her 3 other children who were left out of the change of plans until the last moment? This is supposed to be their vacation too. On a lighter note, I love when Ari is on the show, she seems so eloquent and has a general aura of being caring but ‘over it’
  10. Heartismyarmor

    S04.E02: Weighty Issues

    Jazz mentioned in her book that she’d go to a summer camp for transgender kids so she did get to have those experiences too.
  11. Heartismyarmor

    S03.E04: Sweet Sixteen

    For my friends and I, it's an anxiety thing you know? Driving can put you under a lot of pressure if you've rarely done it. I try to explain it to my family as "You make a mistake and it can be deadly, that's a lot to handle" so I can understand if that's where Jazz comes from. But I also live in a city where it's more expected for teenagers to take public transportation than drive so it was never a huge issue anyway.
  12. Heartismyarmor

    S03.E04: Sweet Sixteen

    I'm usually able to overlook Jazz's behavior but I agree that this episode....didn't make her come off that nice. Her not wanting to drive didn't come off as that weird to me (though the comment about it being her mom's "job" I could've lived without) I'm only a few years older than Jazz and a lot of my friends, myself included, don't want to learn to drive. It's understandable (in my opinion) but if her mom is tired of driving her around, Jazz will have to figure something out.