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  1. Gabby for weight also from seeing pics from Arkansas Ashlee and ciana look like they put some weight on to
  2. Your welcome that’s if all vets make it back into training camp and no vets get cut in training camp
  3. Well if only 7 people do retire there will only be 7 available if all vets make it back
  4. It’s going to be very tough especially if all the vets do earn their spot back and deserve to be back Did they talk abt anything new on the pod cast I haven’t got to watch yet
  5. No it’s not required they just ringing in the first day of spring
  6. Yes she does and yeah it’s way better to have her then Shannon
  7. Yes when they go on calendar they only take the girls that are re Auditioning!
  8. That’s the name of the song at the concert they are attending !! But I wouldn’t rule them out being all stars
  9. Yes she did I think all the rookies are re auditioning
  10. The girls who got to go to Arkansas for the st Patty’s day parade
  11. Yuppers going to Mexico
  12. I think all the rookies are all re auditioning