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  1. Annber03

    S05.E14: Make Me the Enemy

    Agreed. Even with this evidence proving his innocence, though, I'm with you guys in being wary he even makes it out of this season alive. The Keating gang may not have any reason to want him dead now, but somebody else might. Also, for a group of people who've been involved in a lot of murders and coverups, they sure seem awfully chatty on the phone and willing to handle suspicious packages. I was honestly briefly wondering if there'd be a bomb or something in that package Laurel was opening up. And speaking of Laurel, so her brother's involved in this somehow? Is he also involved in whatever happened to their mom? Hm. I actually said, "That was smoooooth, Oliver." when he won over that judge. Also fully agreed on these comments:
  2. Annber03

    TTZ In The Media

    Ooooooooh. That promo. Can it be April 1st already?
  3. Annber03

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    According to "Inside Edition", the guy's a bodyguard. They were also talking about how he staged this because he wasn't happy with his salary, and then mentioned that he made $65,000 per episode, and $1.2 million a year. If he doesn't feel that's enough money for him, I'll gladly take it!
  4. Annber03

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Ohhhhh, yes, "Shades of Gray". Lovely song. I remember liking that one a lot when I was a kid.
  5. Annber03

    S02.E15: Risk and Reward

    *Wades in the shallow end of the pool with you* Co-signed.
  6. Annber03

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I need to show my mom this tweet. She's gone on and on over the years about how they deserve to be there. So very sad to hear about Peter. I grew up with the Monkees thanks to my mom-she's loved them ever since they first came out, and I would sit and watch the reruns with her on MTV and whatnot all the time as a kid. And then of course he popped up on a couple "Boy Meets World" episodes as Topanga's dad at one point as well. He was a truly talented musician, and so much fun to watch on the show. This sucks :(. February's a bad month, it seems-Davy died in February, too. I remember my sister had told me about Davy's death, and I was sitting here hoping my mom had already heard the news elsewhere, 'cause I was really dreading the thought of breaking that news to her (she had already heard by the time she got home that day, though, so...). My mom was talking about that, too-she suggested that Paul, Ringo, Micky, and Mike get together and do something :).
  7. Annber03

    TV Tropes You Love

    I liked it on "I Love Lucy" when Ricky had everything planned out all neatly and orderly for when Lucy said it was time to go to the hospital, then the day actually comes, Lucy comes out and says, "Ricky, this is it." ...and everyone is like, "...this is it...THIS IS IT!" and starts running around and flailing all over the place.
  8. Annber03

    General True Crime Shows

    Agreed. Maybe if it's a super obvious open and shut type case, even, I can see being quick, but yeah, if I were on a jury for a murder case, I'd want to be as thorough as possible.
  9. Eat so much you get a big butt :p? I dunno. But yeah, I found that song choice odd, too. (Also, the idea that there will be people seeing that commercial who aren't familiar with that song makes me feel old.)
  10. Annber03

    Criminal Minds In The Media: Media Liaison

    Heh, I thought about that, too. Well, as some have theorized, it could be a situation where JJ's in a place, when the new season begins, where she feels ready to explore these feelings towards Reid...only to find out he's now seeing somebody else. Even if that's not the route they go, though, I've also thought that maybe one reason they addressed this history between Reid and JJ now was to kinda bring things full circle with their history together? Compare/contrast their feelings towards each other now to how they were way back in the first season, and why they kept those feelings at bay/didn't confess to (or act on) them any sooner, and things of that sort. Anywho, as for the casting itself, I do like Rachel Leigh Cook, so I'm intrigued to see how she'll be with Reid. She's played a couple bookish, quiet, thoughtful characters in the things I've seen her in, so it'd be rather fitting if she plays a character like that here, too. The article says we'll see her for "at least" two episodes, though-while that obviously implies she could wind up being in more, even so, a small handful of episodes doesn't exactly fit the "fairly significant" description we saw last week in regards to the talk of him getting a new love interest. Unless they mean she'll be significant in some way other than being the woman he settles down with, that is. Who knows. But yeah, I am curious to see what comes of this, no matter what route it takes.
  11. Annber03

    S02.E15: Risk and Reward

    Yes! That made me laugh, too :D.
  12. Annber03

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    I was on the lookout for you as the show aired tonight-pretty sure I saw you :D! Very cool! So glad you had a great time, freezing weather and long wait aside. Thanks for sharing. It's especially nice to hear about how Stephen and Jon are off camera and whatnot. @PikaScrewChu, thanks for sharing your experience as well. Some good advice to keep in mind there for anyone hoping to go at some point. I'd love to hear about your LWT experience at some point, too :). As for tonight's show, I quite liked the interview with McCabe. I totally respect the reasons why he has to be careful about some of the things he can and can't divulge, but judging from the answers he did give, and the stuff he was able to share, I get the feeling that when all is finally revealed with this investigation, we're in for one hell of a story. Will have to give that book a read at some point. I also loved his descriptions of Mueller. Makes me feel even better knowing somebody who's that dedicated to his job is on this.
  13. Annber03

    General True Crime Shows

    The bit where the guy was talking about how his traumatic experience at that "camp" was the reason he never let his own daughters go to camp-that got me. And all the talk of donations and selling videos. I just. What. The. Hell? I just wanted to give him the world's biggest hug. Losing a child would be painful enough as it is, but to lose them that way... I can imagine! The newscaster reading that letter he got from the little girl in which she hoped they'd catch this bad guy, and admitting to having nightmares because of this, broke my heart.
  14. Annber03

    General True Crime Shows

    So I don't know who all's watching this "Children of the Snow" documentary, but if you haven't yet seen it, I'm just warning you now, it will turn your stomach something fierce. There are truly no words...
  15. Annber03

    S02.E15: Risk and Reward

    Agreed. This episode once again proved why I could never do this job-these sorts of conversations would be tough, and then having to do those kinds of surgeries, having to help people make such tough, horrible, no-win decisions...nope. Way too much pressure. That said, however, bless you, Shaun, for that last minute save of an idea, 'cause I was seriously about bawling at the thought of losing that baby. Still emotional, but yay for it ultimately being a happy kind of emotional in the end. Also, it was really nice to see him and Claire working together again, and I loved everything with Lim as well. The ending, though. The look on Shaun's face as he realized what was happening to him. The poor guy. Very interested to see how this pans out, however. Han's tough as hell, but I think he'll be an intriguing character for Shaun and the others to play off of. Same. I'd be curious to know, too, not gonna lie. I can understand Melendez and the guy not wanting to know, though. Also happy to see Glassman and Shaun having breakfast together again! Been a while since that happened. That ending with Glassman hanging out with the other patients was nice. I really liked this episode. Intense in all kinds of ways, but it was good.