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  1. Annber03

    Media: Lanford, IL Patch

    Not surprising, of course, the renewal new, but still nice to have it officially confirmed anyway :). Look forward to seeing what's next for these characters, then.
  2. Annber03

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    Yeah, it's fun to see Colbert on here :D. I loved when he did "Weird Newscasters" and Drew Carey was like, "You're going to be a newscaster". Carey predicted the future :p! I also remember him being in a "Scene to Rap" skit. Clearly not a skill of his, but it's entertaining to see him try.
  3. Annber03

    S06.E04: Robocalls

    That could make for a rather creepy story idea in the right hands.
  4. Annber03

    S17.05: Auditions (5)

    Liked the surprise with the "goth" contestant :D. Also glad that "Merica!" guy didn't go through. He seems nice and all, but the whole thing felt a bit much. Also, my mom suggested they might as well change this show to "Country Idol" with how many country singers are trying to audition. Yay, Hollywood Week is next. Looking forward to seeing how some of these people fare there.
  5. Annber03

    S06.E05: Public Shaming

    Nice interview with Monica Lewinsky. I was in my early teens when the Lewinsky scandal broke back in the day, but boy, oh, boy, do I definitely remember the numerous late night jokes around it all (and, as Oliver himself noted, the jokes have long outlasted the Clinton presidency). Indeed, if the late night hosts were that merciless, I can only begin to imagine how social media would've been had it been a thing then. I did like her point about how some would've been supportive, too, though. Shame something like #MeToo wasn't a thing back then-that could've really done a lot to help or change the narrative around her. I really admire her attitude about everything, and I'm glad she's managed to come through all of that and have a more positive outlook on life, and seems to be in a much better, happier place in general. I wish her well. As for the topic of public shaming in general, I generally try and limit my reactions to when people do blatantly awful, cruel things to other people, or say things that your average person wouldn't think to say. Like, if a twenty year old kid says something dumb, but as they get older they grow up and mature (and even better, if they look back on their past remarks and say something to the effect of, "Yeah, that was beyond dumb, and I certainly don't stand by those comments now."), fine, okay. I can deal with that and move on. But Tucker Carlson's comments, for example? He was more than old enough to know better when he made those remarks. They were very specific and very nasty and very disturbing (the Warren Jeffs comments truly make my skin crawl), and as he's proven many times since then, he only continues to double down on being an asshole and saying awful things. So in that case, I think comments like that should absolutely be called out, and the people who make them should absolutely be criticized for saying such things. And I do think that if you get into the public sphere, and make your comments in a public setting, you shouldn't be surprised when people react to what you say. (As for an apology, obviously I'd appreciate it if Carlson did give one, and one that was sincere and genuine at that. But I know full well that ain't happening, and forced apologies aren't any better, because the person making it isn't actually learning anything or going to change their ways, so I don't need or expect one from him. He wants to pride himself on looking the fool, fine, let him. Also, his whining about the "leftist outrage machine" is laughable considering the faux outrage he and his Fox News cronies drum up on a daily basis, but whatever.) I do agree that kids should be off limits, though. Like the kids in this whole college admissions scandal. Whether they knew what was going on or not (and in the case of Loughlin's kids, it's pretty hard to claim they didn't, given the photoshopping nonsense), they're still young enough to where I'm not going to be as angry with them as I am their parents and the scammers. The adults in their lives set a very poor example of how to behave, so it doesn't surprise me they followed suit. I'm hoping, though, that they'll eventually grow up and learn from this, and turn out to be far better people than their parents were. I also agree that, as Oliver noted, there's right and wrong ways to express your anger. Anyone who sends death threats to somebody online, "joke" or not, should automatically lose their internet privileges. As for other topics, Brexit continues to be among the more bonkers, messy stories I've ever heard. Good god. And finally, and most importantly, sending my deepest thoughts, condolences, and love to the people of Christchurch. The way they're responding to this tragedy is inspiring indeed, and I'm glad people are telling that dipshit Australian politician, in no uncertain terms, where he can stick his horrendous comments.
  6. Annber03

    S17: E4 Auditions Part 4

    Some pretty decent people overall tonight. It's always particularly interesting to see the ones who audition with original songs, especially as they get further into the competition and have to try stepping out of that genre/style a little more.
  7. Annber03

    Pet Peeves

    I've heard that commercial, too, when riding the bus here in town. I think it's an ad for some kind of cleaning product or something.
  8. Annber03

    Pet Peeves

    I remember Stephen Colbert made a joke "rule" of sorts about that once. He said something like, "If you think you've got the right to walk right into the middle of the street while looking at your phone, I have the right to run you down in my car while I'm staring at my phone." :p.
  9. Annber03

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Shame to hear that. Rest in peace, Erdman.
  10. Rest assured, @UYI, you're very much not alone here. I'm 34, and I haven't slept with anyone yet, either. The only boyfriend I've had thus far was back when I was in high school, and it was about as chaste a relationship as it gets. It's not religious reasons in my case, either*-like you, I tend to be a shy and introverted sort (and I can also relate to the bullying and liking guys who didn't reciprocate). I've also moved around a lot and many of the towns I've lived in didn't really have a lot in the way of available guys to date, and I've just had so much other personal stuff going on over the years as well, to where the whole idea of dating and sex just kinda took a backseat as a result. I've gotten to the point where I figure it'll happen if and when it happens. *I have no issue with those women who are saving themselves because of religious beliefs, mind. If that's what they want to do, more power to 'em. And I know there are other women out there who are in their 20s, 30s, and beyond who are virgins, too, and they've all got their own individual reasons as well. Speaking as somebody who also considers herself a feminist, I'd say anyone who would shame you for that would be just as wrong as those who shame women who are sexually active. My belief is that every woman should have the right to do what's right for her, what makes her feel comfortable, and nobody should force her to do something she doesn't want to do, or live a certain way she doesn't wish to live. And that is especially true when it comes to something as personal as the issue of sex and relationships. That's not to say I don't understand your concerns about being made fun of, though-I've had those thoughts myself, too. It doesn't help that society, or at least, the media, does seem to perpetuate an idea that if you haven't had sex by x age it's got to be a religious thing or there's something wrong with you or whatever. That's simply not the case for all virgins, and I fully agree it would be nice to see this topic getting covered more in the media, and respectfully at that, for all sorts of reasons. I also understand your concerns about stereotypes based on looks, but to that, I will say that any guy who judges you based off some dumb stereotype about appearance isn't the sort of guy you'd want to be intimate with anyway. There are plenty of men out there who aren't that shallow and dumb, including some of the types you might go for :). You deserve to be with a guy who likes you for you. I'll also note that I think it's safe to say that all women, sexually experienced or not, will have some kind of insecurity about their looks. Even the supposed "glamorous celebrities". But that's a whole other topic unto itself :p. Anywho, so yeah, hopefully that helps you feel a little more at ease. I guess the only real advice I could give is to just ignore all the people and beliefs that make you feel like you're some sort of failure or something for not reaching this kind of milestone by this age. You've got your reasons, there's nothing wrong with that, and like I said above, you should do what makes you most comfortable. (As for turning 30 in and of itself, again, I think that's something most, if not all, people struggle with :p. It did weird me out a bit, too, as I inched closer to that age. I will say, though, at least for me, now I'm a few years into my 30s, I'm more used to and comfortable in this bracket. So hopefully that'll be the case for you as well :). I also think a lot of people nowadays feel like they have to have achieved certain milestones by the time they reach a certain age, and if they don't, it adds to their anxieties about turning that age. But again, every person's different, so it's best not to try and measure ourselves by what others are doing, or were doing, at our age.)
  11. Annber03

    The Monkees

    Agh, my mom would be so jealous of you, @angora! She'd wanted to go to that show, too, but wasn't able to get the chance. Sounds like it was a lovely concert, and the tributes sound quite touching. Glad you had such a good time!
  12. I used to watch reruns of "Laugh-In" all the time when I was little, and I'll catch them sometimes when my mom's watching them on Decades. I think a lot of the political and social humor still holds up (and is still quite relevant in some ways), and I like the bizarre nature of some of the skits and such. But boy, oh, boy, would some of the sexual/dating-related humor definitely NOT fly today.
  13. Annber03

    Will & Grace

    I liked that scene, too. His frustration came through loud and clear.
  14. Annber03

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Yes! That was a brilliant segment. I loved the part where Seth's character was trying to "empathize" with the struggles Amber's character was going through by telling some really lame story, and she just gets up and walks away :D.
  15. Annber03

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    ...woooooooooooow. There are no words. Heh, I was talking with some "Criminal Minds" fans elsewhere and some of them were briefly freaked out at first because they'd initially misread that as Joe Mantegna :p.