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  1. Stan39

    Siesta Key

    Just watched the premiere. It’s pretty clear Pauly is hitting and knocking over girls while lunging at Jared. Then Alex puts Jared in a headlock while Pauly hits him from above. Pauly should be in prison. He’s such white trash.
  2. Stan39

    Very Cavallari

    Ugh. I can’t watch anymore. Kristin is so bad at her job that it’s unbearable. Yes, she hired a crew of fuck-ups to run her business, but she shows no leadership whatsoever and is a complete pussy when it comes to dealing with even the smallest of issues. Sending Jay in and bringing back Kaylee (which may be a good hire but she should have prepared her staff for her comeback, especially if HR fired her). It’s like Kristin’s store is a half-assed way to drum up “drama” for this show, but even this show is just a half-assed attempt to stay relevant. I want to see Kristin put some effort into SOMETHING to make this all somewhat believable, but at the end of the day she’s just lazy and doesn’t care.
  3. Stan39

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    I realize you were being sarcastic, but I really don’t think it would cost $10M to recreate that property. Spend a few million on the property, tear it down, and build the garage. I get that the garage is high-end, but the property is just a big box close to the highways. I bet you could find something for $3-4M and build that garage for $1M. But it doesn’t matter, my guess is they (shockingly) meet in the middle and sell for $7-8M.
  4. Stan39

    S03.E03: Firework Starter

    Whoever trained Hannah to play tennis stole her money. That girl was NOT the 15th best player ever. She looks like every women I’ve seen play who made it to JV on her high school team. Jordan and Carl are AWFUL, and they showed them at least getting in some volleys. If she was really that good their reflexes wouldn’t be quick enough to return anything. I like Carl’s new style, but can we give it a rest on how stressful it is for him to meet his quota? We get it, you have a job. Congratulations. So does everyone else. Just do it. And stop bragging about how hard you’re working if you’re still not meeting your quota. That’s the bare minimum they expect you to do. Whether it’s realistic or not is another matter. I really hope we don’t get more of Kyle’s “businesses”. He’s following a long line of reality stars who think that being an alcoholic means they know something about alcohol. That guy was right, the failure rate is extremely high, and that’s for people who know what they’re doing, bring some value to the industry, and bust their asses on it. Kyle is hiring a third-party vendor to do all the work for him and has no idea what the cost structure or business plan is? Yeah, he won’t get screwed over at all. It’s like old saying, “The people who make the real money are the ones who sell restaurant supplies, not the one starting restaurants”. Lindsey is going to insert herself into each and every issue this season and blow everything out of proportion just to get screen time. “Hey Kyle, still haven’t heard your thoughts on Everett.” “How dare you lecture me on my relationships!!!” And the thing with Danielle and Jordan is going to be annoying. They got drunk and hooked up. I thought Danielle was all about getting the “D”? I didn’t think she cared about guys, just wants to party and sleep with a bunch of dudes? I guess that only works for her, and guys aren’t allowed to only kiss her and then move on. And I don’t like Jordan, I think he’s a tool, but I also don’t think a makeout session deserves this much effort.
  5. Stan39

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    Dubai just seems like the Mecca for the nouveau riche. Not saying there’s anything bad about them, but everything just seems high gloss and “big” for the sake of it. Nothing has charm or style. And somehow Tracy, Caroline, and Erika just come off tacky in this episode, doing “touristy” things that are also very stereotypical. I actually think a compromise between Flagg and Bobby’s two styles would look great. Bobby is too contemporary and flashy, while Flagg is too old Hollywood glamour. Something in between could be very charming, beautiful, and tasteful. But that means they won’t buy something like that. I actually think Josh’s client should do just that, buy property and build his own garage. The one-bedroom house part was nothing special and I’m sure he could buy land and build his own garage for cheaper than $10M. As unique as that house is there’s nothing really spectacular that can’t be replicated.
  6. Stan39

    Very Cavallari

    I feel like this latest episode was just an attempt to distract from the fact Kristen’s company is a sham and sucks. We kept hearing Brittany prattle on about shipping making her look bad, freaking out talking to Kristen, going over taking pictures for some manual. She never even figured out who was or what was responsible for the errors. If empty boxes are being shipped from your store, find the person responsible and fire him. It’s not that complicated. Kelly is exhausting, but that’s not the main reason to get her off the show. I’m finding that Kristen shrieks and cackles whenever she’s around her, and thinks everything they do is hilarious. Really I just want more of Jay and Chuy hanging out on the farm.
  7. Stan39

    S03.E02: Cloudy With a Chance of Arguments

    To Danielle, Jordan, and Hannah, walking around constantly telling people how attractive you are doesn’t make you attractive, it makes you desperate in shows your insecurity. Still love Paige. Kyle is a tool, but Amanda is hot and seems like a cool chick. If Lindsey was really concerned about her she’d support her and realize how conflicted she is (plus she should know social media is bs for everyone. Does she really expect Amanda to air her dirty laundry on IG?) Maybe Amanda is confused and needs support, not tacky girls talking shit behind her back.
  8. Stan39

    S03.E01: Elephant in the Room

    Danielle’s talking head when she thought Carl was describing her as his “dream girl” and that SHE wouldn’t go back there? Does she realize nobody cares about her or thinks about her? She obviously glommed onto Lindsay to stay relevant, but it’s funny how when she tries to insert herself in arguments she just gets these odd looks of, “Who are you? And why are you taking?” Plus, I have a college friend who was state champion in high school. She asked to play me once. I’m not the most athletic person, but I used to be able to hold my own. She wiped the floor with me. I couldn’t get anything past her and she barely broke a sweat. Hannah sure didn’t look like a top-ranked player against some random dude who didn’t look like he really knew how to hold a racket.
  9. Stan39

    S03.E01: Elephant in the Room

    Carl is a classic beta-fuck boy. He acts nice and sweet and non-confrontational, but really he’s just weak and indecisive. If he were really a good guy/friend he wouldn’t just try to avoid arguments or change the subject. If he was an alpha good guy he’d pull Lindsey aside and directly tell her how she’s treating Amanda is wrong (and do the same with Danielle) and tell them to knock it off. He’d probably also pull Kyle aside and tell him what a shit he is. We see his type all over reality TV. Southern Charm is the worst. A bunch of guys who talk about being strong and decent and alpha, but when shit goes down they avoid and hide and just hope not to get hit by the crossfire.
  10. Stan39

    Very Cavallari

    I’m sure she’ll prop them out there if the ratings drop and E tells her to. Unless Jay really puts his foot down and doesn’t want it. But Kristin might divorce Jay rather than give up her fame, so eventually you’ll see the kids.
  11. Stan39

    The Bachelor Season 23: Spoilers & Speculation

    I honestly think ABC makes everyone sign a contract that the Bachelor/ette and the final pick are obligated to stay a “couple” for a designated amount of time after the show. ABC wants to milk all the post-show appearances, so they’ll stay together for six months even if they hate each other. Has there ever been a final couple that broke up by the season finale/soon after? Brad Womack didn’t pick anybody, and guys like Arie and what’s-his-name changed their minds at the end, but then they stuck with their decisions after the show wrapped.
  12. Stan39

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    Every year there’s one gorgeous girl that stays a few weeks but never gets a 1:1 or screen time then leaves ignominiously. Brie was the cool chick who opened with a fake Australian accent. Never seemed involved with drama. Colton is an idiot.
  13. Stan39

    S03.E01: Elephant in the Room

    My guess is a producer got in Danielle’s ear and told her if she wanted to come back she’d have to up the drama. The dumbest thing about this show is that the “drama” they lean into is to have a group of mean girls who are so obnoxious and over the top treat ppl like garbage. I’m not sure how much more I can watch. Stephen and the Wirkus twits were bad enough, but Lindsey justifying being an asshole to Amanda because her boyfriend cheated on her is pitiful and head scratching. But Paige is really cute so I’ll give it another chance.
  14. Stan39

    Very Cavallari

    You know most of those “celebrity” endeavors are probably fake, right? Companies pay celebs to attach their name and likeness to things and say their “owners” or “designers” or “writers”. I doubt she actually wrote a book, most likely sat down with a ghost writer a few times who asked about her favorite foods. Same with the “shoe design”, she probably just looked at a bunch of different shoes and picked the ones she liked. Kristin has never given the impression that she actually does any real work. Meanwhile her husband made enough money to support their family for generations.
  15. Stan39

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    Just caught up on the season. Glad they’re getting back to showing more real estate and less fake drama. Though I’m still over the whole, “I’m the BEST agent in the business. I’m so good and smart at this it’s not fair. If you need to sell your house I’m the man to do it. I’ve got this brilliant idea to get it done. We’re going to lower the price $2M and then accept an offer $2M below that. I’m incredible!” spiel all in a cheesy Ari voice from Entourage. Erika is GORGEOUS!!! Glad she’s featured more. I wish someone would tell Flagg that he’s way more interesting when he’s taking real estate and being human, rather than doing schtick and telling lame jokes. Bobby has helped humanize him, though. The clients pretend to act tough and be smart businesspeople, but still look stupid when they don’t understand the basic principles of supply and demand.