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  1. laffytaffy997

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I guess this means True Detective is going to be winning some awards this year
  2. laffytaffy997

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I noticed that as well. I'm guessing he was giving her a stern talking about her betting. He was probably telling her she had a guarantee win and her wager could have cost her the game because her face like "Oh shit..."
  3. Tinsley was reminding me of the episode of Friends, when Rachel was trying to get Joshua to marry her since Ross had just gotten engaged to Emily, but he said no. Later in the episode all the girls were hanging out in the apartment wearing wedding dresses just for fun. There was someone at the door and Rachel thought it would be funny to answer the door in the wedding dress and it ended up being Joshua and he freaked out and ran away.
  4. laffytaffy997

    The Kitchen

    Was anyone else surprised that they actually gave Marcella a shout out on this week's show? When Katie introduced Jason, she mentioned he was a judge with "our friend Marcella" on that best baker show.
  5. laffytaffy997

    S08.E20: Reunion Part 2

    It seemed like half time LVP was coaching Dorit on what to say and how to react even when LVP didn't necessarily agree with Dorit.
  6. laffytaffy997

    S06.E12: History in the Making

    For the second outfit, I thought they were using the actual fabric from the past outfits, not the leftover fabric. Which made me think, “Do they just throw the clothes after each week?” I imagine not (though they are definitely some outfits throughout the years that are deserving of the trash can) Does anyone know what happens to the clothes after each season?
  7. laffytaffy997

    S02.E17: Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens

    Am I the only one who couldn’t stop laughing at Hariam’s guys because their names were “Lenny and Carl”
  8. laffytaffy997

    S24.E07: Beauty is Raw

    I kind of feel bad for Brendi (but not really), when Tyra started calling everyone else down for their photos and announced "Everyone gets best photo!" Brenda was so happy that she was called first and then it's just like "nope"
  9. laffytaffy997

    S08.E08: Petty Mess

    The way this season is going with its storylines, I wouldn't have been surprised if this became an issue and we had to deal with Lisa thinking Erika took ownership over the cake Lisa brought for the next 5 episodes. In fact, this whole season so far has basically been a long drawn out Seinfeld episode with them arguing over petty stuff. Just not as funny.
  10. laffytaffy997

    Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I was wondering about that as well. I was so disappointed that it had nothing to do with the TV show.
  11. laffytaffy997

    S02.E10: Number Three

    I think this was the first time that I can remember actually cheering when someone got a DUI. Since this is the last episode before the winter break, I thought for sure when we saw Kevin driving recklessly, it was going to end with him getting into an accident. I was just like, "oh no..." Then when Tess popped up, I was like, "OH GOD, PLEASE NO!"
  12. laffytaffy997

    Season Four Episode Talk

    Exactly! Plus, wasn't the first round more of a fall-theme with the turkeys, acorns, leaves, etc, so it's not like they are only concentrating on Christmas.
  13. laffytaffy997

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    My boyfriend is an insurance agent for an agency that sponsors the NFL and he has had customers close all of their policies because the NFL is associated with them
  14. laffytaffy997

    S16.E11: Warrior Fashion

    I thought Brandon's outfit made her look like Finn from Adventure Time.
  15. laffytaffy997

    S08.E01: Mercy - Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

    How does Maggie still not have any sort of baby bump?