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  1. kindredlaugh

    S02.E02: Never Say Die

    Honestly, I watched the scenes from next week and just assumed it was a fake: She is fine and all the mourning scenes were for the Seal who was lost before the pilot episode. I guess I have just become jaded to TV tropes.
  2. kindredlaugh

    God Friended Me

    I finally got around to watching this. Beyond the problems inherent to a pilot, I found the blatant product mentions incredibly off-putting.
  3. kindredlaugh


    It is there now. Ed Stoppard
  4. kindredlaugh


    I thought everyone would have seen the announcement. It's Pablo Picasso for Series 2. http://tvline.com/2017/06/21/pablo-picasso-genius-season-2-natgeo/