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  1. strippedhalo

    Alexis Rose: Spoiled As Schitt

    And had a wonderful time in the children's grotto!
  2. strippedhalo

    S05.E10: Roadkill

    Ha! I knew what business that was going to be before I clicked on it.
  3. strippedhalo

    S33.E06: In Love and War

    This logic (in the show) was so weird to me - the teams are made up of one veteran and one newbie, so literally every team has a vet on it. Some of them are newer, like Da'vonne and Paulie, but they are technically vets at this point. That said, they absolutely should be going after the Brits. That tickled me so much.
  4. strippedhalo

    S05.E10: Roadkill

    I did not like this episode at all. The only good things for me were David and Alexis's Tamagotchi conversation and the David-alike guy. Everything else was cringey in a way that I thought the show had mostly moved past. And this. I did like that sweater.
  5. strippedhalo

    S33.E05: The Greatest Showman

    Da'vonne is so great. So much better without being shackled to Jozea. Wish she wasn't stuck with Bear, though. He seems awful, and kind of like he doesn't understand consequences? Although I guess this episode suggests that for him, consequences are threatened but don't actually materialize. Turbo is so sweet. I hope he doesn't turn out to be secretly awful. I don't like to root for anything that makes Paulie happy, but yay for Wes and Dee! Wes > Zach forever, even though it was nice to see Zach consistently treat a female partner well. Also, how crazy is it that Zach refused to pick Amanda to go against in elimination because they were on the same side?? That's how you adapt and let things go, Cara. I think I don't actually like Ninja Natalie very much, and not just because she keeps helping Paulie win missions.
  6. strippedhalo

    S33.E04: It's Complicated

    My least favourite thing is people whining when they get put into an elimination, so Kyle, Natalie, and CT all get the side-eye from me. (But I forgive CT because he got over it immediately after the elimination, and also he is CT.) I was inclined to root for Nany, but I don't know if I can forgive her. I do like Turbo, though. Kyle calling Cara a slut was hilariously un-self-aware. It also looks ridiculous when Kyle and Paulie do their weird long headbutting thing (no hitting! can't be sent home!). Kyle and Cara and Paulie all need to hush up and go away. Mattie and Theo can form a new, tall team. Zach had some high points in this episode (being supportive of his partner, dramatic overreaction to CT being considered for elimination, etc.), but sucking up to Kyle by talking shit about Cara was not his best moment. Hang in there, Wes! You're all I have left!
  7. strippedhalo

    S33.E03: Casualties of War

    I didn't see Josh's season of Big Brother, so I'm sure everyone hates him for reasons I don't understand, but I appreciate that he is unwilling to accept Amanda's bull. I don't even care that he was mean to her ("Nobody likes you!") because she's so awful to everyone all of the time. Also had to laugh when she was insisting that her mean girl social game works, and he was just like, but does it, really? Happy to see Bananas go, sad that we will have fewer reasons for the Brits to discuss him (hearing it pronounced "Ba-naw-naws" really highlights the silliness of that nickname).
  8. strippedhalo

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    Hopefully Hunter will shut up now about Ashley stealing his money. I already hate him the most, and listening to him whine does not help. (I get that it was a lot of money, and that people feel sorry for him, and that he can use that to his advantage. But it's also incredibly annoying.) Johnny can also shut up, about everything. I love that CT has no time for in-house drama, but gets the heart eyes when there is drama during the actual eliminations. I fear that he may be the legend that falls next week, or whatever they said, but I hope not. Amanda continues to be the worst, as does Zach. I do think that Jenna should have left Zach alone when he asked her to, but like. Left him alone forever. She needs a Cohutta or a... who is another Challenge guy that isn't terrible to women?
  9. strippedhalo

    S05.E05: Housewarming

    "Stevie never helps."
  10. strippedhalo

    S02.E03: Point of Light

    It did seem like Tilly could have taken a minute to ask May what she actually wanted, but I guess if a fungus ghost had been making my life difficult for a little while, I'd just want it gone, too. I'm nowhere close to a Star Trek nerd, but I noticed in a kind of absent way. However, adding that line made me take way more notice and also wonder exactly how fast Klingon hair grows, considering they all suddenly had waist-length hair (but the baby was still such a little infant). So thanks, show, for making me wonder about Klingon physiology.
  11. strippedhalo

    S02.E03: Point of Light

    I don't care at all about the Klingon storyline, but Giorgiou smiling/sneering at the baby depending on whether or not someone was looking at her was amazing.
  12. strippedhalo

    The Masked Singer

    And the vocals this week really sounded like Joey.
  13. strippedhalo

    S33.E00: War of the Worlds: Basic Training

    36 people is so many. I wonder if that means they're going to do the type of eliminations where they cull a bunch of competitors at once (I hate those, btw). Of the newbies, I'm looking forward to Turbo and the good-looking British guy who it seems will fight with Leroy over Kam's affections. Bear seems a LOT like early days Kyle (i.e. way better than current day Kyle), so he should be fun. I hope the Ninja woman does well. Of the vets, I will always root for Wes, CT, and Jenna. Ashley and Hunter can get out immediately, and take Amanda with them. Cara looks like she's going to be messy as usual. Why is she leaning so hard into the Harley Quinn thing? I love you, terrible MTV show. You are the best worst show.
  14. strippedhalo

    S14.E11: Damaged Goods

    Sam: Nobody's ever built a [fancy name] box, it's impossible. Dean: What, like it's hard? (I cheered, even after Dean said Billie told him how to make the box. Dean making stuff is the best, and I like it when the show remembers that he can do that.)
  15. strippedhalo

    S14.E09 : The Spear

    He did. I think they acknowledged Leader!Sam with Garth and the rest of the off-screen hunters, but Dean was the clear and unquestioned leader of the core four.