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  1. I have a feeling there were some pretty epic meetings about what had to be cut and what didn't. I too am baffled that "think twice before you poo poo it" got changed. I mean, what? that's not even....it's something a grandma might say! I think a lot of it had to do with what could be cut without doing too much damage. Cutting "poo poo it" didn't really hurt anything, and changing dildos to latex wasn't too bad. It was still kind of risqué and slipped pretty seamlessly into the song. They probably gave up lines like that up as bargaining chips, to get some latitude to keep things that really would have been hard to change. I was pleasantly shocked that "sodomy, it's between God and me" made it through, and also "to faggots, lezzies, dykes, crossdressers too!" But really, how could you cut either of those without totally messing up the song?
  2. yeah, I think it's hard for people who weren't around then to realize what that part of the AIDS epidemic was like. I remember stories of people being turned away by hospitals and funeral homes because people were so terrified of catching the disease. There are very few diseases with a 100% mortality rate, but in the early 1990s, AIDS was one. Think how scared we get of diseases like cancer that *might* kill you. At that time, this was a disease that if you had it, it DID kill you. It wasn't until at least the mid90s, long after Mimi, Roger and Collins would have been dead, that people started thinking that *maybe* HIV could be managed like a chronic disease and people could live more than a couple of years with it.
  3. I obsessively love Rent, but this dog thing has always bothered me. Mainly the fact that we are supposed to love and embrace Angel knowing she murdered a dog. And also the fact that apparently Larson thought an akita was some sort of small yappy fluffy dog. When they're more like german shepherds with an Asian flair. I just sort of ignore the whole dog thing as best I can and I like to think that's one of the flaws he would have revised if he had lived. Also, I can't believe they don't have understudies in these live shows. what a stupid risk to take, and I can't believe this is the first time that has come back to bite them.
  4. kilda

    S03.E05: Toby

    boundaries aren't really a thing for the characters on this show. People are sharing their feelings and deep fears with random strangers on this show ALL the time.
  5. kilda

    S03.E05: Toby

    he is trying, and his intentions are good, but there's something so condescending about the way he thought he could just swoop in and save the poor neighborhood. He's being obliviously classist the same way some people are obliviously racist. He marches in, talks about everything that's wrong with the neighborhood and how he's going to be their savior. Instead of just coming to be WITH them, get to know them, and find out what they think and want. This is what ChiChi was trying to say when she said "you're not one of us." (as a friend of mine in college once clarified to her boyfriend, "we are not an Us."). He means so well but he needs to learn to listen to people instead of barging in to be their savior. On another note, it's so sad to see him feeling like he belongs nowhere. Doesn't fit with white people, doesn't fit with black people. He's just trying to find who he can be an "us" with.
  6. kilda

    S02.E11: Holly

    seriously? I'm a big believer in always using the car seat, but I'm pretty sure this is one situation where you could make an exception.
  7. kilda

    S02.E08: Women's Work

    if you notice, there are no words on signs - the shops and the delivery truck that June escaped in all have pictorial symbols instead of words. Can't have words just sitting around where women might read them. That's one reason why it was shocking/forbidden for Fred to play scrabble with June, and for her to have words scratched into her closet wall.
  8. kilda

    S02.E04: The Second Polaroid

    Actually, heroin withdrawal isn't dangerous. It won't kill you. It will make you WANT to die, but you won't actually die from it. Alcohol withdrawal on the other hand is very dangerous. the idea that Sherri would have gone to juvie for the stop sign incident is ridiculous. You have to commit serious or multiple offenses to get sent away like that. Maybe her parents decided to send her to some treatment program for troubled youth, which would be an overreaction, but possible. I never bought the idea that Sherri did anything that terrible anyway. Hypothetically, if she had called to report that stop sign being knocked down, what would have happened? Jeff's accident happened pretty soon after the stop sign accident, definitely within the hour. It's not like local police are going to send someone rushing out to direct traffic at the intersection because a stop sign is knocked over. If she had called it in they probably would have put it on a list to get repaired within the next few days/weeks, and Jeff would still be dead. I totally get Sherri feeling responsible, but I honestly don't see why anyone else would think she is. Also, where exactly was Jessica in the past 5 months that she wasn't in school? Obviously getting some help and treatment for her trauma, but why wasn't she at school? It would make sense for her parents to transfer her to a different school under the circumstances, but why would they just keep her home for 5 months?
  9. kilda

    S19.E13: The Undiscovered Country

    that's what I so very much hate about this plot. They did a good job of showing it was a difficult wrenching situation with no easy answers. You could see that both parents were coming from a place of love and wanting to do the right thing. You know who gets a vote in such situation? First off, the parents. If they can't agree, then the hospital ethics committee and maybe a judge. You know who doesn't get a vote? Some random ADA. How dare he make such a unilateral decision for someone else's child.
  10. kilda

    S19.E13: The Undiscovered Country

    this. The whole thing was just freaking bizarre. My wife was like "What is he even doing at the hospital? WTF?" As a doctor I've seen a few cases where I felt strongly the family should make a different decision for their loved one. I never pulled the plug on anyone! It's called professionalism, letting next of kin make decisions, respect for the rule of law, little things like that. It would have made sense if the baby was his family member or something but for him to step in and do it in this situation was just ridiculous. How could he even think that was his business or his place? it just seemed like in trying to give him a big dramatic exit, they got downright silly.
  11. kilda

    S02.E15: The Car

    I can't wait for the heartwarming flashbacks of Louie's puppyhood.
  12. kilda

    S02.E15: The Car

    I'm sure we were supposed to watch that scene and think, "aw, Jack was awesome!" I was just thinking, wow he missed his calling. He should have been selling cars. He was out-bullshitting a professional bullshitter.
  13. kilda

    S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    I actually think he is. He fits the criteria for bipolar disorder type II pretty well. I don't think the writers did that on purpose, but nonetheless he does.
  14. kilda

    S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    I remember that one. They couldn't keep him alive long enough so they fudged the time of death to be after midnight on 12/26 am.
  15. kilda

    S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    this makes sense to me. My dad died on Memorial Day weekend 2011, and every year I just kind of hate Memorial Day. I'd have to look up the exact date but Memorial Day weekend always feels like the anniversary.