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  1. desertflower

    Seasons 1-3: High School Years

    I’ll usually watch this show through a whole cycle and then take a break for a while, and then eventually I end up back to it. Of course this time it’s because of Luke’s passing and Pop starting from the beginning again. But one thing I always notice when I return to season 1 is how much I missed Shannen/Brenda and the Walsh family dynamic. I’m just always so happy to see them all again. There were still some good things about the show in later years but it really did lose its heart once the Walsh family left, starting with Brenda’s departure. But it’s true, Brandon and Brenda weren’t quite the same in season 4 as they were early on. Maybe it was because of tension on the set. I’m curious if Shannen had stayed if they would’ve eventually worked through their stuff and been able to recapture that.
  2. I kind of felt sorry for Daniel Cosgrove. He was a good looking guy, and a decent actor. But Matt was such an obvious placeholder character that you just couldn’t see him as anything other than a doormat, waiting around for his moment to valiantly step aside so Kelly and Dylan could be together. It’s too bad they didn’t bring him to the cast earlier so they could do more with him. I would’ve much rather seen more of him than the endless years we had with Noah.
  3. I was surprised when Ian said he worked with him from 94-99. That means Rush didn’t appear until four years into the series! I guess most of Steve’s earlier plots mostly involved his mom. Lord knows I’ve seen this show enough to know when people came and went but I hadn’t realized or just forgot that Rush wasn’t around in the high school years.
  4. I would imagine they wanted to include his last appearance playing Dylan. If you scroll back a few posts someone listed all the episodes in the marathon. I watched some of it on Friday and they also showed a bunch more Dylan scenes during the commercial breaks from other episodes not included in the marathon.
  5. Oh that’s sad. He always did a great job as Steve’s dad. Tough week for Ian. Nice remarks from the actor who played Dylan’s dad. My favorite part: “As cool as Dylan McKay was, Luke Perry was even cooler.” https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-dayss-josh-taylor-remembers-luke-perry/
  6. I haven’t seen anyone on here seriously criticizing his costars for not responding, it’s been more of an observation that some costars have been quicker to respond than others. And that just means some of them have had a hard time coming up with the words, no judgement at all. (Of course there may be other places where people are complaining but I think everyone on here has been respectful.) They certainly don’t owe the fans anything. But when they do decide to share their thoughts I think it does help fans grieve. Jason posted one thing and then followed up with another one thanking everyone for their outpouring of support. Maybe it helps them as well to share the grief with fans. Ian Ziering has been sharing a picture everyday and I’ve loved seeing them.
  7. Yes, yes, yes. I recorded the finale so I can watch it later but I remember every other time I’ve seen it I am reduced to a big puddle at the sight of the gang hugging while the music transitions into the theme song. Despite how bad some of the plot lines were in the later seasons I think they pulled it together nicely at the end.
  8. She hasn’t commented on social media but she did give a statement to People: “My heart is broken. He meant so much to so many. Such a very special person. I share my deep sadness with his family and all who loved him. Such a terrible loss.” I’m sure that doesn’t reflect her full grief. They did seem really close. I’m watching some of the marathon. In between episodes they are showing other memorable scenes of his. They just showed Dylan and Brenda as Bonnie and Clyde. They looked so great.
  9. Such beautiful statements from Jason and Tiffani. And there is that recurring theme of him being welcoming to newcomers. Ian has been sharing some great pictures on Instagram, check them out if you haven’t seen them. Pop channel is doing a Dylan McKay marathon tomorrow (Friday). Not sure if I have the heart to watch just yet. 😞
  10. Some people open up online really easily, and others seem like it’s hard for them. Ian Z immediately posted something heartfelt and it seemed genuine. Shannen took a little longer but when she did it was really sweet. Jennie’s comment seemed a little “constructed”, like she put something out because she was expected to. But I’m sure her true grief is much deeper and harder to put into words. I imagine Jason doesn’t want to just put something out out of obligation. But what do I know; I don’t know these people, even though we all feel like we do! The Today show did a nice piece this morning about all the stories that have surfaced on social media about Luke’s kindness. It really is nice to not see a single negative thing. Even little things, like someone who used to work at his neighborhood video store said he was always the nicest customer, and a bartender at a restaurant he frequented said he always treated the staff really well.
  11. Dean Cain guest hosted with Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning and talked a bit about Luke. He said when he first came on set Luke came right over and welcomed him and said he was doing a great job on the show. Dean said he always remembered that and when he got his own show he made a point to always welcome the guest stars.
  12. I had a pervasive, lingering sadness all day yesterday. I could do whatever I needed to do but in between making dinner, picking kids up, and all the other daily stuff, I kept coming back to Luke, and Dylan, and this stupid show that we somehow love and love to hate all at the same time. I kept checking to see what other celebrities were saying on social media, and I was struck by how far reaching and varied the people were. LP wasn’t even my favorite actor, but to those of us who were teens/young adults at the time, this show and his character made an indelible impact. That, coupled with the fact that he seemed like a genuinely nice guy who somehow navigated an insane level of fame at a young age and yet remained humble and kind, makes it all the more sad.
  13. I saw statements from Christine Elise (Emily Valentine), Emma Caulfield (Susan) and Kathleen Robertson (Claire, posted above), all who said he was really welcoming to them when they joined the show. I think that says a lot about him that as a huge star of a huge show, he was so kind to the new cast members. I didn’t cry until I saw Ian Zeiring’s post, where he started it “Dearest Luke”. 😢 I think this is hitting people of a certain age (like me) pretty hard and more than expected.
  14. I’m so sad. I just posted this morning about him and hoped he would be ok. 😢
  15. I saw a snippet of Shannen Doherty responding to a reporter who asked about Luke’s stroke. She said she didn’t want to talk about it too much because she would start crying, but that she’s in touch with him and to please keep him in your prayers. She also said something about “He’s my Dylan”. So sweet. I hope he makes a full recovery.