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  1. AnimeMania


    That's one way to get your mom off of drugs, kill her drug dealer.
  2. AnimeMania

    Deadly Class

    Who's cheerleaders are more deadly, the ones from Deadly Class or the ones from Riverdale.
  3. AnimeMania


    The time for a body count is before you start sleeping together. That is also the time to get tested.
  4. AnimeMania

    S06.E16: Skippy And The Knowledge Hole

    I thought as Bonnie was getting closer and closer to the door before the test, she was going to run out of the room.
  5. AnimeMania

    S10.E15: SuperShowerBabyBowl

    Manny and Luke care about football, they were on the team in highschool.
  6. AnimeMania


    So we should believe this is the first thing that Zoey has seen any of Luca's art and Luca didn't ask Zoey's opinion on what pieces he should include in the art exhibit.
  7. AnimeMania

    S01.E13: Caught Stealing

    It would have been easy to prove the cops didn't take the money. They could compare the video of the money before it was stolen to videos when it was about to be counted, does the pile look exactly the same.
  8. AnimeMania

    S01.E13: Caught Stealing

    There was 1 million dollars there, $250,000 was missing. The crooks set it up so it looked like the cops stole the money. The cops were to be an example that nobody can steal from the cartel and get away with it.
  9. AnimeMania

    S04.E05: Escape from the Happy Place

    Isn't Eliot married? Quentin you castlewrecker!
  10. AnimeMania

    The Passage

    An of course I wouldn't volunteer to lead a team to go out and hunt down the monsters.
  11. AnimeMania

    S02.E14: calaMity

    What is worst, getting shot up by Jace (again 😁) or seeing Blink's mug everywhere you look.
  12. AnimeMania

    Lethal Weapon

    That episode made no sense. How can Murtaugh wander around freely in an Embassy. What about the guy Cole shot. It would have made more sense if Cole extracted the guy. Murtaugh leaves the Embassy because they said the guy wasn't there. The guy is standing right outside the Embassy when Murtaugh exits and Murtaugh arrests him. I get tired of every episode, Cole has to be beaten half to death or shot just to make it a fair fight for the bad guys. I get it, Cole is Superman.
  13. AnimeMania

    The Passage

    True, but Fanning may not have been a "vampire" yet, it does take a short amount of time to change, maybe the "original viral's" death occurred before Fanning changed.
  14. Is this a mobile layout vs desktop layout situation, or something different?
  15. AnimeMania

    The Passage

    And a couple of days before that she was showing great ingenuity getting her captors to give her the binoculars. Now she has an opportunity to study her surrounding so she can make her escape and all she can do is whine about a book that when she gets back to the compound she can have a guard bring to her. That book wasn't going anywhere.