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  1. Ailianna

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    Actually, Nike is the proper Greek name of the goddess depicted, , while Winged Victory is an English translation She definitely should have gotten credit.
  2. Ailianna

    S7: E15 - What I Saw

    Because 2 people can keep a secret if 1 of them is dead.
  3. Ailianna

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    I'm enjoying the whole thing so far. I like seeing really good players, and I like having a chance to interact with these really great players (so to speak), and I like the strategizing. I was wondering which player made the FJ wager, and then they answered it. And I'm not saying I would like this format all the time, or with regular players, but I know who all these players are, to various degrees, and they are all really good. I think this is a chance to celebrate the people who make this game exciting, and I'm enthusiastic about the rest of the tournament. I just wish I didn't have to wait to see each next part!
  4. Ailianna

    Law & Order

    Actually, since NY had not had a death penalty for a while, it WAS their first time. And if you have never watched someone die, you really can't comment on how it affects you. Just like if you haven't been physically attacked (not playground nonsense but really attacked, where you might be in danger of death), or sexually assaulted, or any other really deep and visceral experience that is life and death, you have no idea how you will react. Lennie even expressed part of his problem with it, when he was talking to his daughter and said that he isn't there when they die, and he is usually supposed to find out who did it and bring them to justice. This time he was supposed to watch another human being be killed and do nothing. This time they weren't supposed to go find someone and bring him to justice, and they weren't supposed to care that a human life was snuffed out. Even though they made the defendant over the top horrible (and if you ever read descriptions of what most people who are on death row did to get there, you would know that most of them are at least as horrible as this guy, if not more), there is an enormous difference between wanting him dead (as so many people do in a case like this, the way the non-arresting cops did) and actually seeing someone die, and knowing that your work contributed to his death.
  5. Ailianna

    S06.E06: The Crime Scene

    #8 looks so much like Vera Farmigia that I almost can't see Stephanie.
  6. Ailianna

    S06.E06: The Crime Scene

    Any money saved on sets or extras would have been balanced out by the hairdressing bill for Rosa! (And would they save--they usually only really hang out at the station and use the regular ast with a couple extras--they had a bunch of non-speaking actors (cheaper) but a few speaking extras too).
  7. Ailianna

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    The problem is the clue was written terribly. A subpoena is used to bring witnesses or documents to court, not defendants. The only thing that universally brings defendants to court is a warrant. (There are non-custodial methods, but they aren't called subpoenas either.) So although warrant didn't fit the Latin word origin, it did fit what was actually described, and the "correct" answer was wrong. It didn't change the game, but if he had argued the clue was inaccurate, I think he would have succeeded. Can contestants do that? Not just say my answer also fits, but that the clue is factually wrong? I got Reagan from knowing his birthday. There are a lot of presidents born in February, and since he was in office when I was in school learning these things, his birthday has stuck with me.
  8. Ailianna

    Law & Order

    Back then, it wasn't a privilege to have all the reporters in your office though--since computer research was in its infancy, and most attorneys had not been really trained to use them, the books were where everyone went to do research, and you'd constantly have people in and out looking for the books. I was never so high ranking--where I worked at that time the lowly had the reporters, so that when 4 or 5 people at a time wanted to borrow the books, only the lowly were bothered, not the higher ups.
  9. Ailianna

    S06.E05: A Tale of Two Bandits

    I think it was Shaw-donnay, as in the bar's name and own version of wine. Who knows what it actually was beyond the pun though.
  10. They don't have the same value, and Canadian coins are traditionally worth less than the US equivalent, which is why the bank won't accept them (and coin counting machines generally now can tell them apart), so the store doesn't want them, and so on. The difference in value for one coin to the other isn't huge, but it's sort of like Superman 3 or Office Space, with the partial fractions of pennies--they add up. Or so I was taught when I worked as a cashier in a major chain store.
  11. Ailianna


    Steve Mangan on Graham Norton makes me miss this show so much!
  12. Ailianna

    S04.E13: Ghosts In The Attic

    Audience reward?
  13. Ailianna

    S06.E03: The Tattler

    DIdn't Jake say something about Genevieve when Boyle first mentioned there might be another child?
  14. Ailianna

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    It doesn't matter if we know they would probably figure it out reasonably quickly. Michael thinks they would believe he betrayed them, and that's what is affecting him. Threats to the people you love, which is what this is--make the torture even worse--don't always have to be entirely real to be terrifying. Simone's memories are probably wiped to the point she met Chidi and Eleanor--no selectivity for the same reason Chidi's can't be selectively wiped. He doesn't have memories from the last time they were in the afterlife, because they were wiped when he was sent back to earth, so he has whatever happened between the air conditioner and Eleanor, which apparently wasn't much. He has his regular pre-Simone memories though--we won't know for months if he knows everything between the ac and meeting Simone or if he stops at the ac, but he has no other memories due to the reset, if you will, from not dying and living in a different timeline where none of those first 803 reboots happened. It was always going to be about Team Cockroach not screwing it up''and Michael didn't think to put any more restrictions on who could be part of it than no one really awful like serial killers or boy band managers. So it's within the rules, even though not fair (demons, duh), so Gen allowed it.
  15. Ailianna

    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    Much better. And capable over and over of being thought-provoking and emotionally stirring without nudity, rape, or failed beheadings (or any other over the top gore). They got their reactions from characters, plots, and good writing.