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  1. Pop Tart

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I don’t really think she wants out, not truly. But I think she’s someone who’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop in a relationship, so she pushes to see if this thing is the shoe. For whatever reason she can’t envision a forever relationship so she convinces herself it’s better to cut her losses sooner. That’s my read on her anyway.
  2. Pop Tart

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I think they did a good job with the Kevin/Zoe developments and discussion. Both actors played it well. The woman playing Zoe did a good job with expressing that she doesn't want to have kids but also with her body language and expressions making it clear that she was a little bit hoping that this would be the thing to force them to break up. You can tell she's sure they're going to break up at some point and she was a little hopeful that this would be the thing. (Even though she loves him and doesn't want to break up). She can feel it coming at some point because that's been her pattern and what she's experienced, so she's kind of bracing for it and pushing for it at the same time. And as for Kevin's reactions - they make sense too. Women have a shorter window in their lifetimes to have children so it's not unusual for them to have thought pretty seriously about the idea of kids. Because the window to have kids is, for all intents and purposes, their entire adult lifetime for guys, it's realistic that the extent of Kevin's thinking about it is 'sure I want kids someday because that's what people in relationships do.'. All of that was nicely done - even if it makes me sad to think of Kevin losing another relationship.
  3. Pop Tart

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I was convinced after leaving the terrible message that Randall would hear that Beth had been in an accident, so at least we didn’t have that happen and have to see him as the tortured with guilt spouse. As it is his jerkitude is intact.
  4. Pop Tart

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I did hear that but even so didn’t think it rose to the level of must be there. Her boss had given her public praise at the recital, emphasizing how much she had done in such a short time, so having to be there at a discussion over drinks didn’t feel make or break. I can’t imagine they’d decide the future of the dance studio over drinks. Of course this is not to say that I haven’t pretty much hated Randall all season. He’s been a unmitigated jerk all season, demanding and inflexible.
  5. Pop Tart

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    For a very brief moment I was on Randall’s side. Beth’s last minute “I need to go out for drinks because they’re my new coworkers” just didn’t feel like a make or break for her in her job, at that point. And then...Randall returned to being the jerk he’s been all season. So blip of being on his side quickly passed. The thing with Randall is he throws all in on things and expects everyone else to go along. He did it with his bio dad then with deciding they needed to take on a foster kid, Deja. And now being a councilman. But he is shit at realizing the way his obsessions affect others. I thought the scene at the dance where he was obsessing in the library was a nice demo of that. Oh and once again casting did a stellar job. Kid Rebecca in that brief flash looked like a mini Mandy Moore.
  6. Pop Tart

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Billie’s Brunch? Like until she thought of it they didn’t have brunch at SUR? I’m sure she came up with this because she didn’t get invited to the first Girls Night or whatever it was. But Billie’s Brunch just sounds like a roadside diner. But this is one with a kickin’ DJ playing some jams. Hard to know who to root for otherwise, between Lala, Billie, Raquel and James?
  7. Pop Tart

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    I think Nene and Greg got back together for business reasons - not sure what those would be but I think that in some way it must have been advantageous for the two of them financially for them to re-up their marriage. I think they both thought this would work better for practical reasons and that's totally fine. The problem for Nene now is that she feels like she wasn't signing up for this - caring for a seriously ill spouse - and she doesn't want to do it. But she also knows she looks like an asshole if she dumps him because he's sick and needing care, so she's putting out there how "mean" he's being and trying to lay the groundwork for his abusing her (emotionally or physically or in some way). If she can prove he's "abusing" her, then it she's totally fine to walk away from him. At least that's what I think she's aiming for. Nene wants it both ways. She wants to use Greg's illness and all that SHE is going through because of it to shut down the other women when they want to call her out on something. But she also wants to somehow show how mean Greg is being so that she can get out of having to care for him.
  8. Pop Tart

    S04.E01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

    I really enjoyed this. Chuck with his parking pass getting increasingly bummed that it's clearly not the big prize he thought it was (especially loved when Wendy was giving him the 'oh please' look before she went to talk to the guy about the ski runs). And then the payoff. Finally someone needs his parking pass and it's the person who can actually get him in to see the person he needs to see. Also loved him and the Commish acting out the mob murder and laying on the ground next to the car (though I did have a bit of worry that a car would come along and run over the Commish and Chuck's new power-buddy would be smushed). Loved how Chuck's running around trying to solve one problem was mirrored by Axe's doing same in order to find Wags. When Axe was wondering if they were torturing Wags and mentioning all the terrible things that could be happening, his guy who does dirty deeds for him (can't remember his name) doesn't tell him 'no none of that is happening'. Instead he's like, 'well maybe some of that, but more likely pumping him with truth-telling drugs...". Can't wait to see Connerty run up against Jeffcoat's wants and needs. As much as I feel for Connerty and how Chuck has messed him around multiple times, he knows that Jeffcoat is dirty, dirty, dirty and has willingly taken Chuck's job by plotting with Jeffcoat to get Chuck out, so he's also slipping down that slippery slope pretty quickly. So it will be interesting to see what Jeffcoat is going to want and how that will affect him (and Sacher too). Though Axe going after Taylor so strongly is a bit much, it is in character for him. When he's thwarted or "betrayed" he goes after the person no holds barred. Taylor's dressing as fem was impressive (from a willing to get anything to get what they need perspective, given how uncomfortable the idea was for them) and wow do their eyes still pop no matter what they're wearing. Only thing feeling off last night is how Wendy is behaving. She's done a complete turnaround in terms of morality and ethics. Not that good people (and her being "good" has always been up for question given her job) can't dirty their hands, but she is doing a deep dive into supporting Bobby's revenge on Taylor and that feels off to me. One thing I'm still not clear on. Does Grigor have money with both Axe and Taylor? I somewhat watched the last episode from last season and I think it was left at Grigor put money with Axe, took it out of Axe's fund without telling him, then put it back after they met at his family dinner to talk. And he put money in with Taylor?
  9. Ha! Thanks. Funny thing is I knew that as I was writing the post, then second-guessed myself because of blondes and brunettes. I really had the picture of Ramona hopping up to cruise and Tinsley and Dorinda sitting there barely talking and awkward, but then added Sonja in.
  10. I thought the opposite. I thought the group with Luann seemed to be having a good time and genuinely happy that Lu was doing okay at that point. Whereas with the blondes it just seemed weird and dull. They barely sit down and Ramona hops up to cruise the bar and Sonja, Dorinda and Tinsley are just left there looking uncomfortable. Both Sonja and Tinsley looked like they wanted to be across the street and Dorinda just seems to be oozing angry vibes even when they’re not talking about Luann. Dry drunk indeed.
  11. Pop Tart

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    I didn’t read it as he gave it up for her. I read it as he found out they were going to offer it to her so he got her to ask him if he’d turn it down for their relationship. He said he wouldn’t turn it down then asked her if she’d turn it down. She said no because he’d said it first (though she looked a bit crushed), then he told her she was going to get the call about the job. He made it so that she could accept without major guilt, which I thought was very cool, but I don’t think he was offered it first and turned it down. Though I’m glad Shaun has his job back and isn’t being tormented any more, the sudden turn around by Andrews and the board saying nothing at that point felt a bit too easy. Now if they’d maybe showed some backroom conversations between Andrews and the board or between board members about Han - maybe about being okay with getting rid of him because he blackmailed them - then the boardroom scene would have worked better. Or even if Glassmen or Andrews had brought up a potential lawsuit. Either would have made it a more realistic scenario then Glassmen making a nice speech and Andrews having his turnaround was.
  12. That's exactly how I've heard it described by recovering alcoholics I know. The most difficult thing for them after they stop drinking is the discovery of how hard it is to feel all the emotions. What the alcohol was doing for them was muting things. When they stopped the alcohol they suddenly had to feel all the feelings and it's very, very scary and painful for many. So while others think that Luann's somewhat frenetic behavior is proof that she's on something, to me it seems more indicative that she really had been 52 days sober as of that filming. Whether she still is, who knows.
  13. I think she was somewhat rushed and scattered in those scenes because she was trying to get a lot of ground covered in terms of "backstory". The news of her being sued and having to go back to rehab was all over the place so it felt to me like she wanted to address that elephant as soon and as quickly as possible. I always thought the lawsuit was more in the nature of a putting the breaks on in a "this is just business" way, then it was the kids really being that mad at their mom longterm. Clearly Victoria and she are fine if Victoria's willing to go on stage with her in one of her shows. And I'm guessing the same is true for her and her son (blanking on his name). I'm trying to give Bethenny the benefit of the doubt in terms of her grieving for Dennis, but there were about one or two too many scenes last night with her as tragic, grieving "widow" and how she doesn't want to talk about it but managed to do so in each of her scenes. Yes, in show time the death is pretty recent, but still it veered too much into exploitative and "this is my story for the season" territory to my mind. Dorinda has really lost me in her insistence that Luann has done her so wrong. Luann pointed out that she turns into a raving she-beast when she's drinking and reaches a certain point. That is a fact borne out by loads of camera footage over several seasons. Yes, it's annoying when someone who is newly sober (or newly quit smoking, or newly lost a lot of weight, etc.) comments on you still doing that behavior, but Dorinda's raging anger about it isn't about Luann being too judge-y, it's about the fact that she knows it to be true. That's what Luann was trying to express to Bethenny and Barbara about Dorinda's hatred really being aimed at her own self. It didn't come across very clearly, but it's a fair point. Sure Luann can get a big head and be an arrogant know it all, but she's completely right about Dorinda's drinking patterns and wasn't trying to be a jerk when she warned Dorinda in Mexico last season that she was on the point of "turning".
  14. Pop Tart

    S07.E13: Reptilian Brain

    I agree that Katie has been pretty bad lately - but it still won't make me happy because what Sandoval is arguing, that it's Katie's fault James got fired, is just wrong. Yes Katie made a complaint about it (as did Brittany which no one seems to remember), but that was completely, 100%, her right. Sandoval has always excused James' bad, misogynistic behavior (mostly because Sandoval is that too, he's just better at masking it most of the time) so I can't be on his side in this situation even as much as I think Katie has been a pill for a lot of the season.
  15. Pop Tart

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    I was so annoyed at the mom’s comments to Lim about how she didn’t blame her for reporting her for abuse because she doesn’t know what love is like she does (because she’s a mom). Irritated by both aspects of that, first that because she’s a mom she loves her baby too much to hurt her (even though mom’s do all the time), and second because I hate that whole “you haven’t loved until you’re a parent”. I know she expanded on that by saying that Lim doesn’t want to give up control and thus can’t love, but still bugged. I so wanted Shaun to say “I’m a surgeon” one more time and then say “and I’ll have my lawyer give you a call” then walk out.