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  1. nokat

    "The View": Week Of 2/4/2019

    I really love what you're saying here. We demonize men's junk. Yeah, I don't want to see some random guys junk, but I also won't be clutching my pearls. Is catching up on OnDemand. Is it just me, or do we need this panel all week. Joy moderating, Ana in the middle seat.
  2. nokat

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    I'm probably one of the few who actually likes Teddy, so her and Koracick are okay, as long as it keeps him on the show. He's the best thing that's happened to Grey's in years. I agree that the pedicure scene was cute, we need more of that. Someone else said that Koracick has chemistry with everyone, and I agree.
  3. nokat

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    Oh, so many cringe worthy moments, from glasses saying I'm gay to whomever cared to the DeLuca and Meredith kiss. I liked the idea of the storyline of the patient who died, but it was so predictable.
  4. nokat

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    Meredith's choices are Andrew or Linc? Both of them make me cringe, and I mean literally when Mer and Deluca kissed. And it was stalkerish. Not sure the audience they are aiming for, but the men on this show are creepy.
  5. nokat

    "The View": Week Of 2/4/2019

    I was having PTV withdrawal. :) I turned on the TV to watch Ana on the View and it was still Kelly and Ryan. So missed Friday's show. I usually read here to see if I missed anything.
  6. nokat

    Live PD

    Momma, momma, come out of the house. Momma is like, I don't know that fool.
  7. nokat

    Family By The Ton

    I second your request of no low camera angles of Casey's very large fupa. I also agree with your Friends and Family by the Ton, because there are a lot of very large people around them.
  8. nokat

    Small Talk: We'll Be Right Back

    She was known for her Cabbot Cove cooking.
  9. nokat

    Family By The Ton

    Did someone hand you gasoline soaked drawers for that? (mostly a lurker, but may have stolen a few)
  10. nokat

    "The View": Week Of 1/21/2019

    Doesn't she have a fish allergy? Grabs coat and sees myself out.
  11. You and zilla are evil but funny. My kind of people.
  12. Definitely in Jerry Springer territory. I have to try the hyperventilating and falling on the floor the next time I'm called out for being an asshole.
  13. nokat

    "The View": Week Of 1/21/2019

    I fast forward every time the ignorant princess opens her mouth, so I go through a show pretty fast. I started watching again when Joy came back, but the return of a moron at the end of the table made me take it off my DVR. Abby Normal is stupid too, but she's at least likable. I usually watch Friday episodes, with Joy as moderator and Ana to actually be the adult conservative at the table.
  14. nokat

    General True Crime Shows

    Lovecat, thank you for the synopsis of the Smiley Face episode. I'm often horrified by the incompetence and neglect that some cases show.
  15. nokat

    "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    I watched a lot of her Scientology show. I was expecting more from her on the show, but there was the fabulous JLo sitting there looking fabulous.