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  1. legxleg

    The Purge

    If Purge night existed, I would leave the country. Even if I had to save all year and could just go to a motel on the other side of the border in Canada or Mexico, I'd do it. I'm surprised that the rich people in this show never seem to do this, and instead lock themselves inside their homes and hope for the best. Although my natural next thought is, what if you were planning to fly to another country or continent on the last flight out before Purge, and your flight was delayed? And if there is murder tourism, all the people coming in on the final flights into the country before Purge night would be people who want to kill someone. So now I have Purge: Flight Delay of Death in my head. Thanks for that, show.
  2. legxleg

    The Purge

    I think they’ll have a hard time finishing out this season in a satisfying way, but I’m curious to see what they do. The lone purger as a NFFA assassin/stooge is compelling, but even if that’s the case I feel like he still has too much information. The rich couple was being recruited for the NFFA, so why would the NFFA put them on the hit list? I find it hard to believe that the dying act of someone at the party would be to inform HQ that the rich couple didn’t join and needed to be eliminated (although realistically I think they’d schmooze and try to recruit them again next year). If the NFFA wanted to get someone from that party, surely the rebels who killed the Stantons (well, most of them) would be the priority? And why would anyone go to special effort to put Penny on a kill list? She didn’t do anything to piss off the NFFA until she stood up to the cult leader, and unless the NFFA has a live feed watching her there’s no way they’d know that happened so quickly. If they have trackers on people like Jane, whoever is pulling the purger guy’s strings must have picked them all in advance, and I can’t imagine why. The more I think about it, the more I wonder what this show has in mind. I’m curious if nothing else.
  3. legxleg

    The Purge

    How far away is the Stanton party from the rich couple's house? They drove there at the beginning, and managed to run home in what I assume was less than an hour (considering that Jane is walking through the creep's apartment and Miguel and Penelope are still being tormented in the witch tent) without running into a single purger? Or rather, running into one purger, who didn't seem interested in killing them, just taunting them. Jane was attacked within five minutes of leaving her office! Maybe purgers tend to stay away from ritzy neighborhoods because fewer people are likely to be stuck outside and it's harder to break into their houses? I know, I'm way overthinking it. I feel bad about it, but the whole time the rich couple were fighting about their upbringings and everything, I just kept thinking, I would much rather spend this time watching them flee through purge night. I hope that Jane manages to call the Matron Saints, because they would clean house on that den of creeps. Also, was that Jane's picture in the vigilante's car? How does he know she needs help? What is his plan in all of this? ETA: Oh and I laughed when Miguel managed to knock out Penelope's evil ex boyfriend with a couple of kicks. Come on, now. I'm glad our heroes will get away or whatever, but the evil ex is just ridiculous. All that talking and he gets destroyed by a guy *tied to a stake*. It also makes me wonder if this has ever happened before, that a designated victim manages to kill the customer/purger, and what the protocol is.
  4. legxleg

    S01.E05: Living with the Enemy

    I think Peach is my favorite. She's an absolutely toxic person, but Shay Mitchell does such a good job with her that I just love whenever she's on screen. I'm so glad that she survived. Who else will inform me of the life-changing shock of being in an airport on 9/11? Or teach me by example to include fake suicide attempt pills in my food journal? My diet will never work unless I am brutally honest about every gram of food that I am consuming! Thanks, Peach! Also, I would bet you real money that her family has absolutely zero connection to JD Salinger.
  5. legxleg

    S01.E04: The Captain

    I think Beck would have been more wary after the whole 'ok so I followed you after I figured out your location from the background of a photograph' thing if she didn't already like him and wasn't looking for a lifeline. She's having a crappy day surrounded by people she doesn't like and then, hey, here's Joe to rescue her from her crappy day and to come along as a buffer to the dinner she's dreading! How he got here is a little weird, but whatever! If, however, she had decided to ghost him like Peach wanted, and he showed up...she would have probably been freaked. I think it's one of those things where a gesture can seem romantic if you like the person but creepy if you don't because love/romance makes us stupid. Speaking of gestures that can be romantic or creepy, I thought that Beck just showing up at his apartment, which he had never invited her to, after getting the information out of Joe's one employee would set off serious red flags in other circumstances. I think it's not too far off from Joe's 'oh I just found you based on things in the background of your photo!' story. And there was also that line about Beck watching Joe sleep, which is one of those classic things that walks the line on creepy/romantic based on who you ask (and how much vampire romance they consume). I do wish Beck was stalking him back, but we were inside her head this episode so I guess that theory is ruled out.
  6. legxleg

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I thought the line where Joe decided that she paid for her book with a credit card because she wanted him to know her name to be so creepy. The girl is just living her life and he decides it’s all coded messages for him to justify his doing what he wants. And it sort of highlights something we all do (wonder what did it mean when my crush did X?) and takes it to the creepiest extreme.
  7. legxleg

    S02.E08 Plan B 2018.07.24

    So Jane knows she needs Plan B, knows it's sold at pharmacies (and if she doesn't Ben certainly would know this), but she needs to immediately call both her best friends in the middle of the night...why? I agree, there's no reason she had to postmate it instead of just going to the pharmacy herself like a normal human being. And she could have told her friends all about it when she saw them in the morning. I love the close friendship between the main trio - it's the main selling point of the show for me - but at this point things are getting weird. I was surprised that Scarlet was into employees becoming brand spokespeople. Or is it just Kat? I get that they are putting her in a more prominent position, but when she starts hocking facial cleanser she seems more like a model and less like a manager. It adds another layer to the big 'so what does Kat do all day, exactly?' question that sort of haunts the show. She tweets, she hires a person we never see again, and she is a spokeswoman for products (but only the ones she believes in!). Sutton was my favorite this ep. I love professionally competent Sutton, and it looks like she's really doing well. Although I did wonder if those models would have been okay with it if they knew they were posing with cups she'd dug out of the dumpster. And I do like that her friends helped her out with her work, although I had to laugh when Jane admitted she was just blowing off the article that she knew was going to be the feature piece of the next issue and that her editor had been pushing her to finish so she could help out. Although I guess Jane knew she wasn't going to be able to get it done at her desk either so she might as well do something productive.
  8. legxleg

    S02.E04: OMG 2018.06.26

    I'm so worried for Sutton! As a viewer, it was really clear to me that the "influencer" is taking her for a ride - the way she peaced out when Sutton was uncomfortable with the check, the way she dangled the invite to the high profile party, the way she insisted that this is totally normal and she does it all the time (yeah right). But I can also see why Sutton is being pushed along - I would be frustrated too if I was hustling and hustling and felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. Networking is so hard, I can see why it might be even harder with these fashionista types. Maybe Oliver will catch it and make her pay it off in installments out of her paycheck or something rather than reporting it up the chain. Sutton's finances won't be getting better any time soon, but at least she could keep her job. I think if Jane was uncomfortable with Dr Ben's religiousness because she wasn't sure what he believed or how that might affect her, I'd understand it. Would he expect her to convert or start going to services with him if they became serious? Are there things that she considers normal or important parts of her life that would be deal-breaker sins for him? It's a lot to navigate. But she went right into 'ugh, how can you believe in the magic man in the sky' territory, which is pretty obnoxious IMO and he took it a lot better than I thought he might. I was glad she had a personal story that she was working through rather than just being dismissive on principle, but when you pair that with her looking down her nose at Pinstripe's job, this episode was really highlighting Jane's judgmental streak. I wonder if this is going to be a season long arc for her. I also wonder if the show is going to get into navigating the actual issues of a non-religious person dating a very religious person, or if it's going to be sidelined after this ep. I think Kat was a little OTT with her suspicions and jealousy about Adena, but I also don't really think Adena's explanation about why she was being evasive about her past relationships really held up for me. I understand why the travel ban and being apart from her mother makes her feel vulnerable or nervous, but I don't understand why that means she was so cagey about Kat meeting her friends. I also thought that a lot of Kat's jealousy might have been dealt with better if Adena had actually introduced Kat around and not just gone off to a table of other people while Kat stood around awkwardly. But maybe Adena's used to Kat being really outgoing and able to fend for herself at a party.
  9. legxleg

    S02.E03: The Scarlet Letter 2018.06.19

    I also thought that Adena was going to turn down the job after Sutton had already let her other choice go. Adena didn't seem as worried about getting a job quickly as Kat was, and Kat had never even broached the general topic of doing commercial photography to make sure Adena was into the idea. But I'm glad that Adena pulled it together and was able to be a pro. She seems a lot more mature and professional than Kat is, which will probably show Kat how to grow up a little bit. And maybe Kat is bringing some more fun and spontaneity to Adena's life (or I hope so anyway). I'm really liking this relationship. I like Jane and Dr Ben as a potential couple, they are really cute, and his whole disco-the-baby-out thing was super charming to me (although I wonder if the pregnant woman signed a release or something to let this random reporter be there for her labor - or maybe Jane left before labor itself?). I'm also interested to see where Jane goes from here since they aren't just slotting her back in place at Scarlet. I did appreciate that she was really hustling on the job hunt, and even when that one magazine told her she wasn't a fit for the position she immediately went to 'okay, what about freelance? Let me contact you with a pitch that will be good for your upcoming issue'. I think she was my favorite of the trio this episode. It did make me laugh that the trio were the models for this photo shoot and they highlighted acne scars or blemishes that we have *NEVER* seen in the course of the show, even in scenes where they (the characters, not the actors) would not have been wearing makeup. But I'm glad that Sutton did well on her assignment. I appreciate that when Sutton said she was prioritizing her career last episode she meant it, and her storyline is a professional one. I hope it stays that way for a while. I'm also here for Jacqueline's storyline about running the magazine and the power struggle with the Board. This is so interesting to me, and I'm curious to see how it will affect the girls in future episodes. I half expected her to tell Jane that she *could* probably go to the Board to get Jane's job back, but then she'd lose capital that she wants to spend on something else. I kind of wonder if that wasn't in the back of Jacqueline's mind anyway, even if she didn't tell Jane that outright.
  10. legxleg

    S06.E10: Two Sparrows in a Hurricane

    I think I'd be less annoyed by the purple hair storyline if it made any kind of sense to me. Why did she want to sleep with Gunner again? He was into her and she was just like, yeah sure why not? And why is she into Avery now? Did I blink during all of their scenes of growing attraction? And Will had a weird heart attack that he was lying to everyone about because of his steroid abuse, and now everyone is a lot more concerned about who purple hair is into? I can't even with all of this.
  11. legxleg

    S02.E07: After

    I'm not going to lie, that scene where the handmaids were whispering their names to one another made me full-on cry. The Serena and June storyline is intriguing to me. I feel like Serena has been itching to get back in the driver's seat ever since she was sidelined right after the coup, and now that Fred's out of commission she's seizing her moment. And if cheating on your husband gets you sent to the colonies, what do you suppose a behind-the-scenes power grab would get you? I think Serena's headed for that hanging wall. I am also curious to see what exactly she'll be writing - more orders that she pretends are Fred's? Is there going to come a point where June and Serena disagree about what "Fred" should say? Surely this is not sustainable - at some point someone's going to wonder how Fred is being so active from his hospital bed. I am very curious to see where all this goes.
  12. legxleg

    S02.E06: First Blood

    I think Eden is currently 15, so even if Gilead has only been in power for a couple of years, if she was home-schooled and raised in a very religious community then I can believe that she would have been kept close enough to her home that not only is she raised in this belief structure, she doesn't really have a memory of the world that June lived in. Like, maybe her entire memory of it is something like looking out the car window while her parents talk about how bad those people are and how she needs to stay away from them because they want to hurt her or pray for them because they are going to hell. I can even see her thinking Gilead is a utopia because now the scary secular world is gone. And this post is rapidly devolving into some kind of Eden fanfic so I need to stop, lol. But I do think she's a fascinating character.
  13. legxleg

    S02.E06: First Blood

    I don't think Fred is dead either, just because he's a main character and a lot of characters who by all rights should be dead (Luke, Emily, Janine) somehow aren't. However, I think a lot of commanders are dead, which means there will be a whole bunch of wives for Gilead to deal with. I don't think Gilead will send them to the colonies or Jezebel's or anything else distasteful. We aren't talking about one wife who had an affair, these are a whole bunch of wives who did nothing but survive their husbands being martyred by a suicide bomber. The commanders are the ones making the decision about what is to be done with them, and the precedent they set now will lay out what would happen to their own wives and children if they were to die. Even though Gilead has a messed up view of women, I think that many commanders love their wives, and even those that don't love them at the very least don't want them to die shoveling toxic waste. I think the widows will be honored as brave victims of a terrorist, and sent around Gilead to tell their story and build up morale for the war. Maybe they'd be made some sort of high-class Aunts, but my guess is that some of the commanders who weren't there or who survived the blast will take the widows and children into their households - not as wives, but as sort of down-on-their-luck relations. My bet is the widows will live a somewhat uncomfortable eternal houseguest life, and some might get mistreated on an individual basis, but they will have positions that are only a little lower than the wives. After all, if you badly mistreat war widows, it's going to negatively impact your fighting force, and I don't think that the bigwigs at Gilead are dumb enough to do that.
  14. legxleg

    S02.E06: First Blood

    Even though Nazis did plenty of terrible things to women (I think I once read that Nazis basically forced Scandinavian women into sexual slavery because they would produce Aryan babies, which is very Handmaid's Tale), I still think that the primary goal was a white supremacist one - women dedicate themselves to having babies for the good of the race, etc. And disassociating racism from Nazism to concentrate on the misogynistic part feels off to me, in the same way that the society of Gilead and its colorblind-but-misogynistic dystopia feels off to me. But I appreciate your point - and it's certainly true that screaming protestors are usually not the most nuanced thinkers. Thanks for the thoughtful responses :-)
  15. legxleg

    S02.E06: First Blood

    The flashback where angry protestors were calling Serena Joy a Nazi rang a false note for me. As one of the earlier posters pointed out, Nazism is primarily associated with racial "purity" and racial genocide, and the show expects us to believe that Gilead is somehow race-blind. I had assumed that Serena's political activism was a lot of crap about how a woman's place is in the home and women should stop working and going to college etc so they can focus entirely on their higher calling of procreation and in so doing follow God's plan and save the human race. That's messed up and worth protesting, but calling it a Nazi philosophy would not occur to me. I felt like the writers wanted to evoke scenes from our present day at the expense of internal consistency, which is a shame. The scenes were good overall, and could have been so much better if they writers had taken some time to think of resistance signs that actually matched who Serena Joy is and what she stood for. In spite of the iffy protestors, I thought that this was a really strong episode. Ofglen 2 with the suicide bomb truly shocked me. I didn't even realize it was Ofglen 2 - I assumed the bomber was Alma, but this is even more interesting. We can count Ofglen 2 as yet another side character who is so fascinating and whose internal life I'm desperate to learn more about, but is sadly dead. I was also struck how Gilead's misogyny threaded itself into Fred killing the wife of the man who shot Serena Joy. Serena helps push him in this direction by scorning him for crying and telling him to "be a man," which I liked since it brings in how the toxic masculinity that is part of misogyny makes the whole system toxic for men too (similarly, Nick being decent and not immediately trying to sleep with a 15-year-old puts him in danger because a non-gay man would be ready to go any time and doesn't need to get to know the girl first, right?). And then Fred kills the shooter's wife rather than the shooter - we don't know if she was part of the plan or not, it doesn't matter, she as a person doesn't matter, she's only important because her husband loves her.